Effin-A Compensator MKii Available

Approximately a year and a half ago my brother did an evaluation of the Effin’ A “Adjustable and Stackable” compensator. He liked it so much he kept it, and has continued to put rounds through it since. The adjustment screws that effectively “tune” the compensator have remained where they are supposed to be and have not, so far as I am aware, caused any issues or failed. Although he tends to treat his weapons like a classic car (vs. my tendency to treat them like a lawnmower) I am confident that the amount of use and abuse the Effin’ A MKI has endured would have caused an issue if there were any real likelihood of one occurring. Effin-A Compensator MKII (2)

Ares Armor has now redesigned the Effin-A Compensator. The MKII model, which weighs approximately half of its predecessor (2.5oz.) and is a one piece design. It features a 21-port “minimalist tuning system” as opposed to the 28 ports of the MKI, with set screws that will bottom our for a secure fit and clear chamber.

One question that repeatedly comes up is that of the Effin-A’s flash mitigation (if any). To be candid, I have not watched the MKI during any night fire since the .308 version came out; I will attempt to get some images or video next time we go out to address this.

The Effin-A MKII is currently available only in black and for 5.56mm/.223. I will advise when and if they expand that lineup. They are listed on the Predator Armament page for $89.99Effin-A Compensator MKII (3) Ares Armor Effin-A MKII

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  • Lance

    Ohhh like that wish it was cheaper though :).

  • moondawg

    Given the minimal recoil of a 5.56, why the need for a compensator in the first place?

  • GeneralBuffoonery

    I wonder if messing with this would change the point of impact any…

  • billywhat?

    This thing is basically only usefull in full auto fire. But how many civvies have a full auto? The rest just use it for looks and for “quick follow up shots” on the range. Lol until the rangeowner comes to tell them they need to chill with the rambo behaviour

    • gunslinger

      Am I blind or is this not kitup.military.com? Sooooo…. your point?

      • moondawg

        And how many grunts get to customize their government owned full auto M4/M16s, with whatever they want to screw on the end of the barrel. For that matter, how come the our Army/USMC have not seen the need for a compensator on the M4/M16? The current attachment is a flash suppressor, which seems to have some merit.

        • DesertGrunt

          A Lot of us.

          • DesertGrunt

            as for part two, as for why they haven’t seen the need, $$$ and One Size Fits All mentality. Most Infantry units apply the Shooter Preference rule for “dressing” our M-4s as long as you keep the original parts and don’t lose em

  • FeralPig

    Does work. I have them on several.