Tis the Season for Christmas Tree Firearm Ornaments

Billet Christmas Ornaments -6

Whether you want them in billet steel or aluminum, these may be just the thing to jolly up your tree, especially if it’s a Charlie Brown Tree because nothing says Christmas like a Charlie Brown Tree with a Kalashnikov hanging on it. Check out Dahmer Arms for more info. They normally do billet grips for AR15, 1911s and Sigs along with some weapon R&D.

The aluminum set comes with 7 ornaments (AR15, AK47, 1911, Glock, Garand style carbine, revolver and Thompson submachinegun). The billet Christmas ornaments come in sets of 3 – an AR, an AK and a 19111, machined from American aluminum in the USA.

You’re welcome.

Billet Christmas Ornaments 7

Billet Christmas Ornaments - 2

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  • Sam

    M1 Carbine / Colt single action army possibly?!?!

    • lex

      Isn’t that an M1 Carbine second from the bottom? Above the Thompson? Looks exactly like my M1 Carbine…with 15 round mag.

  • defensor fortisimo

    If it’s a M1 carbine, it by definition can’t be a Garand. They were designed by diferent gunsmiths and internally have almost nothing in common http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1_carbine

  • don’t ask

    So for our tree we have an angel on top. Decided to outfit her w/ GI Joe helmet, body armor, and M16…

  • sniperpitbull

    I can see it now: Somebody’s kid takes one of these ornaments to school, Teacher goes beserk. Principal locks down school. SWAT Team and beaucoup cops, firemen, ems and lcsw’s arrive on scene, plus all the “Alphabets” and news media.

    The end result: child and parents to the Anger Management Rededucation Camp.

    Ahhh, today’s”Progressive America” don’tcha just love it?