Kit Up! Is Looking For A Few Good Gear Reviewers


Kit Up! is going to start running more gear reviews. Packs, holsters, snivel gear, boots, socks, concealed carry, gloves — anything you’re thinking about taking a chance on with your hard-earned money. But instead of doing it ourselves, we’re going to try something new.

We want our readers to use the newest kit and then tell everyone what you think and whether its worth every penny or not worth a damn. Kit Up! will provide the gear; you provide the experience and insight for a fair review.

You can keep the kit when the job is done.

We will run reviews on new products that show innovation and promise. But we will also do reviews that look at multiple designs of a single type of gear such as packs, jackets or holsters.

Anyone who is interested can apply, but not everyone  makes a good reviewer. Aside from testing the gear, you have to be able to convey your findings in a clear, organized manner in 600-1,000 words. You have to be  able to discuss what you plan for the review with an editor, work to a deadline and put up with a little editing on the final product.

We also need clear photos. Pics of the gear in the review process are preferred.

If you are interested in becoming a gear reviewer for Kit Up!, contact us by going to the “We Need Intel!” tab on the top left of the homepage beneath the Kit Up! logo. Scroll down to “Share Your Ideas with Kit Up!” and provide your name and contact info. in the right blanks.

Then in the “Describe Your Topic or Interest” field, tell us about your background and why you would make a good gear reviewer. We are not looking for fancy; we just want people who have experience using gear to add credibility to the reviews. Ultimately, we want to build a pool of reviewers that can work on a rotation so we can run reviews on a regular basis.

We want to start running reviews soon, so please contact us ASAP. We appreciate reader insights and hope some of you are willing to take this next step with us. We’ll keep you posted as we move forward.

About the Author

Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a reporter at He can be reached at
  • I am interested in becoming a gear reviewer. I am an Avid shooter with good weapons knowledge and am a military member with a wide range of experience.

  • Craig

    We need intel! says comments on this entry closed. Unable to respond.

  • Michael

    Prior Service United States marine, who loves the outdoors is interested in reviewing gear. My background includes knowledge and operation of multiple weapon systems

  • Ryan

    Current army medic, firefighter emt, and avid outdoorsman as well on a budget tactical gear nut. Would love a chance for everyone to hear my opinion. Look forward to working with you.

  • preston

    Prior service united states army served in the.infantry was trained with multiple styles of weapons

  • Paul O’Neal

    Current member of Army National Guard. Motor Transport Operator….

  • Cader

    Active Duty Corpsman with 2 combat tours under my belt with the Marines. Avid hunter, shooter, fisherman, camper, and hiker.

  • 230 Grain

    Hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman, hiker, some competitive pistol shooting and AR shooter. Would love to review products that fit within the activities I engage in. Hope civilians are eligible…..

  • chris rush

    I am an airsofter i do alot of gear reviews. And alot of game fottage

  • Shawn O’Bryan

    Hi I’m a SGT oversea’s in Afghanistan and in the Army and have 4 tours. 2 Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan and would like to become a gear reviewer. I’m also a avid hunter, shooter, fisherman, camper, and hiker. I’m have problems with the Sign up for the gear reviewer. My internet is not that great at times here but I can give you my opinion on how useful the gear is here in Afghanistan or in the US.

  • Emma Wachsman

    I want to be in the military so bad! :)

  • Eric Wilkins

    I am in the US Army, and avid shooter, biker, and hiker. I am very interested in joining your team as a reviewer. I look forward to hearing from you if you find me fit or contact me anytime.

  • Michael Church

    I would like to become a gear reviewer here on kit up. I am a disabled vetean. and I also use some of the gear in my out door activities that is made from top brand names such as London Bridge Trading, TYR Tactical, and others. I enjoy paintball, hiking, fishing, hunting, and shooting on the range. I have seen and used some of the best gear to come out recently such as the LBT 6094 series plate carrier, that is both affordable and very well made. I have served in the U.S Army from 1982-1992, and know the ups and downs when it comes to the gear that our service men and women use, and ways that it could be improved that may be helpful to most who use the gear that we buy our service personnel.

