Happy Independence Day

I love today. I wish I had stones, guts and gravitas the likes of those who signed the Declaration of Independence. Happy Independence Day to all of you.

Liberty Declared


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  • stefan s

    Ahh education before Political Correctness, revisionist history and Homosexual indoctrination!

    • flyonthewall

      Way to degrade a legitimate celebration with bonkers conspiracy fantasies.

      • Doomguy

        You haven’t been to public school in recent times, have you?

  • Howard Baker

    A small insight in to the devotion and sacrifice of some to the original signers of the declaration:

    • stefan s

      How about those ragged Continentals who’s bloody footprints marked the ground before the assault on Trenton!

  • Virgil_Hilts

    These are the lines that always wrench my soul…where today are the men who would speak this way? Mostly wearing the uniform. From the Declaration of independence: “….we pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”