SureFire’s Potent Mini Scout Light

Surefire M300 Mini Scout Light’s are now available. The compact weapon light runs on a single 123A lithium battery and delivers 300 lumens for your carbine or rifle.

“Its LED-generated white light is focused by our patented TIR lens to create a high-intensity, far-reaching beam crafted for close- to mid-range engagements,” according to a recent press release. “The Mini Scout just might have the perfect balance of size and power for your long gun.”



The M300 weighs 4.8 ounces w/battery and is just over 4 inches long. It retails for $300.

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  • John

    The M300 has been out for many moons. What’s new is the M300c, which is a 300 lumen version, up from the M200b’s 200 lumens and the original’s 110.

  • Sandy

    what is the lumens capacity on this Scout light?

  • Darrel

    I really hate Surefire’s god-awful stock mounts. I wish they would get with the times and realize that basically everyone uses a thorntail or some sort of offset mount. Thumbscrews are old hat and definitely not high speed enough. They significantly get in the way of ergonomics and are generally a waste of space when a fixed hew screw will work just as well.