Dillion Aero Builds System to Replace Standard Turret

Dillon AeroTAMPA — M134D Minigun maker Dillion Aero is showcasing a new Multi-Mission Configurable System(MMC) designed to provide a plug-and-play replaceable turret ring, gun mount and magazine to support a range of possible gun options.

“This is designed to take the place of a standard turret system,” said Aaron Kirch, research and development specialist, Dillon Aero, at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference here.

The MMC components consist of a universal weapons sub-mount, weapon-specific mount, universal ammunition sub-tray and an ammunition magazine specific tray – all designed to provide rapid “off load” deployment and configuration. The MMC is engineered to provide “on-turret” ammunition storage capabilities.

Dillon Aero’s widely known M134D Minigun is able to fire up to 3,000 rounds per minute.

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Kris Osborn
Kris Osborn is the managing editor of Scout Warrior.
  • JCitizen

    KEWL! Now if I could just get them to send me their Blue Press catalog!

  • moondawg

    Easy, buy a Dillon progressive reloader, and you will get the Blue Press for life.

  • What took so long to develop a mobil chain gun? Did’nt they have one in the alien flick with Arnold the girly-man…….

  • JCitizen

    @BoyScout4Life; What made Dillion great, was the highly improved feed mechanism for 7.62x51mm rotory guns. The “movie” gun was a General Electric XM214 which was impossible to actually work completely like the one in the movie, and it was only 5.56mm. experimental. The problems of even using it are pretty well detailed at this site:


    Trying to control a high rate of fire in any gun can be difficult – the MG3 is bad enough, but I’ve even had trouble controlling the American 180 .22 LR machine gun with a full magazine! It is a little like getting a hold of a big fire hose on full pressure!! I think if you read that link you will see that it has been tried before, but I have a feeling it isn’t a dead issue – I have some designs in mind, myself, that I think will be backpack-able, and use caseless ammunition. But I can’t detail it, because I may want to copyright it if I ever get the prototype going!

  • Tom

    Why not make a three barrel one?

  • de foiard


    can you give me the price of m130d with 4400, with 40 000 munitions