New ESS Ballistic Shades


ESS recently unveiled its new Rollbar ballistic sunglasses designed with a new “Rapid Lense Exchange” feature. The Rollbar features “military-grade polycarbonate to deliver crisp and accurate field of view, plus ANSI Z87+ and MIL SPEC ballistic protection.”


ESS boasts that the Rollbar’s Lense Gate technology takes the hassle out of changing lenses. Check out the how-to video on the ESS website. I just wish they would come up with a way to swap lenses without having to put your thumbprints all over them. The Rollbar features a medium-to-large fit and cost $115.


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  • moondawg

    What about prescription lenses?

    • Ari at ESS

      See the comment below, Moondawg.

      Best Regards!

  • w.schroeder

    great price ya get more bang for the buck and do the lenses come in light sensitive different colors like amber uv.

  • YepHeJumped

    What when thy’re $15 it will be a great price, I destroy Sunglasses..Oakley at least replaces the frames when i break em.

    • Ari at ESS

      Replacement frame option for Rollbar coming soon, Yep. Consider investing in a sunglass leash if you’re running through frames at such a speedy clip?

      Best Regards!

  • DB Cooper

    What about prescription lenses? And can I get them in Yellow tint to use as shooting glasses?

    • Ari at ESS

      Accessory lens tints in yellow, hi-def copper, mirrored copper, polarized, mirrored silver coming soon, DB. Prescription…we’re troubleshooting that yet, and I can’t say yes or no. The lens-cut of the Rollbar is so complex that adding a step-cut to incorporate Rx may be prohibitively expensive and/or difficult. For Rx options, keep an eye out for Rx-able 5B sunglasses and Credence sunglasses from ESS, both of which are much further along in product development.

      Best regards!

  • DB Cooper

    Thanks Ari, I was told about a year ago that Policarb lens’s couldnt be made in yellow. Sounded like BS to me. Have these guys run another story on them when the new lenses come on line. I’m tough on sunglasses too and having a set like this with replacable lens would be great.