Marine Corps Buys 1,800 New Laser Dazzlers

Ocular Interruption LaserThe Marine Corps issued a $49 million contract to two companies to supply the service with about 1,800 more laser dazzlers, according to a report by Marine Corps Times.

The eye-safe dazzlers are called the Ocular Interruption System and designed to work at ranges from 11 to 547 yards, according to the report. Marines use the dazzlers as a non-lethal method to warn against future violent force at places like checkpoints.

The new dazzlers will be about 10 pounds and easy for Marines to hold or mount onto their weapons. The companies must design the dazzlers to be compatible with the M4, M16A4 or M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle.

Alfalight, Inc., B.E. Meyer & Co., Inc., are the two companies to receive the contracts. Marine Corps leaders expect the first dazzlers to be delivered by October.

The dazzlers will be included in the Escalation of Force Mission Module Kits that will be issued to Marines.

  • Burrito

    Still needs to be used with a pound of care.

  • Stephen Dressel

    Am I doing this math correctly 27 grand a piece?

    • Grunt-r

      The STORM-PI Laser Rangefinder is about half that cost, wonder if they’ll incorporate the dazzle function someday.

  • Stephen Dressel

    I hope that it has IR lazer capabilites as well for that price…..

    • gqshire

      Should come with a free HK416 and pistol for that price.

  • MOJO

    Pretty sure the acog can’t see over that….

    • Stormcharger

      lol. Nice catch on the photo op fail.

  • 10 ounces, not 10 pounds.

    • Doc

      Thanks.just couldn’t comprehend a 10 auxilliary piece of gear weiging 10 lbs hanging from my weapon.

  • AldanFerrox

    I think the Dazzler should be mounted on the side rail, and not the top rail.

  • BlackLionUSA

    “Non-Lethal” Marines?

    • Resltor45

      “Unnecessary shots at civilians ” Marines

      • Nagalfar

        There is no such thing as a unnecessary shot at civilians… but there are plenty of those “civilians” who are paid and or rewarded to go screw with check-points and manned stations.. trying to harass Marines and even soldiers should never be taken lightly… they are not cops or anything else, they are trained and supported to kill and destroy, that is what a military is suppose to do.. putting men and women outside their normal modes of operation costs lives, on both sides, and frankly gentlemen I really dont care about the lived of those stupid enough to be taunting Marines and Soldiers on duty.

  • Tangodown

    Dang, BIG diff between 10 # and 10 oz. Proofreader? It’s pretty obvious what’s ‘meant’ but makes you wonder what’s meant and gets dropped AND THEN misinterpreted. Stuff happens I guess

  • msgingram

    just more crap to carry.

  • Gregory Dust

    please what waist of funds. how about a bullet to the brain to let folks know not to screw with Marines. OK less than lethal ,how about rubber buck shot,

    • USMC0846


  • Tanker6

    Might have had a little more deterrent value if we didn’t announce that they are eye-safe. Why not just buy laser pointers at the nearest Office Max, attach them to the Picatinny rail with duct tape, and announce that they’ll burn the retinas out of a rhinoceros wearing sunglasses at 2km.

  • Stephen Dressel

    What really concerns me about this picture is the tattoo on the dude in the picture….people with tattoos are scary that should be less lethal enough….

  • Dan

    I wouldn’t want anything weighing 10 pounds hanging on my AR. I’d carry an extra 10 pounds of loaded magazines, but not anything non-lethal like a dazzler.

  • Dude

    I used a Z-Bolt dazzler in the ‘stan with considerable success. It was great for performing building clearing illumination(IED threat) and almost always brought oncoming and potential vehicle threats to a teeth-chattering halt while performing Check-point duty. This looks like a great idea(long overdue). Marines ‘non-lethal’? ONLY when they ABSOLUTELY have to be… God bless Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children for being one of the(if not, THE) most lethal fighting force on the face of the Earth!!!!

  • Chris Henry

    10 lbs a piece? That is not correct.