Spyderco’s Wicked Little Hawk


Spyderco came out with this little hawk earlier this year. I spotted it at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference last week.

The SzaboHawk, designed by martial artist Laci Szabo, is a close-quarters-combat weapon and a functional tool. Defining features include the long-arcing G-10 handle and a .30″ thick D2 tool steel blade.

The bottom end of the handle features a chisel-ground blade for use as a pry tool.

It weighs 1 pound 9 ounces and comes with a molded Boltaron sheath. It retails for about $155.


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Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a reporter at Military.com. He can be reached at matthew.cox@military.com.
  • Guest

    Just a little bit pricy isn’t it. What makes it worth more than maybe $35-$40.

    • Mike in Fort Worth

      The steel and handle material alone are going to drive up the price. Anything priced around 40 bucks is going to lower quality materials.

  • Woodsplitter

    Kind of expensive? Check out the Estwing tomahawk.

    • Guest

      Yes they are reasonably priced.

  • Guest

    Neither D2 steel or the handle material is expensive. Total cost for material is probably in the $20-$25 range at most. Less if bought in quantity.

  • Guest

    $155.00 I sure hope they discount it a whole bunch. Like maybe $100 or so.


    WOW…kinda high $$$…I will stick with my tomahawks from Walmart for $20.00/ea…

  • Guest

    If it doesn’t get lost or broken, this hawk is something you can pass on to your grand children and they can pass to their children and grand children.

    • Guest

      Likewise a WalMart hawk.

  • guest

    I have 3 requirements for a hawk:
    1) It needs to be able to easily destroy equipment – to include radios, vehicles, puncture drums filled with corrosive materials, and computers. Anything made of wood shouldn’t pose any problem.
    2) It must be able to puncture body armor/ kevlar and cleave bone with a single chop.
    3) It must do all of the above with little maintenance, no corrosion, be easy to sharpen and weigh as little as possible.

    Long story short… I don’t think this little D2 hawk meets those demands. If you’re using it for more than camping, and your life/ job depends on it, Winkler is the way to go (expect to spend north of $700). Otherwise – WalMart sells hawks that are great for chopping twigs for 20 bucks. I don’t see a need for anything in between. It’s either an entry tool/ disruption and sabotage tool/ close-quarters weapon against body armor, or it’s a camping utensil.

    • NoNameGame

      This guy gets it. Winkler all the way. Knives or ‘hawks, you simply can’t go wrong. And as with many things, you get what you pay for.

  • Guest

    D2 is not an easy steel to sharpen.

  • jimbo

    $155….????? you got to be kidding. $55 maybe but NOT $155

    • Bill

      155 sounds like an inflated military or high retail price not a wholesale price. Anything sold to the military seems to get inflated, like the $500 dollar toilet seat or the $100 dollar hammer.

  • Guest

    How come Mil.Com always gives us the hoped for factory list price on these blades and not the real market price?

  • Guest

    This does not not look very useful as a camp ax, and how often can one expect to go hand to hand with a tomahawk? I thought that went out with Rogers Rangers, and the only reason they carried a hawk was because they were not issued bayonets.

  • scdan2002

    In other words …. something that looks “cool” for privates and want to be military to spend their money on.

    Last I checked, a fire ax with removable handle worked excellent at all of those tasks (better than this stupid thing will do) and costs a lot less. Want it shorter? Cut the end of the handle off.

    Of course, some idiot will buy it……. I see some of my (and other’s) soldiers running around with stupid crap like this all the time.

  • Guest

    Can someone tell me, would this be a good-useful gift for a concerned parent or wife to send to their soldier or marine who is overseas?

    • SAM

      Only if the soldier or marine overseas understands the value and use of such a tool. Many do not, many do not have the opporutnity to put such a tool to use. There are also the commanders who do not want their warfighters using tools like this. If they are attached to a POG unit save your money.

      With Spiderco you are paying for the brand, which is good quality, but overpriced. There are products that are just as good at a lower price. I use the SOG trench hawk, have had it for years, have used it and I like it, alot. 49.00.

  • Eric B.

    Looks like an ice climbing tool morphed into a tomahawk.

  • trebek

    Ontario SP-16, already fielded, enough said.


    why is my comment keep being deleted Admin ?