Agilite Acquires Shiltex, Serves SOF and Victoria’s Secret

yamam rappellingRehovot-based Agilite is a company founded and operated by Israeli Defense Force and US special operations veterans. Company officials plan to announce Tuesday they’ve purchased a company called Shiltex.

Shiltex is Israel’s national manufacturer of webbing, paracord and similar material. They also make the braided drinking tubes on Israel-based Source Hydration‘s drinking tubes. The interesting thing about Shiltex is that it hasn’t just produced textiles for the IDF for over half a century, they also provide material for Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

We tried to get a picture of a modelĀ in a tactical version of something from the Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell” line, but so far neither Elie Isaacson, Agilite’s Director of Strategic Development nor Jerry Orlin, Agilite’s President, are playing ball.

IDF SOF personnelIn any case, what’s not to like about an equipment company that supplies both Israeli SOF and Victoria’s Secret models? According to Agilite, it was an inability on the part of Shiltex to adapt to “changing tides in the global textile and military markets” that caused their declining sales.

Agilite has been an aggressive, innovative designer since the beginning so this should definitely be an interesting combination. It will probably have more than a little to do with Agilite Outdoor, as Shiltex has manufactured specialty ropes for Yamam in the past. Yamam is Israel’s primary national police Counter Terrorist unit.

Acquiring Shiltex means they can “…see a product through and guarantee its quality all the way from the fibers that make up its raw materials, to its last stitch as a finished product, ready for use in the toughest conditions.”

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