Official: Troops Look Like an ‘American Baskin Robbins’

Camo1When asked what he thought about the order from Congress to stop creating service-specific camouflage patterns, the senior enlisted adviser to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said U.S. forces look like an “American Baskin Robbins” in the combat zone.

Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. Bryan B. Battaglia was speaking at a town hall meeting Aug. 5 at Marine Corps Base Hawaii when Marine 1st Sgt. William Banks asked if the military would adopt a universal combat uniform.

“Are we in fear our forces are going to lose our cultural identity with the addition of a universal uniform?” Banks asked Battaglia according to a Marine release on the meeting.

Battaglia responded saying the different uniforms in the combat zone are confusing for allies. He then compared the combination of uniforms to the popular ice cream chain known for its 31 flavors slogan.

The senior enlisted adviser then hinted that the service-specific camouflage uniforms might survive for garrison wear.

“The idea is to find a universal uniform for the battlefield, whereas branch garrison uniforms will most likely remain the same,” Battaglia said according to the release. “Talks concerning a distinct universal uniform are currently a work in progress.”

The debate over a universal camouflage pattern has come since members of the House Armed Services Committee voted in June to require the services to settle on a joint combat uniform by 2018 and restrict the creation of any new camouflage patterns unless it’s designed for a joint uniform.

Frustrated with the millions of dollars spent to buy new combat uniforms with service-specific camouflage patterns, two Illinois Congressmen proposed an amendment in the 2014 defense budget ordering the Pentagon to return to the days when the patterns were joint.

Of course, it’s ironic that a Marine official is the one calling U.S. forces an “American Baskin Robbins” considering the Marine Corps is the service that started the trend of service-specific camouflage patterns. The Marine Corps fielded the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform in 2002 in which the service stitched the Marine Corps symbol into the pattern.

Stitching the symbol led each service to design their own camouflage pattern as Army, Air Force and Navy officials didn’t want their troops wearing the Marine Corps symbol. The Air Force developed the Airman Battle Uniform in 2002 and the Army developed the Army Combat Uniform in 2003.

Service officials have since been criticized for the millions of dollars spent to develop these patterns for each service rather than settling on one to be worn across the military. In 2012, the Government Accountability Office released a report saying the services have wasted millions in the effort.

Army officials were set to announce a new service-wide camouflage pattern this summer before the requirement from Congress that all patterns be designed for joint use. There has not been an announcement when, or if, the new pattern will be fielded since the June vote by the House Armed Services Committee.

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  1. At least he didn't say that the troops look like they made too many troops to Baskin Robbins.

  2. If the garrision uniform will be different as well, then you're still wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on uniforms just because they want to be different. Why don't they have a service wide uniform, and let them make their own adjustments branch wide. For example, the USMC logo is in the fabric right now, but before the quartermasters or whoever is in charge of clothing gets the uniforms, it's send off somewhere, where they stitch on the USMC logo on the chest like they have now.

  3. By garrison.uniforms I can only hope that they mean dress uniforms. There is absolutely no reason for every branch to have there own camo patterns. I do believe this could have been avoided had the USMC had not insisted on integrating the EGA into the pattern. The DOD needs to look at the new patterns the army has recently selected for its feasibility of being a joint pattern. The only other option I see is debranding MARPAT or adopting AOR1 and AOR2 across the board. Beyond that all equipment needs to be a single color like the Marines Coyote Brown or Ranger Green. That will drastically reduce costs of having to get multiple sets of equipment to match every uniform.

  4. Every time a general is assignedto the joint chiefs, they want to leave their name in the history books. Unfortuneately, they all leave dumb *** things, 'cause most of them don't have a clue. Bring back people like Curtis LeMay – They're out there, but it scares the people that should be worried about where the military is headed!!!

  5. Dumb-ass comment. Following this logic, why not dump ALL service specific uniforms altogether and simply have small, square tags that say "Navy" "Army" "Air Force" "Marines" "Coast Guard" on one genuine all service uniform?

    Not just for fieldware.