  • Joseph VanDyck SSG 1

    I would be a totally horrible reviewer for Kit Up, but I would let my two boys who accompany me while we hunt, fish, hike, shoot and camp. I would let them wear it and possibly wear it out while I wrote the review. If needed I would also attempt to retrieve it from their grubby mitts and give the equipment a good beasting myself. I am a no hold barred kinda guy and I tell it like it is. Good or bad makes no difference to me.

    When I was in the 82nd ABN in the early 90’s, I did some testing and evaluating of some gear as an assignment for the Airborne Test Board. The gear sucked, was cumbersome and was a big freaking wind sail while exiting high performance aircraft.

  • J. Davis

    Active Duty USCG. Would like to be a reviewer.

  • Mark cane

    Gear review send it to me I will beat the hell out of it personally and professionally

  • Anthony Tyler

    I would be absolutely ex-tactic to be able to review new gear coming out, and think i would be able to give a good perspective on how it performs.

  • Steven Johnson

    I am an Air force mechanic. I work in unshielded conditions and all types of weather on a flight line all year round and demand a lot from my gear. The job puts a lot of stress and wear and tear on the gear that I own. I also have been reviewing gear for my unit and buying what works and what doesn’t for some time now. I believe I can help out not just the “shooters” but the aircraft mechanics that are out there getting it done too.

  • Iam retired after 21 yrs of service was forced to retire in 06 was injured in iraq in 03 i’m always hunting or fishing would like to try out some gear for you.

  • I am interested in doing the reviews of your equipment I can also get reviews from other people in my Militia unite I am the state commander for my Militia

  • Andrew Holcomb

    I’m AD USAF Security Forces stationed in Florida. Do a lot of outdoorsy stuff. Love to get lost in the woods and do a lot of travel to the mountains in Colorado to visit my woman. And the deserts in Nevada to see friends and generally just get lost in the woods. I love to test my own gear and generally have a view of what I like and what in general works in my gear and I’m not afraid to go way out of my way to push things to their limits. I do conceal carry, and in general I’m just a huge geardo! I’m always on the lookout for the next and biggest thing in regards to gear.

  • Rodrigo Miranda

    US Army. Experience in outdoors, hunting, self defense, conceal carry, weapons, hiking, survival training.

  • Cody Adams

    Active duty USN Seabee, rough and tumble job sites all over the world as well as tactical applications of our skill sets as an infantry force pretty often throughout the year.

  • Robert “Bear&qu

    Requesting permission to be part of the gear review team. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Bruce Liscombe

    I am interested in becoming a gear reviewer. I spent 20+ years in the Army as an Infantryman and retired as a MSG. I am a deer and turkey hunter here in Michigan and also have my concealed carry permit.

  • Hugo Lowell

    I am an avid gear enthusiast/collector. I also do small-bore and full-bore shooting. I am definately interested. Please contact me at:

  • Nao Lewis

    Active duty Marine SNCO. Born in Alaska. Avid hunter, hiker, outdoorsman. Experienced as IPSC/NRA/USMC competition shooter. USMC Martial Arts instructor. 18 year career of troubleshooting/repairing electrical, mechanical transportion/power generation equipment. Currently focus is on computer (network or desktop)equipment, cellphones and other mobile devices. Prepare and present presentations monthly for base wide Information Technology operations interoperability solutions/work arounds. Large gun, knife, other good to have items just in case collector. I don’t even need to keep the gear. But since I personally know how expensive it is to buy it and try it out I would like a shot at this. Thanks.

  • Former Infantry NCO turned Navy Combat (8 years), 22 years law enforcement, Municipal Police, State Constable and University Chief, Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor, State Constable Academy Instructor, Managed range facility providing facilties and training to more than 1000 local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement personnel and Military Operators. Managed a full range of Shooting events to include Tactical Law Enforcement Officer, K-9, and Search and Rescue Conferences, IPSC, Trap and Skeet and governors matches.

