SOLKOA Survival Systems Grip-S Multi-Tool


This is an interesting little gadget if you are into survival gear.

“The Grip-S, by SOLKOA Survival Systems, is a pair of adaptive handles that can do more field-expedient improvisation for you than any other multi-tool on the market,” according to an April 2 press release.

The Grip-S design comes from requests made by special operations aviators for evasion and escape purposes and general survival use, according to the release.

It’s machined from tough, high-grade 6061 aircraft aluminum and can hold standard flexible wire saws, any universal reciprocating saw blade and any round or hexagonal tool up to a quarter inch in diameter. Accessories are simply attached to the Grip-S handles using the supplied set screws.


The Grip-S comes packed with a 28-inch wire saw and Phillips/slotted screw driver bit. Universal shank saw blades, ¼ inch hex bits, metal files, drill bits and awls can be added to expand your capabilities or match a specific mission or environment.

The kit also includes a metal connector to join the grips for longer length or position them at a 90-degree angle for additional handling torque if necessary. It comes in four anodized colors.

It’s pricey though — $49.95.


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  • IAC

    Interesting gadget with some potential. Though it might be more of a solution looking for a problem.

  • Davey

    Yeah, a great idea that might need some more work. My nightmare involves “fat fingering” those screws and turning the thing into an aluminium stick.

  • IAC

    A 2nd thought is that it may be easier just to carry 2 simple tools vs 1 that has to be monkeyed with , especially w/ those lil screws.

  • rob

    50.00 for a 5 cent bit, a wire saw that let’s face it is not going to cut through much, and some aluminum handles. Try again.


    Way overpriced….Booooooo. Did anyone else think ” garrote”, when they saw this ?