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Matthew Cox
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  • Lance

    Nice looking mag. But a bit to LONG like most 40rd mags just too long.

    • tomaso

      its just too bad they couldnt get the coffin mags to work….at a price point that makes sense, maybe they are rethinking them now that they see just how much people are willing to pay for magazines since the 12/13 scare.

    • ege

      That’s what she said…

  • tomaso

    LOL…to the video>>120 dollars in what 20 seconds = o

  • Virgil_Hilts

    My first thought was THIS: Magpul is thumbing their noses at the crazies wo have gotten so rabid about ‘high-capacity’ magazines….or…as their uninformed nomenclature goes….High Capacity magazine-clips!

  • JdsHandsomeSon

    Anything that enrages Diane Feinstein is a good idea.

  • John D

    Too bad the military isn’t using the Polymer mags, they should.