Agilite’s Newest Magazine Pouch



Agilite is now offering its new contractor pouch that holds either two or three 5.56mm magazines.

The contractor pouch features mil-spec elastic that tightens the pouch according to the number of mags in it, eliminating rattle, according to a recent Agilite press release.

It also has a hook and loop area on the flap for attaching morale patches.

Made in Israel, the contractor pouch is available in original Israeli OD green, black or on pre-order in Multicam for $26.90.


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  • guest

    It looks good to go.

  • Scott

    Another one, really? Let’s continue to re-invent the wheel and call it our own.

    • Stormcharger

      Well then have people stop buying them and they’ll probably stop making them….

  • guest

    Looks good and the price is right.

  • Thomas67

    That’s a very odd shade of “OD green.” And what attachment does it have, I’m assuming MOLLE. The website just shows 2 photos and none of them show the rear of the pouch. I mean, come on – show a few more photos of your product.

    • guest

      Their website probably gives that information.

  • guest

    The color looks like prickly pear green. A perfect color for blending in with badland and desert terrain.

  • guest

    Why are not these pouches being issued to our troops? When only the best will do.

  • Lance

    Still stick with my LC-2 ammo pouch holds more.

  • Eric B.

    I like the elastic retention band. Velcro closures are noisy. A good QR buckle would be better and more secure.
    And then make it Multicam instead of “interior decorator green”. I think it’s called “puce” – no, really.

    Actually a shoe repair shop could sew in the elastic on any pouch. (Hmmmmm… )

  • gkm

    i have 14 used viet.nam style pouches that hold 3- 30rd mags. i like the pouches to have the two dividers that hold the mags in and keep them from rattling around in the pouch. if they don’t have them i have webbing i take to a shoe repair shop and have them sewn back in. shoe repair shops have the equipment to do this kind of stitching. i think my average final price on these pouches is $8.00 per each. quite a bit less than $26.00 each. you go with what you got. and since i got i can go.