Can You ID the Weapon Next to the M4?


OK so I was watching the latest episode of Strike Back on Cinemax and totally got stumped trying to recognize the compact little weapon the British character, Michael Stonebridge, is carrying in the jungle.

This is really getting under my skin. It has an AK-looking gas and front sight assembly, but it takes AR mags. Since I am coming up dry on my internet searches, is there any gun guru out there who can name the weapon the blond guy is carrying in the picture?

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  • Lance

    I think its probably just a prop gun made by extra gun parts. it may the receiver is off a VZ-58 and it has hand guard too short for a real Krinkov. Looks more Air Soft than real so may be a prop than a real gun. Or its some sort of Czech AK copy meant for export.

    • Virgil_Hilts

      Replying to LANCE or ANYONE…the Blonde guy? How can you tell which one is blonde? Maybe that’s dirt, maybe it’s gray…but I don’t see any ‘blonde’.

    • White Wolf

      What you are looking at is a Russian style ak74 with folding stop. I have seen them once in a while. The new stock was made for close combat under arm firing

      • White Wolf

        Oh and the reason the mag looks like ours is the interdiction of the 5.55mm amo

        • Troy Emge

          Dude, you’re totally wrong. I own a “Russian Style AK74” and have built AKs, none take STANAGs without serious bastardization and the magazines don’t even look remotely like an M4/16 box mag.

  • Lance

    Another thought may be a VZ-58 with a 5.56mm conversion that’s after market as well.

  • Old MP

    Try looking it up here. Good resource for weapons used in movies and tv.

  • Marc

    Looks like they failed to get a gun/military guy to make sure they were close to realistic. Big fail.

    • Scot

      Those guns are used EXTENSIVELY by Spetsnaz. I have seen multiple on Russians training videos and on a detailed weapon overview of the Spetsnaz. I am not sure what caliber they use, I haven’t seen any models chambered for 7.62×39, all the ones I have seen have been in 5.56×45. Before you go making accusations, check your facts.

  • Old MP
    • Matthew Cox

      That’s it! Good eye Lance. Thanks.

  • Marc
    • thehaggis

      Great little wiki. cheers

  • Dave

    Vector R4 maybe? Makes a lot more sense that a VZ.58 with a conversion.

  • MarineFo

    All I know is the optic gets shot off or falls of the rail when he gets shot at by a .30 cal and it is amazingly back in place in the next frame.

    • Bill

      I noticed that too. Amazing rifle Re-Hab, instant.
      You guys do know your stuff.

  • pieter

    defo vz 58. available , sans rails from factory in sbr configuration.

  • DB Cooper

    Guys its just a movie. The gun never jams and never needs reloading so you know its a fake.

    • meGrimlock

      actually a cable show, not a movie. the creator/technical advisor is former special forces turned writer, Chris Ryan (pseudonym). first season concentrated more on story and the movement and tactics were more realistic. but Thorin started hanging around hobbits and Grimes went off to fight zombies. the latter seasons focused on more bang for your buck production, which saw some story and realism take a hit, but the show was arguably more fun to watch. the gun in question is special-forces-modified so they took some artistic liberties. but that kind of attention to detail is the hallmark of the show. and yes, guns still run out of ammo.

  • VoyTech

    Greeting from Czech Republic. Its a shorty SA vz58 with STANAG magwell adapter by Czech Small Arms.

  • Moose

    vz 58 with a AR mag conversion.

    • Moose

      vz 58 Compact*

  • Kipp

    SA vz 58 compact 223

  • Seawolf

    While this show is really cool and there is a ton of gun play in it they need to get a better weapons guy on that show. Some of the weapons handling, manipulation, setups are horrible. For a gun nut with OCD this show is like torture sometimes. lol

  • cory

    looks fake. the charging handle looks attached with no openings to the rear

    • DGR

      That is exactly how a VZ-58 looks, you have the bolt and the dust cover, the charging handle is attached to the bolt. There is no need for any kind of slot or opening to the rear.

  • Witchdoktah

    If I had to guess it looks like one of those Czech ak variants the VZ.- something but setup to run AR mags. I want to say that had a new assault rifle come out a few years back and this might be it.

