Army 3rd Special Forces Group First to Field New Parachute

RA-1 Military Free Fall Advanced Ram-Air Parachute SystemThe Army’s 3rd Special Forces Group was the first unit to field the new Military Free Fall Advanced Ram-Air Parachute System, RA-1, which is built for static line or free fall operations.

The RA-1 replaces the MC-4 system. The RA-1 allows soldiers to exit at altitudes between 3,500 feet to 35,000 feet Mean Sea Level. It also increases the total jumper exit weight to 450 pounds.

Riggers with the 3rd Special Forces Group conducted the rigger and jumper new equipment training. Two soldiers with the 3rd Special Forces Group will head to Yuma, Arizona, to work with the 1st Special Warfare Training Group to help them field the new system.

“The RA-1 is an impressive piece of equipment due to its versatility,” the 3rd Group’s airdrop technician said in a statement. “The capability to be configured as a static line parachute or a free fall parachute increases our adaptability to mission requirements.”

  • IAC

    I civilian Stat line jumped once.
    About the most fun you can have with your clothes still on!
    I’d do it again if it was cheaper.

  • Mike

    No, thank you…we all know the two things that fall from the skies…of which, I am neither.

    • Moi

      Mike, you’re a clown!!

    • Stefan S.

      That’s ok. Not everyone has a pair!

  • Stefan S.

    Darn…Just missed it.

  • LIAM

    I ‘d jump it!!!

  • guest

    About time the military developed and better chute.

  • guest

    if the aircraft ain’t on fire no reason to jump lol

  • Condor

    No more potato-sack PLFs? Oh, the price of progress!

  • James Butcher

    I wish the new chute was around when I was jumping I would of had less aches and pains, All The Way!