    For ALL uniforms. Working, dress etc… Think about all the money we'd save. Come to think of it. Why don't we just have all services use US Postal uniforms? Gray slacks. Nice blue shirts. And we'd save SO MUCH MONEY!

    This obsession that focuses soley on camouflage fieldware, while ignoring all other uniforms is stupid beyond belief.

  6. Quite Frankly the whole uniform debate sounds like tacti-fashion/junkies, and the whole thin is quite sickening!! Just quit pissing around, make a decision on a Battle dress uniform and get on with phasing out the present uniforms!!

  7. Absolutely 100% correct. Look at the Navy? Blue BDU's. Are they supposed to blend in with the ocean? Imagine blue BDU's in the desert. Whoever came up with this ridiculous waste of money should be fired. But chances are he/she got promoted.

  8. Easy solution go back to BDU 3 color desert and woodland and add multicam for other areas.OR every one goes to MARPAT tell USMC bras to shove it.

  9. There you have it…. You are really observant SGT. MAJOR, now that you are up there with the big boys, you can say the truth…..

  10. Sorry, but they those politicians with stars are letting their POS boss run roughshod over the military! Giving terrorists M-1's and F-16's in Egypt while lamenting uniforms! Time for an America Coup!

  11. Switch to Multicam FR convertible flight suits( the ability to switch to a 2 peice uniform) with built in belt loops, stretch zones, and mesh vents in high heat areas ie: armpits chest lower back groin areas ect. For garrison use each service can have a unique soft cover or head gear with appropriate rank and service identification. Allow Services to determine color of footwear and placement of rank or unit I.D.. Also limit each service to one service garrison uniform and one dress uniform. After that call it good.

  12. My posts keep getting deleted.

  13. Yo CSM, What the Hell does the CJCS need an E-9 for? BTWwhen is the last time you even spoke to someone below the rank of 0-8 except to tell the Master Sgt. to go get your staff car….Wanta save some money..Retire.

  14. For about six years now, since the digital pattern war started, I offered the solution, but like my solution and a $1.25, both will get you a cup of coffee at 7-11. So here it is again, once last time. Reality check first: where are the majority of our wars fought in the 21st Century? Correct, and around urban areas. So, how do we design a 'universal uniform'? With the help of Hollywood and HGTV. Build an entire town, grass, parks,old and new buildings, funky tattoo parlor, modest Church, etc. Then blow it all up and take photos, and design the pattern based on the color scheme of what's left. Then look at Israel, they wear OD green all the time. As for both the Air Force and Navy for airfields and ships, jump suit-coveralls, easy to maintain, quick and practical. Dress uniforms, USMC took care of their issue decades again and will fit forever. Army almost has it down, Coast Guard has their's done, Air Force looks okay,….Navy, Navy,Navy……you're sailors, look like sailors not Marine whannabees. Dress Blues, dress whites, coveralls, done. Pregnant female members get their maternity wear all Branches of course.

  15. The current Army and USAF field uniformas are similar in design, as well the US NAVY and Marine Corps are the same design with the difference in color (dye) and adornments. The the Marine Corps is still using the decades old rank insignia, while the Navy has chosen Velcro rank insignia. So basically their are two different material patterns that are each printed differently providing four different uniforms. I doubt that the printing (color) adds much to the cost of each. However, I do agree that a common design would be good for overall savings with the differences being in the adornments (name tape and service insignias) for each service. More importantly would be recognition by our allies. They should be able to figure out who WE are before they squeeze the trigger. Just my two cents. S/F

  16. The navy’s battle uniform is supposedly coated with some sort chemical to where if they were to fall over board The water around them would turn bright orange, so I’ve heard anyway. I like our Air Force bdu’s but to be honest I wouldn’t mind if we all adopted the multi cam pattern with our own branch insignia’s like we have on our uniforms now.. We would definitely save a lot of money having to only make one kind of battle uniform that’s for sure.

  17. Go back to what works, Either a real Camouflage uniform or and an HBT style green.

  18. russellsvocation | August 17, 2013 at 11:50 am |

    Someone has OBVIOUSLY never looked up the word "uniform" in the dictionary.
    And has the Navy ever addressed the little problem of, melt to your skin uniforms yet? I would think that would be a priority… but, there I go, thinking again.

