Army Releases Photos of New Camouflage Pattern

Op Cam Patt frontal

At long last, the U.S. Army has released the first images of its new Operational Camouflage Pattern, the replacement for the service’s Universal Camouflage Pattern. Army Times was the first to post the new pics yesterday.

The service plans to print Army Combat Uniforms in the new pattern and make them available at at Military Clothing Sales Stores next summer.

OCP is also known as Scorpion W2, a revised version of the original Scorpion pattern that Crye Precision LLC developed for the Army’s Future Force Warrior in 2002. Crye later made small adjustments to the pattern for better performance and trademark purposes and called it MultiCam.

The new OCP is very similar to MultiCam, the pattern the Army chose in 2010 for soldiers to wear in Afghanistan. Army officials maintain however that there are differences between the two patterns.

Stay tuned for future updates.

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Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox has been a defense reporter since 1998 and is an associate editor for He traveled to Afghanistan and Iraq numerous times from 2002 to 2008, covering infantry units in combat. Matthew was an infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division.

49 Comments on "Army Releases Photos of New Camouflage Pattern"

  1. Okay, so I notice some differences. But if you weren't paying attention you'd totally think "MultiCam". Of course, as long as it works, it makes no difference to me.

  2. SSG VD, 11B3P | August 2, 2014 at 4:47 pm |

    I foresee a copy right infringement or some other lawsuit by Crye Precision against Big Army.

  3. “Army officials maintain there are differences between the two patterns.” Uh-Huh – barely!

  4. Parabellum36 | August 2, 2014 at 4:55 pm |

    So we get zippers for our pockets now?

  5. What is the Army Of One too lazy to button the shirts and flies on their trousers, and not to mention their pockets. It only figures that the doggies wants zippers instead of buttons.

  6. Herbert Levinson | August 2, 2014 at 8:44 pm |

    Any painter (artist) can tell you that the eye sees edges of different hues. The problem with this camouflage as with many others is the mans profile is still distinct. The edges should be broken up with a sky blue variations. More fractals like patterns.

  7. Looks good and is alot more sane than crappy grey uniforms are. But remember congress passed a law saying military has to all a all together universal pattern. SO this is a improvement but politic may end this and they may just like the USAF and Navy adopt USMC Multicam soon, by law.

  8. It looks like cheap, washed out multi-cam that totally misses the point….. go army.

  9. Sgt Hard as Nails USMC | August 3, 2014 at 3:55 am |

    I like it. Except for the zipper closure. WTF is that about?

  10. Buttons have worked well for over a thousand years, suddenly we have to have zippers, or noisy velcro. Why??

  11. Ain't gonna hate. 1K times better than that POS UCP those idiots created! Oh, its good to be retired!!!

  12. Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.

  13. Those boots the male model is wearing, don't look like high quality, really support your feet and ankles boots. Are they issue? In fact from the expression on the model's face, his feet hurt.

  14. Racist much John? You sound a lot like an asshole who called himself "ted" over on SSD recently. In any case you are an ignorant dick.

  15. anyone else notice the pants look faded compared to the blouse?

  16. WWR CW3 SF ret | August 4, 2014 at 8:47 am |

    I remember when they got rid of zippers and went to buttons so they could be fixed in the field- I still have my sewing kit and use it all the time. Some stupid general with stock in a company sold this to the army but it's way better then the gray crap! Velcro and zippers are stupid and make noise. I guess most of the army don't wait in ambush so noise is not a problem.

  17. This means all that Multicam gear is still usable, great savings!!get rid of enough soldiers you won't have to buy anymore gear! Too bad you didn't buy this stuff in 2002 when it was available!!

  18. This looks like nothing more than a redo of the old woodland camouflage! Could have done this 30 years ago and not wasted so much money.

  19. Looks like the old faded pairs of BCUs that I still have in my locker in the attic. A couple of days in the motorpool then a good wash gave me the exact same look as you have there. Gee, I guess we were already wearing these OCPs back when I was still in, back in the 90s. Or at least that is what it looks like.

  20. I like.

    Dark boots, dark t shirt. It seems like the pattern is enlarged, which i like.

