• Axel

    This is sick stuff, this accidental weapon system has a lot of potential. I can’t wait to see it in the future.

  • Dan

    FUCK, I got REALLY excited and told all my friends.

  • FormerDirtDart

    Good lord people. Look at its tag. It is a “Sunday Funnies”

  • t

    looks and sounds pretty wild but i dont see it replacing the m4 or any other kenetic energy weapon due to the fact that a simple mirror can defeat it. plus 2 seconds to full heat time. most mmilitary ammo sends its bullet across that distance in well under 1 second, and when’s the last time you saw some one on the battlefield hold still for two seconds????

    • T…your point is well taken ….EXCEPT for one small detail. Whatever the f.p.s. is of ANY round you send downrange…it will NOT move at the speed of light………….186,290 miles per SECOND!

  • Jesse

    Let us dream dirt dart, let us dream.

    • Anthony

      So… death star coming soon? Storm troopers seem to be on the horizon :D

  • Casey

    High capacity batteries are gonna get banned now…sorry Prius

  • Mike

    Come on… when it finally happens you know that the weapon will weight about 1kg, but the power pack will weigh about 30kg and only have enough capacity to fire 50 shots before requiring you to take it to your local Q det and getting them to refill it from their Mr Fusion.

    • Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack will do the job.

      • Liquids swords

        Not necessarily. The problem has always been power. But now with use of capacitors and nano- batteries it is possible. To generate power in a small light weight package.


    My LORD…Y’all are a month early for this post…


    I wonder if and when the 75th RR or the 82nd get’s this if it will be man packed or door bundled?

  • patrulje

    Up the power 40x, make it a one shot bunker buster. Laser LAW anyone.


  • Jim

    Shouldn’t you kids be in school

  • MarkM

    Wrong display.

    Work it as a CNC controlled grid array, like laser painting the side of building for a show. But, instead, it’s eye lethal – it fries the retina on contact. A soldier that can’t see is inop, a casualty.

    It’s really the same direction and the next step in warfare, we went from bludgeoning them at close range, to shooting them at medium range, now we can simply blind them at long range. Of course, so can they.

    • Mike

      Oh can’t do that, I mean that’s a deliberate breach of the Geneva Convention… and yes that was sarcasm.

      If I had a weapon that disabled my enemy completely and allowed me to win the firefight and the battle without killing anyone then I’d be one happy soldier.

      • Steiners

        And since when does ‘murrica give a flying F about any conventions protecting innocent civilians?

        “Ottawa treaty?!? Those kids never really needed their legs anyway durr. The lives of third-world-country-citizens are overrated! 9/11, NEVER FORGET!!!1!”

        *take bite out of burger*

        *bald eagle lands on his shoulder, tear rolling down its cheek, dumbstruck by so much tardiness*

        • SteinersIsRetarded

          Wow you’re one dumb sonuvabitch.

          • Kevin

            Sir, Your name is win.

          • SteinersIsRetardedIs

            Awesome name man, so mature and clever!

  • t

    guess you missed the part about a 2 second heat up time???? thats 24 rounds from an m4 on full auto

  • Walter

    Has anyone found this article independent of this website and the AR guns and hunting facebook page?

  • Kevin

    Why is not on DT, lol sounds like “technology” to me. Either way this is pretty awsome, i know they already have lasers that can destroy missiles and other projectiles but if the technology can be made small enough to fit in a rifle, who knows what it could accomplish.

  • To read comments, si

    Graphene batteries

  • Steve D.

    Wow, I think I just peed a little =)

    How about putting the battery pack in a standard magazine, just swap in a freshly charged one and you’re good to go for another 40 bursts of light.

  • Steve D.

    Wow, I think I just peed a little :)

    How about putting the battery pack in a standard magazine, just swap in a freshly charged one and you’re good to go for another 40 bursts of light.