Dillon AeroTAMPA — M134D Minigun maker Dillion Aero is showcasing a new Multi-Mission Configurable System(MMC) designed to provide a plug-and-play replaceable turret ring, gun mount and magazine to support a range of possible gun options.

“This is designed to take the place of a standard turret system,” said Aaron Kirch, research and development specialist, Dillon Aero, at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference here.

The MMC components consist of a universal weapons sub-mount, weapon-specific mount, universal ammunition sub-tray and an ammunition magazine specific tray – all designed to provide rapid “off load” deployment and configuration. The MMC is engineered to provide “on-turret” ammunition storage capabilities.

Dillon Aero’s widely known M134D Minigun is able to fire up to 3,000 rounds per minute.

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