ATN Unveils New Night Vision Weapon Sights

04American Technologies Network Corp., has a new line of night vision weapon sights.

The ARES series “feature fast, infra-red sensitive optics combined with quality image tubes to produce high resolution, clear images for outstanding target acquisition and aiming capabilities,” ATN officials maintain.

The ATN ARES runs on 1 AA battery and mounts to a standard Weaver rail. The one-knob operation allows for precision windage and elevation adjustments, as well as automatic brightness control, according to an ATN press release.

The optics feature ATN’s Proshield lens coating for protection and clarity, as well as a “red on green” reticle system with a 1/6 MOA adjustment. The waterproof sight also has a low battery indicator and a detachable infrared illuminator.

The ATN ARES night vision weapon series is available in a variety of configurations and different magnifications. They aren’t cheap though. They range from $2,099 for the Gen 2 models to $5,800 for the Gen 4 models.


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  • Moondawg

    Don’t we already have night vision that is independent of the rifle?

    • bloke_from_ohio

      This is for if you really like having to point the bang end of your weapon at everything you want to look at in the dark I would guess.

  • Stefan S.

    More low quality high price NV.


    We must provided our soldiers with best equipment possible no matter what it cost.

  • Blackhawk2001

    Older generation NV sights were two or three times more bulky than this optic appears to be; older generation NVDs were $10K – I have no idea what newer gen NVDs cost but the differences in resolution between Gen1 NVDs and Gen 4 NVDs was amazing. The price indicated doesn’t seem too out of line for what commercially available NV optics are selling for, and the package is smaller AND runs on more-easily-available batteries.

  • MSgt Ret

    Great Technology—However, why use a battery that expends energy and will run out of power when there are ways to generate renewable, self-reliant, energy? ie if we can make a watch “self winding, a flashlight that uses a small crank and no battery, and cell phones that use sunlight, WHY have to rely on a battery? I’m just saying…….

  • Shem Rock

    Wow ! Awesome Weapon !

    It’s really a great Technology.
    Everyone wants to like night vision weapon nights…. I like it.