Marines Consider Replacing Pewter Coats with Black

All-Weather CoatThe Corps wants to know what its Marines think about replacing the traditional pewter gray all-weather coat with black.

Marine leaders want to field a new all-weather coat within the next year or two. Lou Curcio, a Marine Corps Systems Command official, explained that the Corps was having a hard time matching the pewter shade with the new coat.

“The change to black can allow for better shade consistency for this item and is already in the supply system which creates cost efficiency in future acquisitions,” he explained.

Marines can access the survey here and it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete. The survey consists of five demographics questions followed by four all-weather-coat survey questions.

Other than a color change, Systems Command is not seeking other changes to the traditional design. Also, the Corps expects the black all-weather coat to be cheaper than the pewter version.

  • @SkyeADG

    I came here to say not no, but he ll no. Now, I’m not so sure. I like the black look, though I think I’m still partial to the pewter I was issued 20 years ago. I would like to recommend, however, that you change the color of the link in the text to another color so it stands out as a link more. The page it links to also doesn’t work due to an invalid SSL certificate. That needs to be fixed.

    • Chipsa

      The page it links to uses the DoD root cert. The fix is to install the root cert on your comp.

    • Stephen

      the page it links to doesnt work because they only want ACTIVE Marines to vote. meaning you have to have a valid CAC with a CAC reader connected to a usmc or navy PC. I set up these things in the USMC before Civilians took it over

    • Sergeant Major

      I agree with keeping the uniform “Marine”, however, the current coat would be my fourth version of overcoat/raincoat combination since enlistment. The best I ever saw was while a MC Recruiter, we took it upon ourselves to use our very dark/Navy blue London Fog over/trench coats. The went well with our trouser color and other uniform accouterments. The coats is fine, actually outstanding, compared to the horse blanket and plastic raincoat. Black will be better because it will look good with ALL our uniforms. Just stay away from the cover change, it’s fine and dandy as it is. Whose the smuck that thought that up?

  • pmac

    It looks better than I pictured in my head. If they were going to issue new coats anyway, and this is a existing item making it more cost effective, I think it will work.

    • William Colby

      It looks too Army to me. “The change to black can allow for better shade consistency…” sounds like a fashion designer’s comment. How may battles have been lost because Marines were not color coordinated? Spend the money on teeth not tail.

  • ColdWarVet75

    You guys should have been issued the old green rubber raincoat issued in the early to late 70’s. When you wore it you sweated underneath and if you were wearing starched OD utilities, they melted. It was made out of poncho material and was double breasted. I like the black and it makes sense. Stays cleaner and when you are in formation you won’t have different shades of pewter because you can never exactly match a color. Black is not a color but a base.

    • Tim

      Yep, I remember the plastic sauna coat. (I might even still have it in the basement somewhere.) The funniest story I remember about it was one night at Lejeune when an MP Investigator came out after one of my young’uns who’d gone UA with his rifle after morning formation & weapon draw came back to the barracks. (I was the OD that night… lucky me.) The MPI was in jeans, low quarters, and a black & red checkered shirt..

    • Larry Larsen

      And that was a step up from he late 50 and very early 60s. At the time it was in use that was referred by one and all from from PVT to SGT Major as a green piece of shit. We were very happy to have what you complained about. I believe officers had a much better raincoat. But the Marine Corps wears green. Those other colors are for REMFs.

    • paul frysinger

      you got that right…i was in 72-76 and saw many a starched utility uniform melt away….not to mention the sticky skin it caused….OOHRAH! not as lean, not as mean, but still a marine

  • William Clardy

    “Also, the Corps expects the black all-weather coat to be cheaper than the pewter version.”

    Cheaper? Or less expensive but of equal quality?

  • DB Cooper

    Don’t do it. It makes them look like they are wearing that black sack the army uses

    • straps

      As someone who was around for the Army “Flasher Coat”–which (along with a pair of fake, intentionally too-low pant legs and a couple other items not appropriate for description here) is STILL my go-to costume for no-warning costume parties–I resemble that remark.

      The Army’s current black belted raincoat is a surprisingly good garment that I wear frequently over civilian suits. They got that one right.

      Looking in from the outside, that pewter coat looks good with the greens but the black looks better with the other uniforms.

  • Lance

    The brass under Obama is bent on getting ride of all traditional well everything the military has. This is one of them. Not worth the money and I prefer the older look looks ALOT more professional in dress uniform. Just hope the dont adopt the retarded looking Calvary blue style uniform the Army adopted years ago Yikes looks tacky.

