Paul Leitner-Wise Builds Ambidextrous Fire Control Prototype

Leitner-Wise Ambi Selector 2

The photo pictured above is a picture of a pre-production prototype of the forthcoming Leitner-Wise Manufacturing “ambidextrous fire controls” system. LWM is run by Paul Leitner-Wise, an English-born engineer and designer who may be the best thing to come out of England since Henry Nock. You may remember Paul from the storied institutions known as LWRC (Leitner Wise Rifle Company).

The new ambi selector is just the latest of many new projects coming from LWM. Machined from billet and then Nitrided, it will have a full lifetime warranty and are designed primarily for use with gloves. To that end the levers are short, so as to avoid interference with a trigger finger, and the edges deburred so they provide sufficient ‘grab’ without sharp edges. The Nitriding is done to provide lubricity to the operations. Color is the result of the manufacturer’s in-house heat treatment.

This is a 3D rendering of what the production model will look like. Note: production models will be broached so the lever arm cannot rotate; set screws will lock into the barrel. You would be wise to watch LWM not just for this system but for other innovations – their ‘redefined’ handguards, for instance. You can do so here.

Leitner-Wise Ambi Selector 1

The LWM ambi fire control system should be available on their website in approximately 2 weeks.

Paul Leitner Wise

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  • Joshua

    Never heard of a safety needing lubrication to work…..I’m not a fan of ambi safety’s as is and this just stupid. I understand wanting to be innovative and all that but I have never had any issues with the current design of the safety and just do not see a point to this aside from looking for a unique looking safety.

    • Samuel


      Your comment indicates two things. First, that you have no understanding of how “lubricity” is used as it pertains to metal finishes. Nowhere in this article does it say the safety needs lubricating. The nitride finish reduces the need for lubrication in a traditional sense do to is adding a reduced friction surface to the metals. Second, you obviously have put very little time into bilateral weapon manipulation (that means operating the weapon on your right and left side) hence why you do not see the value in ambi controls. His accolades, inventions and reputation for innovation in the industry makes very little of what he does “stupid”. We are all entitled to our own opinions about things, regardless of how “stupid” those opinions are. Good thing about yours is that you are one less person I have to worry about being in the way when I order mine. Thanks…

  • Unfortunately Joshua you did not provide a bio so how valid your comments are is up in the air. This enhancement is not for everybody and not intended to be so; those that need it recognize it’s positive attributes and those that don’t, well don’t – it’s no big deal.

    • DGR

      Why does someone need to publish a bio to have worthwhile input?

      • Samuel

        I’ll answer for Paul because he’s probably busy designing innovative products for real shooters and not X-Box gameboys. You dont, but if you read my comment, nothing about Joshuas input was worthwhile, just internet trolling. His comments were not based on anything factual in the article or any other article for that matter. Clear?

        • DGR

          You didn’t answer any question there, you just attacked Joshua again. I asked why do I need to provide a bio if I have a question or comment?

          • BLACK

            Good question DGR… I think the insults are a bit steep and if you feel as if you are a bit higher on the food chain or you want to puff out your man boobs and establish dominance you can do it without all the knuckle dragging and branch breaking. Not long ago, i swerved out of my line while having a convo with a Scout Sniper…I made the mistake of calling some dudes “elite” and I was met with one of the most profound statements I have ever heard…. “There is no such fucking thing as elite, any one can have their ass handed to them on any given fucking day”.

            Humble pie is on the menu today, let us all enjoy a slice.

            My opinion, without a BIO.


          • CTRCS(SW)

            Oh yes there is SPECWARGRU Navy SEAL

          • Samuel

            DGR, you asked “Why does someone need to publish a bio to have worthwhile input?” I responded, very simply…”You dont…” Not sure how you missed that.


            Sam aka “Sandy Vagina” Gunguy

          • DGR


            LOL, your right you did respond to the question. It was just so buried in the middle of your attempt to attack Joshua again that I lost it. I just find it funny that your response to a troll was “show me your bio that says your allowed to have an opinion.”

            But in an attempt to salvage this. Why should I buy this ambi-safety over similar levers? My biggest problem with ambi-safeties is the right side usually interferes with your trigger finger, so I agree that this addresses that concern. But can we expect competitive pricing with comparable products?

  • Joe

    I use my rifles left handed. Yes, I do just fine with a standard safety. But it’s like playing a guitar with your toes: you can do it and be good at it but it takes a hell of a lot of time and technique.

  • JCitizen

    Almost ALL my buddies are southpaws – they will really like this – wait a minute? Hey I’m the only one in my group that ISN”T a south-paw!! B)

    • Sam

      JCitizen, they say left handed people are either psychopaths or geniuses…watch your back in both cases, LOL (just kidding)

  • Joshua

    I know a lot more, and have a lot more experience than you give me credit for. That is ok though, I have my reasons for being leery of anything Leitner Wise that I will not get into on here.

    I also have my feeling about ambi safeties for a few reasons but most are just personal experiences that probably would not affect anyone on here.

    • Sam


      Ever heard the expression “It’s is better to remain quiet and appear ignorant than to speak and confirm it”, that is essentially what you did and continue to do with each posting. As paul said, you havent posted your resume so whatever level of knowledge you’re claiming is a moot point. FYI, a high score on “Call of Duty-Black Ops” does not qualify as tactical training nor does it make you and operator/weapons expert.

