Agilite’s New MOHAWK Helmet Cover

Mohawk 1-DReederAgilite‘s newest offering is the Mohawk helmet cover, described by it’s designer (an IDF veteran) as the “…very latest in helmet-borne head gear.” The Mohawk is built of lightweight milspec material to fit the Ops-Core FAST Maritime helmet, FAST Ballistic helmet and FAST Bump helmet but will soon be available for the will be available in ACH/MICH and IDF Light Helmet wearing crowd.  The Mohawk’s retention system is designed to secure NVG counter-weights, IR devices, cables and other helmet furniture. The mesh design is intended to allow airflow through bump helmet vents.MohawkDReeder2

Agilite Mohawk

Aerodynamic, “snag-free sides” along with a snug fit are intended to keep it from flapping about (or off entirely) during helo operations or freefall and to reduce noise signature (particularly when the helmet and attachments are wet).


The Mohawk is not currently rated for Viking horns.

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  • JCitizen

    KEWL – no more struggling to get the cover on tight! I”ve always been very anal about that!

  • Long Thrust VI

    Beats nets & burlap used on steel pots during the Cold War.

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    FYI, it’s its (no apostrophe).

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  • Thank God for you Riceball. I appreciate you’re input two much too describe. Ill bet the readers due to.

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    In case anyone else was worried about inaccuracies in the article, I was joking about the viking horns.

  • Looks like it has the ballistic protection of a bicycle helmet. For Halo jumps we used padded soft leather helmets years ago…are we reinventing the wheel?