ReadyOne Displays Flexible Terrain-Style Camouflage


ReadyOne Industries is now offering moldable camouflage kits that can be customized to mimic virtually any type of rock formation or similar type of terrain.

The company showed off samples the VATEC System dubbed Portable Battlefield Cryptic Signature and Concealment at the 2015 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference last week.

“VATEC kits and products are unique in that they allow individuals, equipment, and vehicles to become concealed by blending into the environment,” according to ReadyOne factsheet.

“By design, VATEC products enable the operators to render themselves and their equipment undetectable by mimicking specific terrain.”

The lightweight material is very flexible but designed to hold its shape. Kits are available for individuals and small groups to equipment or vehicles.

I don’t know if my pictures do justice to the show-floor samples, but it looked like impressive technology.

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  • JCitizen

    WOW! COOL!!!

  • Thomas67

    First thing I thought of was in the Lord of the Rings where Frodo hid Sam from the Orcs at the black gate with his elven cloak.… His cloak looked like a rock.

    Question is – would this be used in a relatively small application to hide small objects? It would have to blend in very well in color, even before you add any camouflage from the surrounding environment on top. If you fashion it to look like a rock when there are no other rocks around, then it might appear to be out of place.

  • LIAM

    OK…I am guessing that the average grunt has to SOMEHOW carry this stuff….great….

  • Guest

    Wow, this will revolutionize warfare. At last units can become invisible. the modern equivalent of a giant Elfin cloak.

  • SAM

    I have always had success with a simple camonet and surrounding cover, it never failed. I always though about how something like this would be handy. The good idea fairy is alive and well, and not always doing damage.

  • galloglas

    “Quick here comes Gunny…Hide under here.”

  • Will

    It should mask the thermal image of the user & radiate heat at the same temp as the surrounding terrain. That may mean a heat pump to disperse body heat away from the hide sigt.

  • Eric B.

    >Gotta wonder how it will hold up in high winds and heavy rain.
    >Tie-out loops or stake down edge loops?
    >Does it have different camo on each side?
    >How often can it be “folded and moulded” before it deteriorates?
    >And, yeah, as LIAM said, how heavy is it?

    There is another company out there with a very good personal camo hide site cover that may be much lighter.

  • Stefan S.

    Hey look Comrade…the empty field now has many boulders. Shut up Ivan and lay off the Vodka.

  • merrittvox

    VATEC is super light. I’ve gotten to handle the material while at the ReadyOne plant. Very cool stuff.

    • orly?

      Woobie light, or wool blanket light?

  • kathryn cordeiro

    It looks really stiff, what kind of material is it?