Paul Leitner-Wise Builds Ambidextrous Fire Control Prototype

Leitner-Wise Ambi Selector 2

The photo pictured above is a picture of a pre-production prototype of the forthcoming Leitner-Wise Manufacturing “ambidextrous fire controls” system. LWM is run by Paul Leitner-Wise, an English-born engineer and designer who may be the best thing to come out of England since Henry Nock. You may remember Paul from the storied institutions known as LWRC (Leitner Wise Rifle Company).

The new ambi selector is just the latest of many new projects coming from LWM. Machined from billet and then Nitrided, it will have a full lifetime warranty and are designed primarily for use with gloves. To that end the levers are short, so as to avoid interference with a trigger finger, and the edges deburred so they provide sufficient ‘grab’ without sharp edges. The Nitriding is done to provide lubricity to the operations. Color is the result of the manufacturer’s in-house heat treatment.

This is a 3D rendering of what the production model will look like. Note: production models will be broached so the lever arm cannot rotate; set screws will lock into the barrel. You would be wise to watch LWM not just for this system but for other innovations – their ‘redefined’ handguards, for instance. You can do so here.

Leitner-Wise Ambi Selector 1

The LWM ambi fire control system should be available on their website in approximately 2 weeks.

Paul Leitner Wise

12 Comments on "Paul Leitner-Wise Builds Ambidextrous Fire Control Prototype"

  1. Never heard of a safety needing lubrication to work…..I'm not a fan of ambi safety's as is and this just stupid. I understand wanting to be innovative and all that but I have never had any issues with the current design of the safety and just do not see a point to this aside from looking for a unique looking safety.

  2. Unfortunately Joshua you did not provide a bio so how valid your comments are is up in the air. This enhancement is not for everybody and not intended to be so; those that need it recognize it's positive attributes and those that don't, well don't – it's no big deal.

  3. I use my rifles left handed. Yes, I do just fine with a standard safety. But it's like playing a guitar with your toes: you can do it and be good at it but it takes a hell of a lot of time and technique.

  4. Almost ALL my buddies are southpaws – they will really like this – wait a minute? Hey I'm the only one in my group that ISN"T a south-paw!! B)

  5. I know a lot more, and have a lot more experience than you give me credit for. That is ok though, I have my reasons for being leery of anything Leitner Wise that I will not get into on here.

    I also have my feeling about ambi safeties for a few reasons but most are just personal experiences that probably would not affect anyone on here.

  6. Good form Samuel.

  7. I am leery of ambi safeties because, in a real world non-Xbox, vehicle assault I encountered a shooting situation and rolled the selector to FIRE only to have the off-side full length selector engage on the edge of my glove and lock up. Real world no fakie problem as my gloved hand was glued to the lower receiver and I couldn't get loose. I rolled right and my follow man handled the situation. I offer this story not to "puff my man boobs and break branches" (I am using that) but to state that I will be interested to see this product given the above statement that it has been shortened for use with gloves and to avoid the trigger finger. I don't know Mr's. L, W, R or C but if this was their design philosophy then they apparently know something about fighting with an AR. That being said, philosophy and execution of concept are two different things. The production model will determine that.

  8. Paul Leitner-Wise | May 21, 2013 at 2:26 pm | Reply

    No insult taken and I concur fully.

  9. I can understand the marketing idea of "use with gloves" idea, but I have never had a problem operating ANY selectors with gloves. I feel like the size of this might actually prove to be cumbersome. Any other specifics as to why this might be a better option than the BAD-ASS ST that I use now? I am genuinely interested. Thank you in advance.

  10. Gunner one u.k | August 2, 2015 at 12:03 am | Reply

    Hi Paul still see you hustling

  11. If you want to know how awesome Paul Leitner-Wise is, just ask him.
    If you are even considering doing business with him, or being associated with him, or Leitner-Wise "Manufacturing" in ANY way, save yourself the trouble, and read this.

  12. If you want to know how awesome Paul Leitner-Wise is, just ask him.
    If you are even considering doing business with him, or being associated with him, or Leitner-Wise "Manufacturing" in ANY way, save yourself the trouble, and read this.

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