HK’s New Striker-Fired 9mm Pistol


VP9_Action Image_Street CopHeckler and Koch unveiled its new striker-fired pistol today. The VP9 is chambered for 9mm and will be marketed to the U.S. commercial and law enforcement communities this summer.

“The VP9 has an excellent trigger with a short, light take-up and solid break followed by a short positive reset. Almost like a single-action trigger in its precision, said Michael Holley, HK-USA vice president for Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales.

“The VP9 grip can be customized to fit any shooter by using a mix of three interchangeable backstraps and six grip panels – allowing for 27 unique grip configurations. A new feature that all shooters will love is small ‘charging support’ inserts that make manipulating the slide much easier.”

Heckler & Koch pioneered striker fired handgun designs with the HK VP70 and P7 pistols more than 35 years ago, Heckler and Koch officials maintain.

The new VP9 weighs 26.56 ounces and is available with 10 or 15 round magazines. The new pistol is scheduled to be available in July and will retail for $719.

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  1. I was at my LGS this afternoon and the HK rep was there – he had 2 VP9s with him. This pistol is amazing! Looks and feels great in the hand – typical HK fit and finish – the trigger, excellent! ever bit as good feeling as my P30 – probably(ill reserve judgement until i have my vp9 for cpmparison) better than my Glock and definitely better than a stock M&P. I put money down on an incoming VP9 and the price will be around the $560-570 mark. Well done HK – they will sell a lot of these!

  2. Ahh yes, the HK PPQ.

  3. Why would would I buy an HK striker fired pistol? There are many better and cheaper options, with cheaper magazines, and a lot of cheap OEM spare parts from dozens of vendors online and just about every LGS to buy it from. No thanks I'll stick to my cheaper and just as effective Glock/M&P/(insert other brand name here)

  4. One major problem; it is not chambered in either .40 S&W or .45 ACP.

  5. Silly posters. You could make your straw arguments that the Walther PPQ looks rather like an HK P30 rip-off. The P30 was introduced in 2006, whereas the PPQ was released in 2011. But my, the PPQ looks mighty aesthetically similar to the P30!

    "BFD" is right : P

    Either way, HK has a fantastic new pistol on their hands here, and if the HK reps are serious about the price point this is going to be released at, it will be serious competition for Glock, S&W, Walther, and other manufacturers in the striker fired market.

  6. Biggest drawback of HK is customer service and magazine cost. Full capacity mags for mine cost close to $50 last I looked. For cost of proper magazine supply, I could have purchased another XD or Glock instead.

    I don't recall seeing spare parts for the HK either.

  7. bargis tyryhol | June 12, 2014 at 7:42 pm | Reply

    VP-70…..The worst pistol ever to leave an H-K factory!Striker fired and triggher so stiff after firing a box on 9mm through it I had a blister on my trigger finger. Hope this one is improved!

  8. I've had my Browning Hi Power in .40 S&W since they came out have tried lots of others and was unable to find anything to beat it just saying

  9. I owned an XD .40 a couple years ago and didn't like the trigger pull or my conceal options. I reverted back to my 'purist' mode and carry only 1911 frames (Para-Ord, Kimber, Springfield…etc) in all shapes and sizes. I say the best gun out there for your own pursuits is the best one. The point of this article was a review, not a suggestion it should be added to an individuals armory.

  10. yawwwwwn

  11. The more the merrier is my general reaction to new guns on the market. I'm a gunsmith so the more guns in circulation, the better my business goes. However…to those that cut down Springfield offerings I take exception. XD's are not my cup of tea, but XDMs certainly are. I own three of them. I enthusiastically reload and fire about 300 rounds a month out my two XDs (the third is actually my wife's). Never had any issues. Upgraded all three with a PRP trigger and I can't ask for better. I sold my three Glocks in favor of those XDMs. I have repaired and fired everyone of the guns mentioned. Most are okay, some are mechanically a nightmare, but none are superior to my XDMs from an ergonomic, magazine capacity, reliability, and features standpoint.

  12. meh. I'll stick with my 45 & 45C with the LEM triggers.

  13. I like the HK P30 knock off of the Walther PPQ or not. The Walther PPQ and the HK P30 both feel good in the hands and have great feel to the trigger. However when looking at cost it is more expensive to go with the HK P30 because replacement prats are high. If cost isn't a factor to anyone who has say won the lotto lately :) then no problem. I love them both but it is more costly and I haven't won the lotto yet. I still personally prefer the 9mm on the 1911 frame. I have a Kimber 45 Custom TLE ll and this is my pistol of choice. I love the 1911 frame and feel. I also have a compact XDS 45 and I like this one as well. I did not like the feel of the trigger but the pistol over all I loved. The trigger pull on the XDS was tested in at over 9pds so I had the trigger spring changed and now it is closer to 6pds and it shots like a dream now. I have been looking at the XDM for my 9mm but I still am drawn to the Custom Aegis II but WOW at 1331.00 its not cheep either.

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