Steyr’s New .40 Cal. Service Pistol Now Available


Steyr Arms is now offering a .40 S&W version of its full-size L-A1 service pistol to the U.S. market.

The L40-A1 is a striker-fired pistol that features a full-length slide, 4.5-inch cold-hammer-forged barrel and 12-round magazine capacity for .40 S&W.

“The new L40-A1 is nearly identical in form and function to the L9-A1 and other handguns in the Steyr line, which combine unparalleled ergonomics, a low bore axis, remarkable safety features, extreme reliability and amazing accuracy—thanks to a consistently crisp trigger break and short, distinct reset,” Steyr officials maintain.

“The L40-A1’s full-size polymer frame offers a high grip that places the barrel axis lower in the hand to mitigate muzzle rise, while creating a perfect grip angle and a very natural point of aim.”

The drift-adjustable sights are in the Steyr’s intuitive trapezoidal configuration, and a Picatinny rail on the frame’s dust cover provides a mounting position for illumination and laser-aiming devices.

The integrated trigger safety within the recently redesigned Reset Action System trigger requires positive finger pressure to operate Steyr’s double-action-only mechanism. This striker-fired pistol also incorporates a keyed safety lock.

The suggested retail price of the Steyr L40-A1 pistol is $560.

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7 Comments on "Steyr’s New .40 Cal. Service Pistol Now Available"

  1. Awnser is why bother with this. If you want perfection in plastic frame handguns get a Glock.

  2. I'm happy with Steyr, having used the AUG, rather have a 10mm than a .40 however.

  3. Stormcharger | June 28, 2014 at 2:11 pm | Reply

    I'd actually be interested in knowing if the length of time between the release of the 9mm Styer and this model was for engineering it to handle the .40S&W ammunition and not just tweaking the dimensions of a 9mm.

    That said, my question is that if every single polymer pistol manufacturer can make a pistol with a flush fitting magazine, why can't the all powerful Glock? Is that what makes Glock so good, having a magazine that looks like an engineering afterthought makes everything better? It's functional at least, but others can do functional and be aesthetically pleasing to the owners of their handguns as well.

  4. The Steyr Pistol is head and shoulders better than a Glock. Nail on head, Pete. I have 2 Glocks and 3 Steyrs. Not even close. And I am basing this on growing up using firearms and 30 Years in the Marine Corps. Been there done that and shot just about everything. Steyr is king of the plastic pistols!

  5. For those that may not know, current day Steyr pistols started out with their M-40 and S-40 pistols…in .40 cal. Steyr knows .40 cal. The pistols were then altered for 9mm and 357 Sig. The M and S series evolved into the second generation M-A1 and S-A1 series. Other grip length and barrel length combinations followed. I personally own 4 Steyr pistols and find them to be the only .40 cal pistols I genuinely enjoy shooting. The ergo's and ultra low bore axis tame the otherwise snappy and harsh shooting .40 cal. A little known added bonus…the entire guts are easily removed from the frame for cleaning. Try one.

  6. My gun is better than yours. No, my gun is better than yours. No, my gun is better than all of yours.

  7. Drift-adjustable sights are in the Steyr’s intuitive trapezoidal configuration. That's a nice way of saying, "buy this gun and change the sites."

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