    Chief Ops Officer HarborSite International providing Protective Services personal and Security Consulting Worldwide. Excellent writing skills, past experience evaluatiing equipment and services to support training and field operations. Volunteered with the National park Service Pro Ranger program developing and supporting leadership programs and provided instruction in Land Navigation, High Ropes,, Low Ropes, Rappeling, Outdoor and Wildlife Safety, etc. Experienced outdoorsman Hiking, Hunting, Fishing

  • Prior service (Army 4 years, Infantry) Current Chicago Police (detective) would like to try gear for keeping weapon (Beretta 92 D ) concealed with possible extra magazine pouch(s) Looking for comfort and retention while wearing plain clothes. Other items worn daily include cuffs and flashlight

  • I have been using, designing, and reviewing gear for years. Everything form knives to packs. Just Google ‘”mercop”. I am also an experienced writer. Thanks for the chance.

  • Joshua Pickett

    Veteran of both the Navy (Gunners Mate Guns) and Army (11B Infantry). Recently retired and now serving as a Police Officer in a small coastal town. Life long Outdoorsman and Backwoodsman.


    ALWAYS A MARINE, I am a Executive Protection Specialist/ Instructor, and a Firearms Instructor , I would be Proud to review products for You, Just ask!!! I can write You some indepth reviews that will give the Customer exactly what they need before purchase of whatever product if they cut the mustard. Thank You,

    Sincerely,Rick Zimmermann

  • would enjoy opportunity to test and evaluate gear.

  • Paul zimmerman

    I am an Infantryman posted at Fort Drum. We are in a dismounted recon role and are constantly training in the field. livig in Upstate New York gives both cold and warm weather opportunities to test the gear and give a good reviews. I am also an avid outdoorsman and love to hunt, fish and hike with my family and can gather their opinions on the gear as well.

  • Charles Conway

    Would be quite interested in becoming a gear reviewer. I am an avid shooter, belong to a group of avid shooters and preppers (natural disasters and REALLY bad weather mostly to be honest) so I can provide a wide range of bodies (young, old, Male, Female, experienced and inexperienced) to share in the review process. Retired military with a wide range of experience in actual testing and QA procedures. More interested in getting a chance to play with the equipment rather than keeping it so if I can, I can, if I don’t get to keep it I DID at least get to play with it so that would be great. Deadlines are no issue as well.

  • Bryan Jones

    Active duty Army Infantry, with my current job I’m in the field quite frequently which would allow me to run any gear through the wringer. Also have a lot of leeway when it’s comes to wearing non-standard uniform items.

  • Dave Madsen

    Would be interested in being a Gear Reviewer. I oversee a Technology Branch as one of my requirements here at a Combatant Command and am always looking for things to make the soldier on the ground’s job easier. I have over 11 years at my current job, some of that as an Active Duty Army officer. I would like the opportunity to test some of the gear and items and then perhaps take it to the field in Southwest Asia for a further look. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Tom Forrest

    I’m interested in becoming a reviewer. I’m currently serving as a Battlefield Weather Forecaster for the USAF. In the course of my duties I have used most of the typical electronics in use by the DoD, from radios to laser rangefinders to GPS units. In addition, my unit regularly does ruck marches, and field problems, in order to stay current on our tactical certifications. In my spare time I do a lot of shooting, and have been at it for 16 years (I started when I was around 10). I test my gear pretty thoroughly, and put it through some pretty rough treatment. Even though my job keeps me in an office most of the time, I’d relish the opportunity to do something to help make other folks lives easier, and helping people choose good kit seems like a great way to me.

  • Francisco Hernandez

    Served in both the Navy as a Corpsman and Army medic. Currently work in Law enforcement and i’m always trying out new gear to make my life and work easier. Anything highspeed, low drag is always a must. Thanks for your consideration.


  • moose

    Sign me up. I work as the Master Gunner for my Brigade. In the 82nd Airborne so if it’s needs to be jumped and because it’s the infantry if it’s going to brake we will find out.

  • Mr. Cox;

    I have just closed my tactical training business of 15 years operation. I will now have some time on my hands that might be of use regarding your inquiry.

    My background includes Vietnam (USMC), 33 years as police officer / deputy sheriff SWAT in two states. I was an instructor for Gunsite for 10 years and Ops Manager for seven and a half under Col. Jeff Cooper. A complete resume’ available if you might be interested in me helping out with your testing and evaluation. I enjoy reading your posts in any case.