  • thehaggis

    Love the show. Yes it isn’t very realistic, but it’s a lot of fun. They at least move like they have a very good consultant and the show runners care about it, (compared to many other movies/shows).

  • redleg

    Valmet nice modded AK with none of the flaws

  • mvtherien

    Its a CSA SA vz 58 Sporter Compact in .223 Rem with the mag well adapter for STANAG AR-15 mags. Web Info at this site (

  • commando552

    People have already said it but yes, it is a 5.56 CSA SA vz. 58 Compact with a AR-15 magwell along with a suppressor, flashlight and optic. The weapons selection is a bit off in this show mostly due to the fact that being filmed in South Africa the selection of available weapons is somewhat random, it is very hard to get weapons appropriate for any force apart from South African. If you look closely at the M4 even (better shots if you go to IMFDB) you will see that it isn’t actually an M4, but rather what appears to be an old fixed carry handle upper that has had the carry handle machined off and a rail bolted on in its place (also on an A1 lower with the old style teardrop forward assist plunger).

    • Matthew Cox

      Nice catch on the teardrop forward assist. The show isn’t without its flaws, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun to watch than Act of Valor. Sorry SEALS.

      • smartaleck

        The old skool teardrop forward assist was actually better IMO. More positive push due to increased surface area. I always wondered why they went to round style? I found a surplus teardop style, and swapped it in.

  • Sam

    Its a CzechPoint SA vz.58 Carbine.

  • Felix

    Czech Point Vz58 SBR

  • MBruno

    How about a Sig P556 pistol?

  • CharlieHotel

    R4 issued to South African troops, based on the Galil…

  • Stone

    It looks kinda like a modded K1 or K2 with a shorter barrel.

    • Doc Slick

      looks like a caulk gun covered with plastic leftovers from the BIG ONE>>>

  • Rod Gregg

    Sgt. Damian Scott. What do I win?

  • smails

    CSA SA vz. 58 Compact

  • Lance

    Cool to see the SA weapons used in a movie. I like there closed slide Beretta copies and there R-4/5s also.

  • steven

    looks like a modded mp7

  • fallofyou

    it looks like a pp2000 to me…

  • Kris
  • Garrett Murray
  • Davcoun

    Mag well used for M16 mags:
    And a bit different sa vz.58 with the magwell attached:

  • jade

    its a aks-74u with folding stock.

  • Jim

    What I find amusing is the question has been answered correctly but people still post all sorts of other answers and guesses.

    • commando552

      I have to assume that at this point the people with suggestion like MP7 or PP2000 are just trolling. The people with suggestions like R4 or AKS-74U just can’t be bothered to read.

  • Some people are really stupid and have zero situational awareness. This post has already been answered by numerous users. Read the freaking comments!

  • DW Miller

    It is an Israeli Galil 5.56mm….

  • downstg

    Whatever it is or maybe trying to be in real life — I’d play it smart and stick to the M4

  • smartaleck

    That’s right–short, stubby little skinny barrel that will retain all the heat of sustained full auto, causing a cook-off. Muzzle flash that will fry your night vision, and a suppressor won’t help it. Not to mention a wide cone of fire from uncontrollable recoil, in part from a flexible wire stock. And what muzzle velocity do you have left from said stubby barrel? There goes your stopping power. All this for the luxury of being tacticool? Yes I’ll take the one on the right also, gas impingment and all– I do like the show though, fun to watch.

  • Big Daddy

    VZ58 SBR

  • RSR

    Definitely a VZ58 223/5.56.

  • bijoy singha

    i like m16 and m18

  • Kaarlo

    looks to me like a CZW-556 rifle

  • Thomas

    You mean the show is not a documentary???!!! :)

  • Wayne Nash

    I could be wrong and it has been modified, but it looks like a mini-14 to me.

  • Carl76148

    CSA vz58 with a magwell adapter.

  • haloguy628

    That’s Vz.58 Expert Subcompact

  • Liam

    F- it…I will stick to the M4! I know what is in my hands and it is reliable, besides anything that Hollywood puts out sucks…is not real, has no bearing in reality and needs to stop glorifying what we did/do for a living! 99.9 percent of the morons in the film industry never served in the Armed forces!!

