Hazard 4’s Newest Every-Day-Carry Pack

1-EVC-WATS_Rear_Pockets_400PXHazard 4 is now offering the latest pack in its Evac Series — the Watson Lumbar/Chest Sling pack.

The smallest of the Evac sling series, it is designed to sit at the lumbar area of the back, promoting a low center of gravity and to carry a smaller volume than its larger brothers. But its wider width compared to the Plan-B, Rocket, and Takedown allows it to carry wider loads like iPads® and netbook laptops, according to Hazard 4 officials.

Hazard 4 has come out with some interesting alternatives to carrying your kit in a standard backpack. The Watson offers a lot of pouches for organizing your gear.

The two side pouches are big enough for one-liter water bottles.

The Watson’s back panel unzips to allow you quick access to an iPad or a concealed handgun.

Check out Hazard 4’s site to see a lot of pics of the Watson here. It’s available in black or coyote tan and retails for $123.

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