    • Joe

      Wasn’t said uniform adopted under the Bush administration, not Obama?

    • twright2

      Yes, I can see it now: President Obama and his national Security team sitting around just thinking of ways to get rid of the Marine All Weather Coat. To hell with national crisis, we have to do something about the Marines and their all weather coats. We cannot stand for that pewter all weather coat. HOW STUPID do you have to be to even think like that?

  • moondawg

    Not only NO but Heck NO. Stay with the pewter. It looks better.

  • Sgt Heart

    Is this a matter of use it or loos it meaning money. The thinking is we have this money in our till so we have to spend it on something. Spend the money on Vets. So many are hurting.

    • slag

      Couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Rosalee

    just issue everybody same uniform accoutrements and be done with it
    I mean isn’t that what they are shooting for?
    Also make certain it is unisex also
    DUFUS mode once again

  • Former Marine

    I understand getting everyone to look uniform, but just because it is in the supply system doen’t mean it will save any money. Plus I love the look of my pewter coat and I felt more professional when I would wear it. It just doesn’t feel like any ol overcoat.

    • cliff

      Doesn’t take too much to make you look “professional”.

  • koakai

    This article falls short of making sense. The black is already in the system? So is the pewter, they’ve been issuing those for decades already. If the concern is having multiple garment shops produce the same hue then do what the chaps at London Fog does, ensure QC is firmly stated in the contract. Keeps the pewter, it’s the sharpest looking AWC in all the armed forces and we don’t want the USMC to get snagged in the the uniform mess the other branches are in.

    • Joe

      Wouldn’t a stricter contract mean it would be more expensive for suppliers to provide the coats? And thus the costs transferred to the USMC?

      I’m pretty sure the goal here was to reduce costs, not increase them.

      • Koakai

        No, it doesn’t. QC means quality control, not material improvements.

    • DK Tanner

      The Marine Corps is founded on tradition. Most have worked. The coat I was issued over 20 years ago still serves me well as a civilian. Great quality. We don’t need to look like any other service. We need to keep the color and be careful about downgrading the quality. Change is not always a good thing.

  • Desert Jughead08

    Pewter, looks better, especially with green Alpha’s, Beige Charlie’s. The only uniform which would look okay with black is the Blue’s. But how many times do you really wear them, if at all. Sorry, but the moment you go to black, you move away from the traditional Marine Corps Colors.

  • RetiredCWO

    My first thought is that they are considering adopting the same coat, the Army adopted to replace the single breasted sack that was just like the Navy surplus coat I wore in school in the ’80s (the USAF had the same style but in AF blue). When the Army adopted the current coat design in the 90’s they said it was going to be the same design as the USMC, but black instead of pewter (funny I always thought that color was khaki, but then we also had to call yellow “amber” or “gold” so whatever) to give us a service distinction. For some reason even though the Army’s coat was supposed to be from the same pattern as the Marine coat, it never looked as good. I didn’t like it, and since I never had to stand in formation while wearing it, I choose to not buy one when we past the wear out date for the old coat.

  • DevilDog4ever

    You got to be fricking kidding!!! Going from this… to the above is awful. Seems like the uniform boards no longer have color coordination or understand tradition. Marines keep the tan/khaki color because they storm the sandy beaches. Army had the great tan uniforms of the past prior to Vietnam; and remember WWII. But they went to Green because they protect the God Green earth. Their blue ASU is awful and they should have remained with the Greens or reverted back to the WWII pattern. The Marines wearing the Army raincoat is another poor decision with uniform changes. I wish the Army will get their camouflage right like the Marines.

    • Dave14

      Don’t make up Marine beach sand and Army green Earth crap. The processing of those uniforms took time and had nothing to do with what you have said. US Army 1938 blues look fine. Just needs a permanent cloth waist belt like the pinks and greens. The Old Guard looks sharp wearing the optional Ceremonial belt. But if the Army were to return to the Pinks and Greens, I would want them to get rid of the current Model 1938 blue uniform(ASU) and replace it with the Model 1902 or 1872 blue uniforms. Bring back the Vietnam era Tans as the Class B and keep the ASU B as the summer ceremonial uniform . Then never change the uniforms again! Make it nearly impossible! If your going to do it, do it right across the board. The mess blues and whites look sharp and they can stay.

  • Brant

    Ha. I just assumed this was a joke to be followed up by “the navy is planning g to make a similar move from the ‘navy blue’ peacoat to a black one”. Are navy folks the only ones that would get this? They teach you in boot camp that black is actually ‘navy blue’ BTW.

