Fla. to Become The Home of U.S. Made Kalashnikovs


Kalashnikov USA recently announced it will relocate to South Florida.

Currently located in Tullytown, Pa., the U.S. firm decided to start building AK47-style weapons in the U.S. to skirt sanctions that ban imports of the iconic Russian rifle.

The firm unveiled its new brand – Kalashnikov USA – at SHOT Show in January.

The new facility will include corporate offices and allow for manufacturing, warehousing and shipping functions to occur in one location.

The move, which will take place over the next several months, will not affect the projected 2015 second quarter shipping of the new Kalashnikov USA firearms, according to a recent press release from Kalashnikov USA.

“With the growth of the company, manufacturing requirements and the rebranding efforts now underway, Kalashnikov USA felt the time was right to move the headquarters where we can incorporate our new manufacturing capabilities,” Thomas McCrossin, CEO of Kalashnikov USA said.

“Our new facility in South Florida offers the opportunity to expand as we grow while offering customers increased customer support and firearms produced using the latest manufacturing technologies and materials.”

The new US132 modern rifle and US109 tactical shotgun are on target to be released early this summer, McCrossin said.

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Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a reporter at Military.com. He can be reached at matthew.cox@military.com.
  • JCitizen

    Build a semi-auto PKM, and then I’ll get excited!

    • Capt. Obvious

      that is dumb and you should feel dumb for suggesting it.

  • guest

    I would not mind owning a semi-auto AK47, made in the USA. as long as it maintained the
    AK’s reliability and durability and at a reasonable cost. It would be a useful, handy short range rifle for the brush and woods.

    • 1c3

      Short range? I hope you’re not of one of those koolaid drinkers that think all AKs shoot 6 moa groups.

      • guest

        No, but the cartridge has the trajectory of a rainbow and less then stellar muzzle velocity. For hunting it is probably good out to 200 yr. That is fairly short range.

  • guest

    There is certainly a market for a USA produced AK, as long as it is not to pricey. Like the AR, the AK is almost the universal do anything rifle.

  • LIAM

    The AA-12…I wonder if they will make that as well love that Auto Shotgun….30 magazine clip BIG BOOM!!

  • IAC

    IMNSHO, an American made AK is just another big money alternative to an AR.
    IOWs $150-200 rifle going for $600+ !

    • guest

      The military pays much much more than $200 for an M4 or M16.

      • Floyd R Turbo

        The US Army pays $660 for an M4 from Colt. The public probably pays twice as much. If Walmart was importing Chinese made M4s and selling them in the US they might well be priced at $200 or less.
        As for the AK – I’m sure that there is at least one US manufacturer making AKs right now.

        • Guest

          What??? Last I checked my company’s property book, the M4s cost a hell of a lot more than $660. Go bs somewhere else.

        • Yeah nowhere in the US military is a full auto M4 purchased for $660.. Because a Mossberg 500 goes for $400… So if you’re trying to convince people that a full auto rifle costs $260 more than a common pump 12 GA you may want to back up your facts with something besides bullshit.

          • Derek C

            You and the guest probably could use Google just as effectively as we can.

            “According to the Department of the Army’s Chief of Legislative Liaison, the Army today executed a delivery order to buy 24,000 M4A1s worth $16,163,252.07. The rifles will be made at Remington’s factory in Ilion, N.Y., from the Colt technical data package and will cost about $673.10 a copy. That’s a significantly lower price than the final order of Colt produced M4A1s the government paid $1221 for in a 2010 contract.”

            source – http://gearscout.militarytimes.com/2012/04/20/us-

        • Derek C

          For a civilian to purchase an actual M4 carbine it costs significantly more. You’re talking thousands for a real M4.


    I really like what I’m hearing about the new CMMG MUTANT AK-47. Has the accuracy of the M-4 and the reliability/robustness of an AK. It takes all AK-47 mags. And she’s real pretty too.