  • Lester

    Something by Mattel

  • armoredman

    Feel free to watch my video on this excellent rifle.

    • smartaleck

      Good video, and I like your configuration. Much more down to earth than the tacticool version used on the show, to up their ratings. Alleviates all the problems I mentioned in my post. Good luck marketing it.

  • Sarge

    Which one is the blonde?

  • Mike11C

    Yeah, it’s a Czech VZ58 with a 5.56 conversion. Look at the right side of the receiver, the gas tube, and the folding stock.

  • Sader

    It is a real weapon.
    SA VZ 58 Sporter Compact (5.56 Model)
    Everything you want to know about it is here:

  • scott

    Probably a varient of these AK action style piston AR or a modified. AK74.

  • Matt Franklin

    It looks to me like some sort of PDW like the AK74SU, only it’s not part of the AK family. From the shape of the receiver and the folding stock, it is probably a Czech weapon evolved from the vz 58 family of rifles, only chambered for 5.56 since it is feeding M16 mags.

  • Jube

    It is a modified AK-74?

  • Joe

    1. If you really couldnt figure out who was holding the oddball weapon without asking which guy is blond your a little slow on the uptake.
    2. Its clearly a Modified Browning 1919 machinegun from the war of 1812 * Trolling and Sarcasm now in off mode.
    3. Agree with all who say its a VZ 58. First thought that went through my head was oh hell look what the Mosin choppers are doing to other Com-Bloc surplus weapons!
    4. I’ll probably have to buy one now.

  • Kyle

    It looks like the Russian made 9A-91 fires a 9×39 mm cartridge… Just a guess though.

  • CP Ringling

    Daewoo K1/K2 Prop gun

  • Marlon

    Maybe based on the LA85. 5.56

  • Claymore

    Prop crap, like that stupid knife sheath

  • Stalker6arecon

    Agree, vz58 conversion. I always had my M4 with a short sling, attached to a black carabiner, hanging 4 inches from my shoulder, attached to my camalpak HAWG assault pack. Always at the ready, and if I had a jam, I could jusr let the weapon drop and grab my back-up, while still maintaining possession of my M4. Now that I have returned to civilian life, my carribiner hangs lonely on my HAWG, damn I miss my M4…..

  • feshy

    SA vz. 58 V

  • Gom

    Guys, don’t make idiots of yourselves – this is really a civilian conversion of czech vz58 rifle – if you think it’s just a movie prop crap, then first use the fu*kin Google to see if the guys before you, who wrote exact type number and specification of the manufacturer, could not be true after all…

  • David

    Its normaly vz.58 but new model in 5,56 :o)

  • David… standart czech army weapon :o) but not in 5,56 but in 7,62 :)

  • David… standart czech army weapon :o) but not in 5,56 but in 7,62 :)

  • David in MA

    A pellet gun by Daisy?

  • Chase Hochrein

    If this is a real weapon it would have to be an HK MP7A1 i looked at it and talked to a few people even my drill sergeant and he was in at basic at fort sill, OK and my first sergeant and they told me that that is what that is and I myself am in delayed entry and a gun nut myself it has the HK MP7A1 frame and mods made to it such as the ACOG and the stock, and flashlight.

  • specops79

    This weapon is a Israeli Galil in 5.56, I have the same one as in the picture.

    • Joe

      Get some eye glasses. its a VZ 58 modified to take AR Magazines.

  • Larry D

    its a Zip Gun

  • Old MP

    What I want to know is who makes the PC’s and kit they are wearing in the pic at the top of this article???

  • J.R.

    get a Life!

  • Matt

    CSA SA vz. 58 Compacts chambered in 5.56x45mm

  • JESullivan

    the thing is not and has not to be a REAL weapon. It’s a prop piece and anyone who would watch such garbage and expect any basis in reality needs to join the Boy Scouts. It’s all fantasy based TV garbage, made for those who have never seen the Elephant, and should not even be in this blog.

  • light fighter

    it is a vz 58 in 5.56…

    Sa vz. 58 Sporter COMPACT .223 Rem (5.56 x 45 mm)

  • Christopher

    CSA SA vz. 58 Compact

  • Justin

    The wepon Stonebridge is using is called the SA VZ.58 compact vs the carbine variant