Female Israeli Soldiers Punished For Racy Facebook Photos

Israel Female Soldiers 4Four Israeli female soldiers have been punished for posting a set of racy photos on Facebook with the women wearing a few pieces of kit, holding rifles and not much else.

The four women were punished for posting one photo on Facebook last month. The four then subsequently posted three more photos after receiving a reprimand for “unbecoming behavior.”┬áIt’s unclear if they have received further disciplinary actions.

Walla, an Israeli news agency, reported that the women were Israeli Defense Force recruits at the time the photos were taken.

Another group of female Israeli soliders were punished in 2012 after five of them posted a picture wearing pretty much only their helmets and vests.

The four female soldiers have not yet been identified by reports that have circled the globe since the pictures were first uncovered.

Getting punished for photos posted on Facebook sets an interesting international precedent for how closely commanders monitor a servicemembers’ Facebook account. I can imagine there are plenty of photos on U.S. servicemembers’ Facebook accounts that they wouldn’t want their commanders to inspect.

What do you think? Should a servicemembers’ Facebook account be fair game for discipline?

Below is the photo for which the four soldiers were first reprimanded.

Israel Female Soldiers 5

Along with the photo at the top of the post, these two photos were also published on Facebook following the soldiers’ reprimand.

Israel Female Soldiers 2

Israel Female Soldiers 3

Below is the photo posted in 2012 by five other female Israeli soldiers.

Israel Female Soldiers

  • Peally

    If you don’t want people to see it don’t put it online!

  • xidfsoldier

    They should be punished for that awful gear…In Israel, the home of Agilite of all places.

  • DC2 Jennings

    They didn’t have women like that on my boat back in the day!

    • Raymond Looper

      Right, I retired too early!!!

  • in Virginia

    So where do I enlist?

  • Ian

    I don’t see any gear.

  • moondawg

    What is the harm. They are attractive moral boosters. If you don’t want girls acting like girls, don’t draft them into the military (Israel has the draft). If you don’t like what the troops put on facebook, than don’t allow the troops to have facebook accounts.

  • liam


  • gene

    Maybe it is time to think about vacationing in Israel.

  • Kirk

    My guess? I’m thinking they like being “punished” & “reprimanded” for their behavior!! Awesome! Hot!!

    P.S. I definity like short Isreali Spice the best!

    • Primus

      Nah, Kirk! You need the tall one… can break furniture with a woman like that! Hot, mean women… I was in the wrong military…

  • liam

    …someone PLEASE explain to me WHY is this news!!

  • Dan

    If its got to be explained to you then you will never understand.

  • 11b

    My buddy was punished for posting a pic overseas last year. Busted down from e-4 to e2. It was a shot of his bare ass lol…. nothing new here, happens all the time.

  • vdmsr.blogspot.com

    I do not see the big deal here, or did we all forget this?

  • Chuck Reynolds

    they should post more photos. justsayin. :)

  • SGMBob

    On one hand we complain about sexual assaults in the military — on the other hand, however, we want them to show it all. I’m too old for these sorts of problems. I LOVE seeing the female body…. Paint me sexist, I don’t care….. I’m just an old retired Sergeant Major.

  • RAAF guy

    If you did this sort of thing in the Australian Defence Force you would be discharged.

  • moondawg

    Our society at large is generally sexually permissive and promiscuous, In the meantime, our military is trying to make the Puritans seem uninhibited. No wonder we have moral problems.

  • insureme1973

    At least we know that they are all in great shape!!

  • mudd

    gotta love tthose gals. , put one in my foxhole anytime!!!!! lol

  • sailor ’54

    In answer to DC Jennings note, we didn’t have women on ships in my day

  • calcraft

    When you (ALL of you) say “moral”, I believe you mean “morale”. Sigh. Go take some electrocution lessons before you start sounding off in what seems to be a foreign language to you (ALL of you).

    • Mathieu

      Ummmm… Calcraft, not to correct you or anything since you are obviously much smarter than all of us, but don’t you mean ELOCUTION, as in the skill of clear and expressive speech, opposed to ELECTROCUTION which is to execute by electricity? Or are you asking all of us to kill someone with electricity? (ALL of us?)

  • Edward

    I think the photos are kind off cute. Big Deal ! Girls will be Girls.

  • rob

    they can’t reprimand my heart…

  • IDF here I come

    I’ve already registered for the IDF draft. See ya’ll later, I’m headed to the beach

  • Charlie Weaver


  • Josh

    if i enlist can i be in their unit?


    I think it’s very wrong and each one of those girls should get a slap on the butt…any volunteers…do you have any more photos? But then i didn’t see what the big thing was about these girls or those marines “Peeing on those Taliban” bodies last year. That’s so elementary compared to some of the stuff that happened in Nam. The person who took the photo of the marines ” junk ” is the one who should have been disciplined. That’s porno in the military. These girls are a recruitting tool. If our ex ‘ Commander in Chief ” ( Clinton ) didn’t get punished for what he did as a married man, these girls and the marines shouldn’t. HOoooaaahhhh

  • TangoDown

    THIS IS EXACTLY what you can expect once women are fully integrated..mark MY words.

  • sinssbad

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  • Bill

    If U.S. troops are ever deployed there, these apparently horny Israeli army girls will go wild if they see themselves in the company of strong and manly American men. Our boys will need to be supplied with a lot of condoms as well as guns!

  • nofun

    Just having some fun. I like it. Makes me want sign up!!!!!

  • John

    They should be reprimanded for not being fully naked!!!!

  • guest

    ’em drawers ain’t reg.

  • lee

    From where I sit everything looks in order, and passe inspection.

  • Trainwreck 404

    These photos should be used for RECRUITING PURPOSES!!