  19. The amount of added revenue from selling ice-cream that Baskin Robbins will generate on this hot summer weekend (thanks to the free publicity) would match the cost of purchasing new uniforms for 3'4ths of all troops. The real unspoken issue here is the absurdity that troops are forced to pay for uniforms, haircuts, and other items and services while serving for the worlds most wealthy country. In total, taking into account facilities, equipment, personnel, insurance, and other factors it costs over 250K to field a single infantryman through training and beyond combat reediness . So why do they still have to go online, without a stipend, to purchase boots?

  20. Allen Flowers | August 17, 2013 at 12:21 pm |

    Why are we so worried about saving a few million dollars? Obama is just going to give it to the terrorist anyway!

  21. 24 years in the Navy and four uniform changes. It is all comes down to money, contracts and incentives.. The real power lies with the companies who offer the right incentives to those staff members who have the authority to make the final decision. Why do you think the Army brass is working so hard to make their decision THE decision? Incentives. It has little to do with what is best for the troops. Money, contracts and incentives. Why do you think the troops went into the first Iraq war with camo made for the forests of Germany.

  22. The Sgt Major is right – This whole uniform thing is ridiculous. This is what happens when you have to give a bunch of females at the Pentagon something to do.

  23. its the navies fault. that aqua-flage is an eye sore.

    cant the gov. and powers that be just make a nock-off multi-cam (seems to be popular with the bad-asses) for everybody, something they have the rights too, and call it a day…?

  24. If this is already for combat we already have multicams that Army, Air Force, and Most Navy wear. All we have to do is force the marines and the rest of the navy to follow suite.

  25. I applaud Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. Bryan B. Battaglia frank and common sense comments. A service specific garrison camo combat uniform really serves no purpose though. Maybe it’s a bone to those too insecure to realize that a branch specific combat uniform isn’t necessary top feel unique. Seems our forefathers landing at Normandy or raising the flag at Iwo only needed a branch crest, a unique patch or different boots to feel unique.

    There’s a lesson there…

  26. Pink politically correct BDUs. Oh boy. Can't wait.

  27. For combat, just adopt a FROG suit in Multicam. G3 Combat Pants and G3 Combat Shirt from Crye Precision. It's what our special operators are using. One would presume our best personnel get the best gear. What makes our regular forces undeserving of it?

    As for garrison, might as well just go back to olive drab fatigues. Cheaper, and I'm sure we have a bunch left over from the Vietnam era.

  28. My post keep getting deleted. The author is mistaken when he says the EGA is what kept MARPAT from being used by other services.

    The Marine Corps senior leadership obstructed the other branches from using their pattern. They went even as far as making the Navy limit AOR1 to NSW because even with a NAVY crest it was too similar to Desert MARPAT.

  29. They wasted millions? Say it isn’t so.

  30. It will in the end move the cost to the men and women when they have to buy new uniforms

  31. The Marines are sure to blame but we also have to blame those higher up the food chain during the time. If some of those "leaders" in the DoD actually showed leadership then they would have forced the Marines to share the pattern before this became a mess.

  32. 1. The services need a service dress uniform. They will not be the same
    2. The services need a working uniform. They will not be the same.
    3. The services need a wartime (theater/seasonal) uniform.


    I don't know where blue fits in any of those scenarios. If you fall off a ship then you want to make sure you do not blend in.

  33. DaddyLongLegs44 | August 17, 2013 at 10:38 pm |

    Mirageflage and multicam would be good for a national camo

  34. william bill kane | August 17, 2013 at 11:00 pm |

    Who gives a shit, after initial issue the service member pays for his uniforms out of his annual clothing allowance.

  35. Frmr Soldier | August 17, 2013 at 11:20 pm |

    For two hundred years we wore the same uniform with slight variations. It was only in the more recent decades we have gone hog wild attempting to provide an "identity" for various people. Like Shinseki's decision to issue black berets to the entire Army so they felt special we are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on sheer stupidity. The Olive Drab uniform was used through WWII, Korea, Vietnam and into the 80's. They looked sharp, pressed well, made us identifiable and generally blended with most terrain with the use of a little dirt, paint, brush, etc. A common uniform for all makes sense. As to all branches going to one uniform, good luck with that.