    • IAC

      @ guest, that’s what I’m saying. The AK is a $200 weapon, not 600+.


        I total agree with you. An AK should be in the $200-$500 atmosphere, not $1000+

  • FED

    The financialization of the American economy

    American De-Industrialization
    Continues Unabated

    America’s economic elite has long argued that the country does not need an industrial base. The economies in states such as California and Michigan that have lost their industrial base, however, belie that claim. Without an industrial base, an increase in consumer spending, which pulled the country out of past recessions, will not put Americans back to work. Without an industrial base, the nation’s trade deficit will continue to grow. Without an industrial base, stranded in low-paying service-sector jobs. Without an industrial base, the United States will be increasingly dependent on foreign manufacturers even for its key military technology.

    The U.S. is becoming dependent on countries such as UK, Russia, France and Germany for critical weapons technology.

  • jay

    KALASHNIKOVS USA has no connection what’s or ever with the Russian company, or any Russian weapons plant. Don’t expect this to be made the same as the Russian rifles. This guys are just taking advantage of the Kalashnikovs name to sell their home brewed AK clones.
    There’s an interview on firearms blog, with the general manager of the Russian concern Kalashnikov, and he said they have no connection with the US Kalashnikov. Had it not been for the sanctions the us firm would be forced to change the name by now for legal reasons.
    So ddon’t expect to get an real AK from this guys.

    • guest

      So what will we get?

      • jay

        What is certain is what you will not get: you will not get original Kalashnikov firearms.
        And this is what this guys want to be mistaken for.

  • Gwhh

    So they are FULLY closing the PA office?

    • jay

      They want to look like the US base of the Kalashnikov concern and they are hiding behind the sanctions that affect the Russian original company.

  • robot

    just hope they will be making the saiga 12, and also fitting the 47/74 rifles with bayonet lugs not to mention building them with cold hammer forged barrels like the actual Russian AKM’s

  • OldFedVet1941

    Not True stating that you can’t get an good AR for under $ 600.00! Bought one recently at a Gun Show in Virginia $ 588.00 out the door. USA Made in Virginia and it is identical to the newest M4, all US parts not junk or import stuff, mfg. just out side Norfolk. Came with a Plastic Case and Mag. How about that you Maryland fools, we are still free and will stay that way (Smile)!

  • guest
  • bbabbitt

    So…? The only problem I see is that we don’t have many in California.

  • Derek C

    This also isn’t a new idea, Palmetto Start Armory had their prototype fully American made AKs at SHOT Show. Did anyone really think no one would see the void in the market left from the import ban as an opportunity to make them here?

  • T.H. “Doc” Toups

    Jay above commented: “So ddon’t expect to get an real AK from this guys.” I pasted his exact comment, typos and grammar intact. Anyone can make a real AK. It’s a design, not a function of geography or manufacturer. Look at the huge number of 1911 A1 clones out there. Is a Kimber not “a real .45”? Even slight design changes don’t really qualify a weapon to warrant a totally different designation. You can easily see this in the various iterations of US military arms (1911, 1911 A1, 1903, 1903 A3, etc.). AKs are made in over twenty different countries, besides Russia. Does Jay suggest that if a rifle isn’t made in Russia and magically christened with vodka or some such that it can’t be a real AK?

    Best regards

    • jay

      They won’t make original Kalashnikovs, like they try to make it look, with that ripoff name.
      They will make CLONES, like everyone else who makes clones. Don’t try to make my comment into something it’s not. I never said clones can’t be decent, or even very good. I just let people know this guys will make CLONES and not ORIGINAL AKs.

      • Riceball

        I don’t see the big deal, from all I’ve read Russian made AKs aren’t even the best AKs available. Actually, no Russian made Russian designed weapon seems to be as good when compared to licensed copes from other countries.

  • Dogman

    I have an American made AK-74…..Shoots flat and it gets there quick..Love it !