Picture it: MagPod is Coming Soon

Kit Up! has talked about the MagPod before. It is a replacement magazine floorplate that functions as an effective monopod, dressing out at less than 1oz.


The above picture is a shot of MagPod rev3 and rev2, courtesy of MagPod.

This is a MagPod in use in Texas balancing a rifle, courtesy of 1MOA Solutions:



  • JCitizen

    KEWL!! :O

  • I have to wonder, first of all, why the product seems to have only recently been thought of and implemented…although it is a terribly simple idea….those are the kind that seem to work the best. That renowned Engineer, Montgomery Scott, late of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 described it this way: “The more they over-think the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.”

    Having said that, I suppose I’ll have to come up with my own design for a mono-pod that will support an M-1 Garand.

    • Earlydawn

      Why would you want anything but a bipod on a Garand?

    • The Hand

      Because a bipod would block the grenade launcher. ;)

  • John D

    I was always taught never balance your wepon on the mag because it may cause unreliable feeding due to shifting of the rounds. MAGPUL probablu makes them better now. It won’t matter w/ 10rds or less mags for us non military types!

  • Go Navy!

    Diane Feinstein will add this to the list of “evil” assault weapons features on the ban.