  36. Ken Badoian | August 19, 2013 at 9:15 am |

    How about fireproofing the Navy's uniforms. They are not made fire proof. A big, as I understand it 26 million dollar plus mistake. Who pays? Coasties have a great work uniform, blue with bdu cut. If it's good enough for the oldest sea going service why not the Navy? MMCS(SW)(SS) USN Ret.

  37. SgtHardy_USMC | August 19, 2013 at 10:23 am |

    I’ve been saying this for a few years. The other branches should adopt an EGA-less version of the MARPAT (AOR). Its the sharpest looking and most effective pattern fielded by U.S. troops today.

  38. The clarity of this article is adversely affected by evidence that either Mr. Hoffman or his editor never served.

    "Garrison" and "Dress" uniforms are different. The "Utility" uniform is often worn in "Garrison." I can't see what, if any, savings will be achieved by service-specific "Utility" uniforms (and 2nd/3rd line gear for "Combat" training within driving distance of "Garrison") between deployments, then kitting and clothing troops for deployments.

    Point of fact, the EGA is not "stitched" onto MarPat, it is "printed" into it.

    I hope that chooses to be more careful about this stuff in the future.

    I think Sgt. Maj. Battaglia is doing some damage control over remarks made by GEN Amos here:

    MarPat was an awesome pattern in 2002. We now know a LOT more about the art and science of camouflage. Army did a pretty good study in '04, then discarded that research and implemented UCP. Army's just-concluded Camo Improvement Program research taught us even more. It's interesting to note that the Arid and Temperate versions of one of the finalists (US4CES) bear a striking resemblance to MarPat. Call it MarPat 2.0 and call it good. Also, the Army research developed "transitional" patterns that work well with Temp/Arid variants faaar better than the Marine "transitional" Coyote Brown which is increasingly thought to provide an aiming point for adversaries.

    Hopefully USMC can put institutional chauvinism aside long enough for a good peer review of Army's research, which could give EVERYONE what they need. Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen can dump the crap that their service chiefs foisted in them as idiotic service branding efforts and the Marines can modernize to a pattern that enhances lethality and saves lives. I say again, at least let the research be reviewed. Hell, even the Naval personnel in the Tan and Green AOR will be helped by the fact that NSW won't be compromising their camo by rotating it 90° to–I guess–eliminate the chance that a SeaBee could be mistaken for a SEAL at 100 meters.

  39. Just re-issue Type III OG 107s in Olive and Tan to the Army and be done with it. That was the best uniform ever.

  40. Samuel Jones | August 20, 2013 at 5:31 pm |

    When I was in the Air Force, the locals commented that we looked like "Bus Drivers" while wearing class "A" uniforms.

  41. Why does the Navy need camo? Are they going to paint the ships blue too to match their uniforms? What good is a blue camo uniform on a big gray cruiser or gray destroyer? Are the Taliban in the seas too? If the Navy guys come on land with those blue uniforms they are sitting ducks.

  42. Olive drab, tiger stripes, eieio. Back in the day you wanted something Charlie couldn't see.

  43. Why not re-organize the entire mess – debating uniforms is like putting perfume on a pig. When the army has more aircraft than the airforce, more boats than the navy and the navy and air force both launch multimillion dollar fighter planes, it's time to reflect and start anew. I know all the horse hockey about service morale – obviously the Obama crowd could care less about that – and e'sprit de corps (or is it corpse as our leader would say) going down the toilet, but certainly no more so than to keep sending American troops off with unclear goals, ridiculous rules of engagement and politically correct, timid general officers. Don't want to upset any social or religious group, even if their stated goal is to eliminate you and your way of life. General Patton is rolling over in his grave with the way things are going.

