Sunday Funny: Litany of Moto

Bring it in, take a knee. You got note-taking material, get it out.  I only want to have this conversation once, trackin’? Don’t be motarded.

Warning: language. Lots of language.

  • Daniel

    Dude is doing an impression of his 1SG I am guessing.

  • James

    walking cliche of all that is the Marine Corps….very toolish

  • TS

    Future Sergeant Major.

  • B4L2ER14N

    Insecure… Less profanity, more content, and you’re good to go. got this?

  • Atlatl

    As a Soldier, just once I wish when a marine wants to denigrate the Army, he would have the nads to do it to my face instead of to his little choir.

    This marine sure seems to be lacking minimum leadership skills.

    • Gunny

      Mr. Atlatl can’t seem to take a joke and it’s funny how he can tell what type of leader this young man is just by seeing a 3:47 video of him clowning around

      …you do know that Marines Soldiers Sailors and Airmen are all on the same team and all branch’s make jokes at each other so you should learn to take a joke and stop getting all hot and bothered about it

  • xpoqx

    I’ve seen teenagers at military school give more motivational speeches mocking both the cadet chain of command and military staff that runs the school.

  • xpoqx

    They were 10x as vulgars too

  • TangoDown

    For SURE has got one word down proficiently..every OTHER word dude. other than that, good report.

  • I like things that some people get and others don’t. This is a joke.

    People be easy! We are all part of this fuckin’ gun club, right? Haha. Dont’ smoke spice!

    -Army dude. DGAF.