Rick Taylor: the Greatest Tactical Instructor in the World

I’m the best tactical writer in the world, and if this goes one step further I’m going to start killing people. This video features Rick Taylor, the world’s best tactical instructor (well, another one…maybe even the third one). I’m not going to lie, the thing that most impresses me is the fact that he never gets the shakes before a drop.    DR

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Kilgore & Call
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  • Kris


  • Gunner777

    It fits:-)

  • Sol

    Yeager just said what everyone was saying at the local watering hole. Personally I don’t get the need to pile on the guy even more. But to each his own.

  • Gunner777

    It’s not a case of piling on. I’m not knocking him down for the thrill that some on the Internet get talking trash about someone.

    My concern is for those who may train with him not realizing what a dangerous environment they will train in in order to get garbage training that only seres to bolster his ego.

  • John lee

    He is..the most tactical man in the world. Stay well trained my friends! Great spoof

  • BluntForceTrauma

    Dang, even I get the shakes before a drop. Well, I guess it depends on whether I’ve had enough fiber that week, or not. . . . ;)

  • ENthePeasant

    It fits indeed. It’s not piling on, it’s reasonable and I appreciate it. Yeager left this planet a few months ago (after years of trying to get off the ground through Youtube vids) and now by all accounts he’s trying to get back to earth. If you live by juiced up assertions of your “tactical” perfection, you die them. Despite what one might think after viewing his vids, you will still not be asked to lead DEVGRU if you completed one of his classes. We’ll have to see if Yeager can learn from his excesses and become a teacher.

  • JM

    Seeing a huge surge in guys inflating their own ego with excessive self-promotion, walking around daily life “tacticooled” out, and the flooded “instructor” market, this video fits. Funny stuff.

  • Old MP

    Fought on 8 Continents! Even fought a tiger! Classic…….

  • Texan

    Was this supposed to be the Sunday Funny?

  • Moondawg

    Very Very impressive. He looks the part of a dangerous gunfighter and survivor.

  • ENthePeasant

    “And no one knows more about threats than I do, cuz I make a lot of ’em”.

  • T_Wombat

    Bust a Nut Hhahahaha

  • Gunner777

    Actually I do hope Yeager comes back to earth but he has a long trip ahead and it’s going to take a lot of work.

    • ENthePeasant

      A lot of work is an understatement. That said, I do not wish him ill. It benefits us all if he successfully makes the trip.