  44. Seriously? What part of “uniform” is not understood? I understand that service and dress uniforms should have their own “flavor” per each service, but seriously, the combat uniform should be the same for all services. The uniform worn by all Service Members in combat should be the same uniform and it should be the uniform that protects the person who wears it the best. Done…it’s not that difficult…oh, wait…we have to throw Congress into this mix because they can’t do their jobs and solve REAL problems. Yeah, get ready to spend more money on a non-issue.

  45. Rafael Morales | August 20, 2013 at 10:15 pm |

    same uniform, different hats, in a combat situation everyone would be wearing helmets anyway

  46. The government continues to waste tax payer money on bullshit. Pick the best uniform and have all services wear it in the field with their different emblems. The Navy's blue camo uniform is stupid. They should be wearing the theater of operation camo uniform. We didn't seem to have this problem when everyone was in fatigues. Different dress uniforms for the different services is find, except the Army keeps changing theirs, to black berets to no berets, now a blue uniform, they should have stayed with the OD uniform. All summer uniforms should be khaki, which is what they used to do. Quit wasting money and use it towards retired vets to keep your promises to them.

  47. Back in the day, it was green utilities and an iron-on to add the Marine Corps emblem. Just create a single camo uniform and let the services iron on their emblems. Don't see why the emblem has to be stitched in.

  48. DepthTested | August 21, 2013 at 6:29 am |

    Any truth to the rumor that the new camo pattern is shaped like Obama's face?

  49. Roy Holbert | August 21, 2013 at 10:09 am |

    Go back to the days when Army, Air Force and Marines all wore OD (olive drab) fatigues. These blended well in any environment and looked good starched and pressed for garrison wear. The Navy had their dungarees, while their elite forces wore (again;ODs). What need has the Navy of camo (any way), and blue at that? Do they really think that they are hidden around all that water?

  50. John Lawlor | August 21, 2013 at 11:32 am |

    What the hell is an "Airman Battle Uniform"?
    Except for pilots, when do airmen go into battle?

  51. I think they should keep the uniforms that they currently have but field them across all services pertaining to the mission needs. the dark blue of the navy would be pretty good in a night ops setting whereas the desert MARPAT would be fine in the desert environment. woodland MARPAT would be good for dense a foliage combat setting and the Army ACU would be decent for urban city combat. so just field all the colors to the services and have them put the nametapes on them and then we don't have to waste any more money on development.

  52. I always figured the Navy Vlue-shade camo was just in case they fell overboard, the sharks couldn't find them….

  53. You all sound like our current politicians, “I have a solution, what is the problem?” How much savings will there be with one uniform. We will still provide the troops uniforms so we are talking about the saving in cost of each service having their own cut, color, and pattern. I will bet the difference is minimal when compared to what we spend trying to buy friendship from countries most of us have never heard of, or bailing out corporations that have no moral compass.
    No one has mentioned the esprit de corps that comes with being recognized as a member of an organization and who takes pride in being a member of that organization. As a retired Navy man with over thirty years of service and the son of a Navy man that served over forty five years, I know a little of tradition and custom. Something the current “cost only” people seem to forget. Personally when I was on active duty I could not have cared less what the Air Farce (sic) wore for their uniform.

  54. There is a price to everything and a quality that is associated with that price. And I know that price is not an indicator of quality. So if you want a cheap military hire cheap people to be in it, you know the kind that couldn’t make it anywhere else. That way you can do away with expensive weapon systems they couldn’t understand. Stuff like airplanes, submarines, rockets, etc. and just give them rocks to throw. Look at the money we would save.

  55. I really don’t know what is driving this “we need new uniforms” craze. If it is camouflage that is needed to protect the troops then let us get the best protective camouflage for those troops. However I do not think the digital camouflage will protect a sailor on a ship, or an airman at a base 200 miles from the lines. Personally I would only issue camouflage to troops that will be in harm’s way and require it. That would instill the prestige and visual recognition of an elite member of a force that is getting shot at. When no longer requiring it he/she would wear a combat ribbon to signify the fact but not the camouflage uniform. They would keep the uniform for their recycling as seem to be in vogue these days.
    I would venture to say that the driving force is probably created by lobbyists who are filling the heads of our national elected officials at ALEC parties.

