Triple Aught Design Hoodies Restocked

S13-Stealth LT-GRY-OTriple Aught Design has advised they are getting a restock on their Stealth Hoodie LT and Ranger Hoodie LT as of today. Like most Triple Aught Design (often colloquially referred to as TAD Gear) apparel, the hoodies typically sell out quickly and I’m sure these will be no different.

The Ranger Hoodie is made of Polartec Wind Pro, which is described as blocking the wind approximately 4x as well as typical fleece. I don’t know precisely how they quantify that, but I can attest to how well my own Ranger withstands the wind (and precipitation for that matter). The restocked Rangers will have the standard TAD hoodie features – 6 pockets, a media port, a guide wire for headphones, lie-flat aero hood, etc.

The Stealth Hoodie LT is described as providing the “…perfect balance between weight, durability and capability…”, making it a good all-around garment. It’s a seam-taped softshell made of Schoeller’s c_change™ membrane. It features Nanosphere™ conditioning and both “3XDRY” and “coldblack” treatments. The former is used to give it better moisture regulation and breathability (as I understand it) while the later reflects UV rays to keep the jacket cooler for longer no matter the color. The softshell is waterproof and the hood, which lays flat, can be converted into a collar.

S13-Stealth LT-BLK-F

I have to be honest – I would not have bought a TAD hoodie at their price point, not initially. Not before they sent me one to T&E. My experience with that hoodie (a Ranger, if you recall my review) has completely changed my mind. I’ve been wearing it as part of my snivel kit almost exclusively since October of 2011 and it has performed tremendously, holding up to everything I’ve done in it (and to it) without any appreciable wear or deterioration. It would have been the investment – if all Ranger hoodies (and other TAD garments) hold up as well as mine has, then buyers are getting their money’s worth. Now that my Ranger seems to be spending more and more time with my son (he jokes that he might get suspended for wearing a ‘tactical’ hoodie to school) I will be buying another.

S13-Stealth LT-Hood Detail

All sizes and colors will be restocked, and both the patch/n0-patch versions will be available. Both will be on line at

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  • Josh W

    David, I recall the Spectre Hoodie review, and you mentioning in the comments that you would be reviewing the Ranger, but I don’t remember seeing it. A site search on “Ranger Hoodie” did not turn it up. Was that review ever actually posted?

    • It was posted back in late September or early October but I can’t find it now either. It’s entirely possible I gorked something up when timing the publishing date. I’ll reconstruct it and republish.

  • Adam

    The hoodie has been reviewed dozens of times. Its always been given the highest of praise. Mine is a year old, looks brand new for some odd reason although I neglect the hell out of it and has a resale value that exceeds its original price. Did I mention it’s awesome?

  • ben

    My quick 2 cents: I live in New England and wore a ranger hoodie all winter, basically as my winter coat, and it was more than up to the task.