Gun and Guitar: Six String Kalashnikov

There are some incredible gunsmiths out there when it comes to the Kalash. Jim Fuller is one, obviously¬†(someday I’ll get to take the Rifle Dynamics AK Builder Class). Owen Martin appears to be another (I’m still aggravated I couldn’t attend the Shoot Heard Around the World).

There are others of course, but I’ve never before seen or heard of anyone or anything quite like Jimmy DiResta working an AK this way.

I made a Claymore Mine out of popsicle sticks once.


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  • Moondawg

    Someone has way to much time on their hands.

  • Absolutely amazing! I feel so lucky and talented when I’m able to tie my boots without falling over and hitting my head on the bulkhead. To have this talent is a gift from Odin.

  • JCitizen

    This would make Ted Nugent proud! Talk about Combat Rock! YEEE! HAAWW!

  • Clovis

    A tip of my hat to a wizard with a bandsaw.