  • Stefan S.

    don’t worry in 5 years there will be sandals, hot pants and raspberry berets!

  • Cal H.

    Ridiculous! “The Marine Corps wants to know what you think”???? Seriously???

    That’s like asking Marine Pilots if its ok to paint their aircraft purple. USMC, stop asking stupid questions. HQ USMC should be taken to the wood shed for even thinking of this.

    Submitted with distain,
    USMC Retired

  • Dogbert

    When the heck did the Marine Corp. become a democracy? I’m sure it’s me but ever since Obama took the reigns it seems every decision is made by polling/public opinion. LEAD – BE A LEADER (or go back to being a community organizer).
    What’s next: “US Marines Ask Enemy What is the Best Beach to Storm”

  • Cpl. Neugebauer

    They just have to change things. Tradition means nothing anymore. The black looks like crap. Dont change the uniform !!!

  • cherokee1942

    drop the belt !! better a clean straight line design look than the over weight spud bag. black color is fine as long as it stays uniform.

  • bloke_from_ohio

    This was easily one of the funniest threads I have read on Kitup in a couple years. Thanks angry Marines!

    • Dutigaf

      It’s not complete until MajR0d chimes in with a patented “I have nothing against the Marine Corps but… (launches into yet another anti-Marine whinge fest)”.

  • 2d Recon

    Black with brass insignia…not distinctively Marine. I have always wondered what is wrong with a “London Fog” tan/khaki trench coat. That is a classic look and would work equally well for males and females. The black looks lumpy and is not distinctive enough for a Marine uniform item. Besides, raincoats are for bad weather, and black is not the highly visible color needed for optimal safety under those conditions. This Marine says NO.

    • toopoorformensa

      I really liked the new black one, until you made that point. I have NEVER seen a Marine in my 13 years wear the inspector gadget coat because they wanted to, but should one do so i’d err on the side of safety. Keep the pewter

  • darrel

    Oh god no. Black is so unflattering and boring. Basically, what they’re saying, is that it would be cheaper just to use the same thing as the Navy. One big problem that comes to mind, is that there would be no way to see chevrons.

  • Esteban

    This photo is another example of the current war on demonizing one element of the population, which is noticably absent in this picture.

    • David

      wtf are you talking about?

  • Cliff W. Gilmore

    Define the problem then propose solutions.

    I don’t see the problem this solution is supposed to address.

    In other words: Just stop already.

  • mcs

    I swear, every time someone says “Obama” in a discussion about the color of Marine raincoats…

  • Dennis

    Easy; keep the pewter.

  • @drumcorpsminis

    It is well known that people who wear black overcoats in business situations are considered lower class and are not taken seriously. “Dress for Success.”

  • GySgt D.Angel ret’d

    my experience with black, is that it Fades badly. so color is questionable

  • gunnynguyen

    first of all, the black color doesn’t match anything in our uniform. Second, why create a financial burden for marines since uniforms are expensive?

  • Pham

    I served 9 years and never wore the thing. I don’t see it being a concern but as far as uniformity, If the Corps changes it to black, they obviously will force all current Marines to change them by a certain date so that costs Marines money. How about keeping the color and not even is during the coat to save more money. Marines whom are at duty stations that need them will buy them and save money for the rest. If money truly is the issue, then that is your answer.

  • William Graves

    Don’t screw around with something that is not broken. I would have gladly paid for the pewter coat myself rather than wear that black rag displayed in the picture. In fact, I did buy my coat! I still wear it with civilian wear since I retired.

  • USMC Retired

    The “model” pictures are enough to say the black coat looks bad….period. The coat in the middle looks the worst and seems to be a different color. General Wilson, CMC when the “pewter” coats were adopted around ’78, said the “pewter” coat (replacing the “rubber” raincoat and “horse-blanket” overcoat) didn’t look any better but at least we only had one coat. A “green” all-weather coat was considered along with the “pewter”; the “pewter” looked much better and easily won the vote of most Marines. Don’t fix it. It isn’t broken.

  • AmericanIcon

    ‘Traditional’ pewter? In the Old Corps, your overcoat and your raincoat were MARINE GREEN – the same ‘forest green’ as your Class A Greens. No matter what you wore, you looked like a MARINE.

