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ArizonaRangersI lived in Tucson for several years as a youngster while my dad finished grad school, and my baby brother (who is now larger than I am) was born there. Now Arizona has another claim to fame. As Predator Blog has reported, Arizona has been ranked #1 in the country for gun owners ( Sadly Oklahoma is a a very distant #30, an aggravation compounded by the fact that Texas is in the top 20 – at least we rank 16tth in gun ownership though (and our bbq is still better than Kansas City’s).




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  • Kelly

    “…our bbq is still better than Kansas City’s.”

    Yessir, no one bbq’s armadillo better! LOL!

  • B

    Sounds like Kelly is upset that the Kansas City BBQ isn’t good enough for roadkill even. Hah.

    As an Okie myself I’m disappointed Oklahoma didn’t score better, but at least we aren’t New Jersey, California, or New York.

  • JCitizen

    Don’t worry – after enough Californicators move to Arizona, they will be banning those guns! >:-(

    • Anthony

      Nah they are afraid that we will shoot them.

    • Jesse

      There are plenty of Californians, Michigonians, Floridians, among others that move to Arizona and are typically the right leaning looking to escape. Probably why Arizona is developing more and more legislation to protect from the extreme left ideology and feelings.

      • JCitizen

        To hell with the extreme left; freedom is all that matters. Who cares about a bunch of brown shirt Nazis. Remember – Nazi stands for National Socialists – sound familiar?

  • Dan

    Come on Wisconsin!! We can do better. At least we are not them poor bas$%rds in in CO, NY and IL. All law abiding gun owners are welcome. Our doors are open.

  • We are also the only state with a photo of our Governor with her finger right in the Half Blood Prince’s face, GIVING HIM HELL. He “voted absent” on securing our Southern border and sued us when we took up the challenge ourselves. Odd that we share a common border with Kalifornistan, huh? What a contrast.

    • JCitizen

      I was DAMN proud of her too! Thanks for posting Gallowglass!! :)

      • Welcome, sir. Loves me my Arid Zonie.

        Bill (former Cali-fornicator but granted “moral refugee” status 1990)

        • JCitizen

          HA! :D God bless you!

          • JCitizen:

            But he DID…he got me out of Kalifornistan. *LOL*

  • JDs Handsome Son

    Free states wanting stable populations of productive law-abiding citizens should invite them to relocate and discourage the rest from polluting their civic bodies with unarmed pacifists mucking up the place with all their garbage laws and habits. Roadblocks should be set up and only those showing CCW permits, NRA memberships and proof of ownership of at least five military style semi-auto rifles and handguns, with hi cap magazines for each, allowed to establish residency or even visit for longer than one week.

    To weed out current residents failing to comply with these residency requirements, legislatures should allow ten days to come into compliance before deportation and proscription of assets, those assets to be forfeited to the state.

    • JCitizen

      So that means no Californicators need move to our neighborhood eh? HA!

      • My SWAT team measured support structures and cut charges to drop that damned bridge years ago. If they still want in they will have to swim or bring a boat. **L**

        Hey, I’m JOKING here. I think.

      • JDs Handsome Son

        No. And any that did manage to sneak in should be visited and asked to leave within 24 hours unless they can prove themselves to be solid gun supporters.

        • Pete Sheppard

          No matter what they say, just hand then a (triple-checked unloaded) gun. How they hold it will tell you right away.
          Look up the leaked photo of Gabby Giffords holding an AR; you’ll see what I mean.

  • saskplcguy

    You know what’s really sad? I live in Canada, and every gun in my safe is illegal in the state of New York. Who’d have thought THAT a few years ago?

    • JCitizen

      You guys in Canada were the only folks who pushed back on the Common Wealth against this kind of travesty. KUDOS DUDE!

    • Jim

      Does Canada vary like States do in US?

  • Pete Sheppard

    OOH-RAH!! Alabama #7! I was startled to see Texas at #15.

  • Duke

    Actually, the only thing that kept us from a ‘perfect score’ was a mistake: Unlike Alaska, there is no ‘duty to report’. You only have to tell the cop you’re armed IF YOU’RE ASKED.

    Those of you in less free states who want to know how we did it should check out the Arizona Citizens Defense League.

  • Yellow Devil

    I live in AZ right now. I have a fellow Soldier in my Reserve unit that is also a full time Sheriff in his small town. He told me that on average, his backup is usually thirty minutes away, so he relies on fellow law-abiding, gun owning citizens to be his immediate backup if anything goes wrong.