SureFire’s Powerful Key-Chain Light

SureFire’s potent new Titan key-chain light is now available.

This little task light throws out 125 lumens. It’s a little pricy, but I want one.

“The groundbreaking Titan is the world’s first professional-grade key-chain flashlight,” SureFire officials maintain. “This ultra-compact, dual-output feat of engineering boasts a proprietary faceted reflector that shapes the light from its high-performance LED into a broad, smooth MaxVision Beam at both 125 and 15 lumens—astounding levels for a finger-sized light.”

The 3-inch long Titan comes with a AAA NiMH battery, which gives it a one-hour run time on max output. It will run 8.5 hours on its lowest setting, according to Surefire.

The Titan retails for $60.



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  • Darrel

    Really liked the idea of this as a nice light to use for EDC, but the price tag is a bit much. I think I saw these on eBay for about 150$. The 60-70$ mark would be the sweet spot of disposability and utility.

  • Darrel

    aaaand, as I read the article closer, it mentions right there that the light is 60$ !!

    I guess I’ll probably order one then.

  • Paralus

    dang, and I just bought a Fenix EO5

  • Davey

    I’ll stick to my little Photon. It really is an inconspicuous keychain light. I just replaced mine because I lost it after 8 years. Attach it and forget about it. It will work when it’s needed. Period.

    If I really want/need to carry a powerful light, my Surefire 6P LED still works fine and I paid only $68 for it.

  • iab

    I think Surefire lost credibility on price when I made that dumba@@ wrist light.

    Take a look at the ThruNite Ti3 NW Mini Edc

    Better, cheaper, more settings, $20 on amazon. The fact that this blog even gave this overpriced light airtime shows it’s gone downhill.

    Didn’t the editors get nailed for this before? But that was when Brandon Web ran the show

  • Dave

    It’s not shipping, tho! Surefire says it’s backordered . . .


    That looks like the first piece of expensive,over priced gear i’m gonna loose. I like Coast products for half the price and twice the lumen output.