Defend Yourself, Then Open a Cold One


An interesting little gadget from knife maker Andre De Villiers.

The bronze anodized titanium Tac Tool features an “index finger hole which locks it into the hand and allows for a very sharp and effective non-lethal self-defense option,” according to “It’s got a variety of hex wrench sizes (1/2″, 3/8″, 1/4″, 3/16″) built into the handle, a keyring hole, a bottle opener and a pocketclip.”

It measures 5.25 inches overall and weighs only 1.2 ounces. The Ti Tac Tool is retails for $75.


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  • MidgasFan

    Pretty sweet! Any chance they plan to make an aluminum version that will be more affordable?

  • Me in Missouri

    “very sharp” and “non-lethal” is an oxymoron. (Much like Military Intelligence.)

    • Thomas67

      Maybe it would be better to say “Very sharp or non-lethal.” As in, you could try to strike at the tip of the chisel, or the flat side of the ring. Such as one single brass knuckle. But i don’t think that this tool would be considered to have lethal properties.

    • galloglas

      Kinder gentler Marine Corps NaPalm?

  • Trey

    I carry a defender from
    A little bulky but endless uses with digit capture, pointy spots, and some leverage area it is a great truly non lethal defense tool.

  • Willy

    Kind of cool looking, but not useful really. And the price is about $65 dollars too much.

  • Mark

    That 1/2″ hex would be useless in many instances where the bolt extends more than 1/8″ inch or so above the nut. The belt clip is in the way. And $75? Seriously???

    • larry

      The belt clip only has one attachment point so you could swivel it out of the way. But, I agree on the price! My guess is that the cost of making it (labor, materials, etc.), even out of aluminum/brass/steel, was still going to be around $50 so they went with titanium to help justify the price.

  • galloglas

    WTF is that I see before me?
    Is it a dagger, no it is a Bottle opener!

  • SR25MK4

    “Make…. version that will be more affordable?” Yes ‘MidgasFan’ … WAY More Affordable!