    The only thing I hate, that the army will never rid itself of, is the velcro pockets for unit patches. They should have left them bare and had soldiers sew on unit patches or get rid of patches altogether.

  21. The problem isn't with the camouflage pattern but with the overall design of the uniform. The Big Army came up with this "combat" uniform concept because of SOF units in the field wearing modified BDU's. However, in garrison SOF units always wore starches and spits. The breast pockets on the ACU (and they look the same on this new uniform) are laughable as are the sleeve pockets with the velcor – designed to save the soldier money but now patches cost 3x what they did before – and that was with them being sewn on. Completely worthless – also the velcro itself is the cheapest on the block – it is like plastic. Not to mention the "French" style rank. As for officers when you walk into a JOC you can't tell who's who because there isn't any branch insignia being worn. Don't get me started on the stupid ASU – The COS of the Army is taking away all uniform history and heritage – what made the US Army the US ARMY is slowly fading away.

  22. What's the point, the way Obama is shrinking our military we can just issue our soldiers and sailors jean shorts and tee shirts. And why do Navy personnel wear blue mottled camo attire on board their ships, as depicted in recent movies such as Pacific Rim, The Last Ship and Battleship? How do you hide on a ship? If they need any kind of camo it should be totally grey!

  23. Feet at wrong angle for the position of "Attention". Maybe that's why he looks bow legged

  24. Wonder why no lower side pockets on the shirt/blouse since it looks designed to be worn outside the pants? I remember using the lower pockets of my BDU blouse for stuff that I needed to keep close but could lie down on when I had to hit the deck, which opened up more room in the cargo pockets (one of God's greatest creations for field use).

  25. Finally Multicam

  26. Sorry for the blunt comment, but this is stupid—-anyone that was in the actual fight in Iraq and Afghanistan knows that Velcro is not good, the pockets that you have on the blouse are not reachable with body armor on ( they should open from the outside edge), zippers make lots of noise and yes all uniformed personnel should have a better means of clearly identifying an officer, i.e. specialist rank can clearly be confused as LTC at a distance. This uniform will soon become starched and required to be pressed once all combat operations have ceased. I am very happy to be retired now and it has become clear, that we never do learn from history or we just refuse to read history.

  27. Thank God!!!!! Now I can sleep tonight. I have been worried sick.

  28. retired462 | August 4, 2014 at 8:13 pm |

    Cancel and Keep the Captains and Majors getting "pink slipped"!

  29. Anyone who has been in the army more than one enlistment must be swimmong in obsolete uniforms. As a veteran of the army Imremember a sharply uniformed military unit that displayed pride. In my days "fatigues" off post were al but banned, and now they are the accepted dress for even visits to the US supreme Court. The Marines arrived in dress uniforn – what a shame.

    There must be a better way to spend ever decreasing funds. When congress can agree there is a need for control,you know the problem is real.

  30. Doug LeKander | August 5, 2014 at 9:40 am |

    Hell I thought we would be in Mech suits by now…smh!

  31. Kinda like like the old BDU's, but with a lot more green. I still wish the Army would go back to rolling up their sleeves though, it look much better in the summer time.

  32. Interesting! No more digital pattern. Kinda looks lake the BDU of old with more brown the green. Seems we could have saved Billions……………Lets just pink slip officers instead. Man I love our government.

  33. Back when they first fielded the patterns to update the old woodland camo, the ACU pattern came in last in testing, but was selected to be the new pattern. I've never seen anybody in the Army report a good explanation as to why that happened. However, Crye, had submitted their own pattern for those tests. they ended up updating the pattern a bit and releasing it as Multicam pattern. Which the Army finally started using a few years back for Afghanistan. Obviously, the Army realised their mistake and want to use the Multicam pattern. However, because they didn't negotiate the contract back when they could have, they now pay a high price for the pattern. So, it makes sense that they "tweek" it a bit, call it something new, and wiggle out of paying Crye; even though, you can't really tell the difference between the two patterns. Samsung had to pay billions to Apple because their gadgets supposedly looked similar to apples; and most people can tell the difference, but I'm sure the government will not be found guilty of any infringement. in the end though, I'm glad this pattern will be the new pattern. It will be nice to actually be "Army green" again. The army has made some really stupid uniform decisions in the recent past-choosing ACU pattern in the first place, taking the black beret away fro the Rangers and making the whole Army wear them, replacing the iconic green class A uniform with that awful blue uniform; It's ridiculous.