  • Pat Halton

    Even in this photo, the three raincoats appear to be of varying degrees of black — so much for consistency & repeatability (uniformity). Nothing is positive about black raincoats, as we all have worn something black as an outer garment at one time or another: 1.) Black colored garments always fade to nonuniform/varying degrees of charcoal grey; 2.) Black colored garments always show dirt/lint; 3.) Black colored coats always make the wearer appear dumpy/overweight; 4.) “Dress for Success” professional consultants overwhelming recommend beige raincoats over black raincoats for a timeless, honest, professional appearance. I hope the Marine Corps seeks some quality advice from professional attire consultants (not on the DoD payroll) prior to a decision. Stay BEIGE!

  • Gregg

    Yeah, I was in DC from 94-96 and survived two DC winters in blues, and service uniforms. We NEVER, EVER, wore that goofy overcoat. thermals under our uniforms, sure, but who actually wears these? Like the wooly pully, that was only used with bdus, it’s just an old thing that never quite died. Of course I’m an 0311/8151. Maybe this is POG couture.

  • mark mccann

    Why not go back to the all weather Dark Green or Olive Green coat.

  • Bob Rodrigues

    I was a MARINE IN the 60’s to 70’s, PLEASE DO NOT MESS with the MARINE UNIFORM.

  • r frazier

    As a Marine from the 1950’s Think Green- Still have one issued, June 7th 1950 hanging in my closet, with buttoned in liner for winter use.

  • Bob P

    Can you say “Bloused Seabags”?

  • Zane2233

    The black looks awful.

  • RetiredMSgt

    They need to ditch the AW coat, hardly any Marine wears it unless that are required to do so. When they were first issued we all hated them and I haven’t met a Marine who does. Many of us called them our “Columbo coats”. get something that’s actually useful. Seems as though the MCUB has way too much time on their hands.

  • skaukatt

    Hello, please let me say that I am not military but I have full and total respect for all who serve and have served; my family has a long history of military service, including combat, since WWII.

    I am writing for two reasons, one, I prefer the pewter over the black. And secondly, I am looking to buy a mens USMC Pewter All Weather Coat 2246 in a size 46 or 48 and am asking for any leads on finding one.

    I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask.

    Thank you,


  • SSGT Ronald

    Go back to the Green O.D. coat we were issued in the 60’s. Much better match to the uniforms, and doesn’t look like we borrowed the Army’s coats.

  • Cpl. Doug USMC

    I’m old corp.When Marines started having to wear Nazi helmuts is the day I took off my uniform for civvies.

  • Sgt DB Welch

    I think the black takes away the distinguished look of the dress uniforms. This is all the Marine Corps has is its distinction.


    I can’t believe how things have changed since I was “Grunt” (0331) in the Marine Corps (1966-1969)…Patent-Leather Shoes…Pewter (and maybe black) AWC…the pending unisex cover…camo-color-confusion…the ban on roll-up sleeves (finally reverted)…Whatever happened to the discipline learned by spending 2 hours spit-shining dress shoes and combat boots? And why all the fuss with colors on a coat that will hardly (if ever) be worn? I am an old guy now, and although my memory is not what it was as a 20 year old Marine in the ’60s, I can’t remember ever paying for any part of my uniforms, etc. The buzz-word around the world now is “GO-GREEN”…doesn’t that tell you something…Chesty Puller wouldn’t tolerate this mentality! Semper-Fi…

  • Joe

    The green rubber raincoat we had in 65 thru ? matched all uniforms but the dress blues.
    It was very sharp. with utilities we wore poncho’s.

  • Joe

    We have Marine Corps green raincoats. What was the matter with that color, those black one look terrible

  • glandrum

    Personnally, I don’t like the black. I guess it is just my opinion. The pewter color goes better with the uniforms. I believe the black looks like the Navy. I know DOD is trying to save money: if that is the case, why not just make all services uniforms the same with some kind of patch designation identifying the branch or specialty (I don’t like that idea, but it makes the most sense if the intent is to save money).

  • Dave Cotton

    Ummmmm. Mine was Khaki in the 80’s. Who the hell thought GRAY was a good color? Black is more Army and Navy. I would recommend going back to the Coat, All-Weather, Khaki, w/ belt, 1 each.

    Your efforts and sacrifices are not unnoticed or unappreciated by all. Thank You. Semper Fi, My Brothers and Sisters!!!

    D Cotton
    Sgt USMC
    0311 / 0331
    Aug 1986 – Sep 1994

  • Zspoiler

    Not just no .But H@ll no.Why do they want keep changing our uniforms all the time.There are better places to spend the money.

  • slag

    What about the SNAFU the Navy pulled back in the 70s when they dropped the Cracker Jack uniform and put all the swabbies in the CPO uniform???