  56. I love the USMC uniforms I wore with pride, but in my opinion, everyone should wear multi-cam with their respective name taps pins or patches whilst downrange. But back in the rear, the lady killers…dressblues :)

  57. just go back to the old pickle suits and be done with it. back in the 60's 70's and early 80's that was what was used by at least 3 of the services the army,air force and marines.

  58. At least I understand why my idea of ONE uniform and "U.S. Military" didn't go over when I submitted it 20 yrs ago. I said we should "ALL" share the bases and wear one uniform. No more seperate Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard. It would have saved a lot of money but hey if you don't spend it you lose it wins out after all. So much for common sense.

  59. In Vietnam we had one fatigue uniform (that was not worn outside of 'nam).

  60. I am old enough to remember General McPeak and his IDIOTIC desire to make Air Force officers look like the Navy with the rank on the cuffs instead of on their shoulders, and the stupid idea of redesigning the enlisted rank insignia. Please do NOT change the Marines dress uniform.
    As for work uniforms I agree that there should be ONE, but that depends on what part of the world the forces are serving in. Jungle cammies stand out in a desert environment..

  61. Ray Salmons | August 21, 2013 at 7:30 pm |

    Uniforms, is this what we need to worry about?

    How about retention of the best. better living conditions for our young married couples and a thousand other things.

  62. I have been in the army 30 yrs and I strongly agree that all services should have one basic uniform, like when we still had the old OD green fatigues. We all had the same color and only had a few distinct patches that indicated branch of service. We can do the same thing with the current uniform like the old marine digital pattern. Simply put let the higher ups stop trying to see who can raise their leg higher and just nut it up and stop worrying about hurting feelings of other services.

  63. Remember when the only way to tell the difference between a dogface and a jarhead was the cover (hat)? They both wore OD green BDUs or Utilities. Maybe it's time to scrap the camo (that probably won't work anyway because it's designed to be universal rather than terrain specific) and go back to simply green?

  64. sheana davis | August 22, 2013 at 6:46 pm |

    I have pride for the branch that I was in, but different uniforms is way to costly. I agree with Marine officials. One battle uniform across the board! Maybe the money saved can keep good “troops” in the military and pay cuts won’t be necessary or as bad as they have been. The military officials who spend money on uniform patterns are as.frivolous as the wives of orange county…worse than women. Thats sad coming from a woman. Smarter not harder boys….apply the K.I.S.S= keep it simple stupid.

  65. They need to stop wasting money on crap. When MARPAT was being developed they Army helped.
    Then backed away because they wanted one universal pattern. ACUs came around and posses off a bunch of front line soldiers. Sure higher UPS thought it looked sexy in a office. Grunts complained it didn't work in any environment. We were told to stfu, it's the wave of the future. Studies show grunts were correct. Enter Multicam,
    Grunts love it. Sadly it's a combat uniform only. WTF. Senior Army leadership needs court martialed for waisting government funds. Talk about fraud waste and abuse. Congress needs to seriously smack some brass around.

  66. Cpl. Z. USMC | August 23, 2013 at 1:24 pm |

    IronV: Are you really saying the Marine Corps should give up our dress blues and wear a postal workers uniform??? You may as well ask us to cut off our left nut. Why not get rid of the Eagle Globe and Anchor too?? Change it to something universal, like a Dove with crossed sunflowers, the airfarce should love that.
    NOW HEAR THIS IronV!! We are different! We are the best!! We are MARINES. We have our own camo too! And thats right…nobody else can wear it. Take yourself down to Parris Island for a nice 13 weeks of pure hell. If you make it through… you get to wear the uniform, NOT before!! SEMPER FI UNTIL I DIE!! Cpl. Z 67-73

  67. For the past 30+ years I've wondered what politicians had significant investments in the textile and garment industries. The only thing the Navy changed more than uniforms was every policy!