    Bill Jeans

  • Billy

    Disabled combat vet and I would love to review your gear. I camp, hunt, and fish in the AZ desert/wilderness often and could provide valuable insight given my military background.

  • Tommy engle

    How do you sign up? Very interested.

  • Six years experience (USArmy Special Forces). Member Special Forces Association.

    Regional Rep for Region 7 Special Forces Association ( TX, NM, OK ). If you want serious gear evaluation feel free to contact me.

  • scott schulte

    Love to be a reviewer! Retired army very knowledegable in weapons, gear, holsters ammo everything military. Have time and knowledge to give very accurate feedback. Looking forward to it!

  • SFC Anne Arnold

    Recently retired (41yrs) Recruiter, Retention NCO, Photographer, Army Band, 31B MP, Drill Sergeant and Operations NCO.

    Love to hunt and raise bird dogs. Former competive shooter shotgun, rifle and pistol. Into almost all outdoor activities.

    Would love to be selected as a tester!

  • B Halbrooks

    What kind of backpack is that on the right? It’s driving me crazy not knowing.

  • jan curtis

    How about a girls point of view?????

  • Sean Spoonts

    Halbrooks, the pack you asked about looks like a Kryptek pattern Slealth pack by Grey Ghost.

  • Gary Blakely

    I am interested in becoming a Kit UP reveiwer.I am a retired 21 year vetran. I also am a CCW instructor. Thank you

  • adil

    Hey if you need a view from the tropics I AM YOUR GUY

    Bags, Apparel esp wet weather gear could do snivel gear as well

    Sorry about the shameless plug!

    – Gear Fanatic

  • Patrick D. Rice

    Will do,can do !!!

  • Matt M

    7 and 3/4 years Active Duty Army

    11B20B4; Last position Held: Sniper Team Leader

    Current Occupation: “Day Job” Range Officer at WCA Bellevue WA; qualified Designated Defensive Marksman via Private security qualifications. All credentials are verifiable via email.

    Largely what I have noticed tends to be a lack of objectivity in gear and firearms circles. Of course, there is acceptions to the rule. I was known as the gear and gun dude in my last platoon, so much so even after leaving guys still ping me from out of the blue asking about this or that gun or optic. Since the focus in my experiance is in carbines and long guns, e last three years I have made a very focused effort to improve my pistol game. While by my measure I still suck, I beleive myself qualified enough provide objective analysis of all the major categories of firearms as well as support equipment. I always endeavor to find the best products to recommend to customers at work. The “better mouse trap” if you will. I am an active person, and not afraid of runs, hikes, etc… to vet pieces of kit. I have done several CF WODs and runs in mayflower and crye PCs, just to test thier range of motion and support.

    At the very least, I know what I dont know but have a wealth of experiance to call upon at my day job if its something beyond the scope of my capabilities to evaluate. I love doing this kind of stuff (not just for the free kit) but simply because I want to enocurage people to make the best decisions for something that potentially could be critically important to survival be they military, LE, or armed civilian.

  • Patrocles in OD

    Some great folks listing their qualifications so far…however, if you cannot follow the directions given in how to apply, you may not be picked for the job. Just sayin’.

  • Matt M

    Thats what I get for not reading the rest of the article in detail…

  • Robert young

    I am a NCO INF combat vet. I served ind LRSD have exp. in several areas cross trained as a combat medic scout master breaches have lots of weapons training with all types of weapons and acc. Used all types of surveillance equipment. Have exp. in test products in past with the warfighter program at Ft Drum among other programs I would love to test new things for our troops as away to give back. Thank you

  • virgilio inoa

    are you still interested in gear reviewers positions?

    • Bruce Liscombe

      Am willing to test gear for you. Spent 20 years active duty US Army(11Z)

  • Joshua Pickett

    I am now and always have been interested in becoming a equipment reviewer. I have 15+ years of service both in the US Army as a 11B as well as a Gunners Mate Guns in the US Navy. Additional I have 8 years experience as police officer and have always been an Outdoorsman dating back to my days as a Cub/Boy Scout to present day