      As for you being “leery of anything Leitner Wise”, I’ve read the internet talk and heard the stories as well. I also communicate with him on a regular basis on FB and MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with him is that when it comes to technical knowledge about firearms, there are few people I would go to, he is at the top of that list. He has NEVER given me any reason to question his character or integrity and he has ALWAYS been respectful to me, and everyone else I have seen him interact with, including you, when they were being an asshat. So, fuck what the internet says. Unless you have personal dealings with him that “make you leery”, forming your opinions based on internet bullshit confirms that previously mentioned ignorance I spoke of.

      • Joshua

        I am clearly put into my place by your internet wisdom using terms like asshat…..

        I am not exactly sure why I would put my whole life out there on a internet website for the world to see, by the way where is your Bio sice you seem to be fond of accusing and insulting, you could at least show me up by posting your experiences and bio.

        I will bow to your knowledge of internet lingo and cool kid words of the month.

        I have seen and dealt with plenty of Leitner Wise stuff back when the LW in LWRC actually stood for Leitner Wise. Lets just say not many in my circle seem to hold his stuff in high regards…..especially after that POS .499.

      • Samuel

        Joshua, you said “I have seen and dealt with plenty of Leitner Wise stuff back when the LW in LWRC actually stood for Leitner Wise. Lets just say not many in my circle seem to hold his stuff in high regards…..especially after that POS .499.”

        Yet here you are, still swinging from his short and curlies. So I guess you have graduated from “customer” to “FAN”. Gotcha…

        Done with you…

      • BLACK

        Are we talking about the ambi controls or are we going to fuck up this post with a bunch of sand in the vagina, back and forth bullshit.

        Personally, I am in accordance with those that look for a fully ambidextrous rig. I feel like have more muscle memory is better than having less and the more shit you can do with both sides of the body, the more effective you will be in a fight. Its does not force you to change, it forces you to adapt to the chaos of a combative environment that will not yield to you becuase you didnt train with that side orbecuase you are not comfortable using that hand….it will exploit that fualt, chew your ass up and spit you out.

        Paul, I am diggin the fact that you decided to go with a nitrided finish…these fuckers should last forever and not succumb to the normal wear and tear that a standard selector would.

        Bravo Zulu, I look forward to seeing more of your brainchildren in the future.

        From a dude with no BIO.


    • The Truth

      Joshua, you are RIGHT ON, Bro. When people are done drinking the “Paul Leitner-Wise” Kool Aid they can learn a part of the story of the REAL, shuckin’ and jivin’, “Paul Leitner-Wise” AKA: “Paul Underwood” at:


    Good form Samuel.

  • jbgleason

    I am leery of ambi safeties because, in a real world non-Xbox, vehicle assault I encountered a shooting situation and rolled the selector to FIRE only to have the off-side full length selector engage on the edge of my glove and lock up. Real world no fakie problem as my gloved hand was glued to the lower receiver and I couldn’t get loose. I rolled right and my follow man handled the situation. I offer this story not to “puff my man boobs and break branches” (I am using that) but to state that I will be interested to see this product given the above statement that it has been shortened for use with gloves and to avoid the trigger finger. I don’t know Mr’s. L, W, R or C but if this was their design philosophy then they apparently know something about fighting with an AR. That being said, philosophy and execution of concept are two different things. The production model will determine that.

    • I’m familiar with that scenario and also that of the full-length ambi lever being inadvertently pushed by the trigger finger between semi and full and stopping the gun. When you shoot as much as we do you tend to see everything. The challenge with this product was to reduce the risk of such incidents while keeping the leverage required to engage and disengage the FC as similar to the standard part as possible. Point taken on concept and execution also – the beta units have undergone two years of field testing prior to release.

      • JBgleason

        You sound(!) like you know what you are talking about. But I don’t know you and I barely trust my guys much less someone I met on the internet… Haha. I will wait to see the final product. No insult intended, just the way I roll. That being said you have definitely ID’ed an issue that merits a fix. In reference to my past problem, I requested the Armorer to remove the off side selector and he was refused permission from higher up as it wasn’t a “field repairable” issue. I promptly borrowed an allen wrench while he excused himself to the head and I spun the screw out and removed it myself. Told them it fell off in the field when I turned the weapon in. I just learned to manipulate it with the trigger finger on the strong side when I shot left shoulder. That being said, I used to really like being able to roll it to fire with my thumb instead from left shoulder as designed and my biggest like was being able to roll back to safe with my trigger finger from right shoulder. Make this right and I will look at ordering one to try out.

  • Paul Leitner-Wise

    No insult taken and I concur fully.

  • I can understand the marketing idea of “use with gloves” idea, but I have never had a problem operating ANY selectors with gloves. I feel like the size of this might actually prove to be cumbersome. Any other specifics as to why this might be a better option than the BAD-ASS ST that I use now? I am genuinely interested. Thank you in advance.

  • Gunner one u.k

    Hi Paul still see you hustling

  • The Truth

    If you want to know how awesome Paul Leitner-Wise is, just ask him.
    If you are even considering doing business with him, or being associated with him, or Leitner-Wise “Manufacturing” in ANY way, save yourself the trouble, and read this.

  • The Truth

    If you want to know how awesome Paul Leitner-Wise is, just ask him.
    If you are even considering doing business with him, or being associated with him, or Leitner-Wise “Manufacturing” in ANY way, save yourself the trouble, and read this.