  68. Leonard Cianciotto | August 24, 2013 at 1:34 pm |

    1. The Navy does not need camo uniforms, unless they perform on land (SEALS or Medics). The blude work denims are fine for shipboard use. The Marine wanna be dress and service uniforms are stupid. Jumpers and bell bottoms are for sailors. Combat camo identity for land forces should be designed for the area (i.e. woodlands, desert, artic). Tradition has its place, and there is a lot more money wasted on other things besides uniforms. Keep the separate service and dress uniforms, and lets start worrying about upgrading and maintaining weapon systems and equipment.

  69. No wonder the country is broke, we waste millions of dollars changing uniform designs every couple of years. It is high time that we figured out that the old olive drab BDU worked just fine.

  70. The branches of our U.S. military are less adaptive to change because of their history. The Navy having the longest, (over 200 years) and the Air Force the shortest (over 60). During my four years at the Pentagon, and several deployments over my career, working with all four branches I often that we could cut our defense spending in half. First, by doing away with the Navy, Army, and Air Force. Having one U.S. Armed Force with a Air, Land, and Sea element. We could close many unneeded bases, Do away with hundreds of Generals, and Colonels that try to justify their positions. This is not rocket science people, it just will take a Commander in Chief, with the balls to do it.

    Retired Enlisted Guy with hope for our future!

  71. ENCS USN (RET) | August 26, 2013 at 10:21 am |

    When I retired from the Navy in 1979 after 20 years of very interesting service,I was very proud of the way my men looked each morning when I inspected their uniforms & how well they fit each individual man.
    The Navy man & woman looked like a sailor should look & no one mistook them for anything else
    but a Sailor which was good.Fast forward….WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED TO MY NAVY????
    A sailor in camo,what is he trying to hide from,a working party or mess duty???? I see these uniforms
    every time I go to the commissary on base & all I can do is just shake my head & look away. NOT MY NAVY ANYMORE….

  72. Jonny Appleseed | August 26, 2013 at 4:46 pm |

    Yah!, They should go back to the stone age and wear skins!

    It's easy to see where priorities lie with this article. The Sgt Maj's priority is uniformity and discipline. The politicians priority is about money. Neither one mentioned any tactical requirements at all in this article.

    Based on the intel I have been provided it sounds like nothing has changed… The men that fight will get stuck with whatever comes out of some desk bound asshole's pissing match.

  73. At least make the uniform identical across the branches. Every thing from fabric, pockets and such is the same the only difference would be the color. As far as the color goes it should also be close in the same color palette but could be different enough so each service could have their own identity.

  74. Weary Traveler | August 28, 2013 at 4:28 pm |

    It used to amaze me, but not any more. Rather than having the uniforms all be the same because it "saves money," or raise Tricare fees, or lower benefits… How about our legislators cut some of the other BS expenditures?
    How about we cut some of the government subsidies and handouts? American servicemen and women shouldn't be the default pot to pull funds out of. If you want to be "uniform" let's run everyone through Ft Dix. I'll bet we could save a boatload if we sold / leased PI of SDO to someone.

    Call me a dinosaur or whatever you want.

    I did 20 in the Corps and went from jungles to sateens back to jungles and finally to deserts when I was retiring. I liked that we (Marines) were different.

    Save money by cutting waste full spending and leave the military alone…

  75. I am tired of seeing members of all branches civilian traveling in BDU's. Class A for travel. The old khaki uniform the Army wore in the 60's was great for summmer travel,

  76. The Marine Corps as usual is the first to fight. The uniform issue is just another first. After development and research the Marine Corps came up with a great uniform. They also did it on a shoe string budget, whereas,
    the army and navy wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars. For a failed product. In addtion, the Marine Corps
    in the past has given money BACK to our country that was't spent from THEIR budget. Furthermore, they were ordered under the Bush administration to take MORE money. In Afganistan, they were built a base they never wanted or needed, at a cost of $32 million, set to be demolished. I have served in 3 of the nations armed forces
    and the Marines are the ones who do it right. For 238 years they have givien so much for this ungrateful country and government. Talking to active duty Marines and former Marines, we agree that it would serve better for our
    Corps to shut it doors on our great history.. this country does not deserve a Marine Corps,

  77. Frederick Case | November 14, 2013 at 2:14 pm |

    Where is Ralph Lauren now that the Armed Services need him ?

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