Classy “Blueprint” Style Gun Porn from Calibur Prints

Calibur Prints 4Calibur Prints is an interesting ‘gun porn’ type Kickstarter project that may attract a lot of interest from this audience. They are essentially large (19″x27″), high quality posters of classic weapons printed on 80 lb. recycled gloss book with aqueous coating.

Each design includes detailed information one the specific weapon, such as its original designer, the period when it was produced, and other relevant facts specific to each respective firearm.

Calibur Prints

You can support it on Kickstarter here or check the website here.

Calibur Prints 3

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  • Dilhack

    Love the idea, and I would hang them all over a man cave. BUT, the designer and gun enthusiast in me hates the misshapen parts. They seem cartoonish and distorted…something that doesn’t fit in with the demographic that will be buying this. Grab your DSLR, take pictures of the individual firearm parts (borrow one from a range buddy if you have to and offer him a free print or something) and outline them in illustrator.

    It’s an easy job and a great idea…just needs a few tweaks. Personally I would prefer a white on black color scheme as well…maybe on the second production after you’re already a millionaire?

    • Joshua

      I agree. I love the idea and I would love to have one to hang up at my home, but it is a bit on the cartoonish side for my liking.

    • Kevin

      I think you are over thinking it bit too much. He created them to be “blueprints”, literally and figuratively. Think of them as house plan blueprints. Its not meant to be actual pictures. It’s meant to be aesthetically attractive and informative.