Best training video to date: How to be an Operator

It’s hard to tell which part of this video is the most accurate – of course, I say that as a former POG. I was never a SOF operator, but I did read Task Force Black in a Holiday Inn last night.

Warning: language.

I haven’t followed all his suggestions; but does it count that I’ve grown a beard and have been PMing back and forth with Nealan and Murphy all week?

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  • JCitizen

    HA!HA! Great Sunday entertainment! :v !

  • Steve

    Not your Momma’s, Jim Croce.

  • Greg

    Ha-ha-ha. Nice dap at the end.

  • reflexivefire

    All I care about is the blonde David.

  • Mike

    I WANT that girl!!!

  • LMAO and yeah, Sarah is hot.

  • Tribulationtime

    Quote: Slab stared back with a look of complete incomprehension, as if to say “Why would anyone want to be me?”
    “Robert´s Ridge” by Malcolm MacPherson.

    (Slab nickname of a SEAL involved in Operation Anaconda in Mako 30 callsign)

  • Vincent

    Such skill, such competence…

    • Tribulationtime

      You got it!!

  • Ivan

    Rangers are not “operators” they are infantrymen although they may take part in supporting special ops.

    • Ivan

      High end infantrymen of course

  • Team Daddy

    rangers are great providing security for SOF operations. After 14 years, with the last four 18Z, I had to give it up my body was beat up. I was assigned to an NCOS Academy as an instructor for BNCOC and ANCOC. There were six ranger tabs at the academy. They would give me a ration of shit every day. Inside every ranger is a SF trooper wanting to get out but their GT’s way to low.