  34. Looks like a faded set of my old BDU's. Minus the stupid zipper and missing lower front pockets. Who picked the designs for this garbage anyway?

  35. I think the "camo uniform" should be standard/same for all services. save money.
    (second the motion of other commenter, I'm glad am retired).

  36. That’s the stupidest camo pattern / uniform I have seen in along time. All the services should stop wasting millions on changing uniforms every couple of years and just go back to the BDU’s. They used them for 20 years.

  37. The problem with these uniforms is they are way too expensive and do not serve the purpose for which they were intended. We should go back to the green fatigue uniform. As what the 82nd used to do, they provided a camy uniform as part of their TA-50. If a unit were to deploy into a cold weather environment, the Army would provide them with a uniform that is best suited for that enviornment. It seems to me a big waste of money to have these uniforms that everyone hates, are expensive to replace and wear out just as fast as the old green fatigues. Additionally, when a soldier is in garrison, they don't need to be wearing camies. Way too much money and resources are put into developing the perfect uniform when infact due to various deployed locations and climates that we can be deployed to a one size fits all uniform doesn't work. It is best to have a basic general uniform for the base/post and a targeted uniform for deployed soldiers going down range.

  38. Major Hassle | August 5, 2014 at 10:38 pm |

    I'm 60 years young, and if it moves, I'll spot em… even in the lush green hills and hollers of Arkansas…

  39. Ranger Rick | August 6, 2014 at 1:57 am |

    When I sit back further from the computer screen and compare Multicam and Scorpion W2, the Multicam seems to have a more brownish cast compared to the greener cast of Scorpion W2. Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else see this? Just curious.
    By the way, I hope they retain the camouflage name tags on the uniform. It sure beats single color name tags. I wish they'd also use camo straps on all accessories like the Brits.
    Well, I can't get away without one gripe – Velcro sucks. Buttons all the way.

  40. I propose the dog test. Camo so real, even a dog will hike up its leg and pee on it. Solution found! Why waste the tax payers money?

  41. Man, with that camo pattern we would have been INVISIBLE in Iraq! Or not…

  42. They wasted years and millions of dollars for this?

  43. It does not matter who started or did not start the hunt for better camouflage. It is incumbent on each and all services to be good stewards of taxpayer money as well as providing a serviceable working uniform that would protect their service members.

    The other services leadership failed to do either.

    They put their soldiers, sailors, and airman's lives in danger because they did not exercise due diligence. They did not make sure that the uniforms that they purchased would get the job done. It is sad that some members on this site are attempting to shift the blame for this fiasco to the marines when it was clearly, failed leadership by the other branches of the services that bought uniforms that they knew would not provide concealment. Causing their uniforms to "not meet mission requirements." As well as wasting tax payer dollars.

  44. His rank is crooked, someone needs to square this cat away he is making everyone look bad in his new uniform.

  45. Someone please just tell me if I can still wear my OCPs issued to me last year on my deployment. That's all I want to know.

  46. The U.S. army is replacing its current Universal Camouflage Pattern with a pattern the service has owned for more than a decade. If the army had selected the Scorpion initially they would not have wasted taxpayer money and put their soldiers' lives in jeopardy.

  47. Man, now we are almost look like paint we used for our vehicle in the motor pool. This is the same pattern for our HUMVE or something like that…

  48. This is just another example of spending money to fill the pockets of some insiders. How many Air Force and Army uniform changes have we seen since Vietnam? I guess it keeps some folks economy growing.

  49. To be a soldier in any environment requires a great deal of expertise and diversication. To say this is what is best, we all know that better things come along all the time. Your suggestions for side opening under armor has been noted but what would be best in your opinion to make this happen w/o hampering the protection of the soldier? All things aside I believe that our soldiers get the best gear we can provide. If you can make a sugesstion that will help you as the soldier stay alive and more comfortable please send in your suggestions to the DOD web site

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