Father’s Day Gift Idea #4: RAA Mesh Hats

I asked Dark Helmet what he wanted for Father’s Day. This is the response he sent me.  DR

Father’s Day Gift Idea #4: Rogue American Apparel Mesh Hats

Brad Walker

Summertime is upon us and here in Texas it is already scorching hot. Most of us spend as much time on the range as we can. Protecting your nugget from the sun should be a priority instead of baking your dome for hours on the lanes. Rogue American Apparel has a truly badass solution that’ll not only keep you looking cool but will keep your ghord cool as well.

Rogue American Apparel has been making some damn fine shirts, hats and accessories for some time now. I recently ordered one of their hats and a close friend of mine has one of their mesh hats and loves it. All of their products are made in the USA and are extremely well made. They are tailored for the “operator” in all of us with details like removing the button from the top (as many of us already do) and offering them in all the popular tactical flavors. Their newest addition to their line is their ATACS FG Flag hat with Old Glory sewn right into the loop on the front.RAA1

They also carry various other camo prints with their signature “Death Card” insignia sewn in.



Get over there and grab your pops one or drop the hint to Household 6 to snag you one for your next trip to the range. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

For the full line of RAA hats and apparel, logon to www.rogueamericanapparel.com.


On a side note, RAA is running a Father’s Day special, BADAD15%. Rogue Gunfighter, RAA’s gear and training partner, is running a sale. Enter code: BESTdadEVER and receive 15% off your order. Get the goods at www.roguegunfighter.com.


  • guest

    Good looking lid, and as I was looking at it, I thought “how come there are no mesh boonie caps?” replace the round the head camo section , between the brim and the top piece, with a compatibly camo’d mesh. Would be cooler in the heat of summer or overseas deployment.

    • Rob

      There’s a guy called Slangvel who makes something similar to what you’re after.

      If you google and take a look at the image search, one of his custom boonies is one of the first hits.

  • Bert

    Ordered one of these from Rogue American Apparel 6/13. My credit card was charged and still no delivery and no tracking information. Logged into my account on their site and item shows ‘not available’ / ‘backordered’.
    I don’t know if it is a written law but traditionally companies will not charge a credit card until an order actually ships.
    I e-mailed their ‘customer support’ to ask for a status and have not heard anything. That was a day ago.