Surefire’s New Intelligent Light

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Surefire recently unveiled a new variant of the P2X Fury light equipped with auto-adjusting IntelliBeam technology.

“A first press or click activates its intelligent sensor and microprocessor- based system to continuously evaluate and seamlessly adjust light output based on your surroundings, so you always have the light output you need,” according to a Surefire press release.

“This cutting-edge technology also preserves dark-adapted vision by never activating on high in close quarters. If you need tactical light output, just press or click twice to lock in all 600 lumens.”

The P2X Fury with IntelliBeam retails for $229.

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  • guest

    At $229 each, only a government agency could afford it, Can’t they find a flashlight that is a little bit cheaper?

    • guest too

      You get what you pay for. When my life is on the line, it’s always been Surefire. No joke.

    • Danny

      Once it is commonly issued, it will appear on eBay at a far lower price, as I got an M952v for $150 from the site.

  • Mike Hoffman

    Surefire without a doubt, makes a quality product and is made to last. But like most of your contractors who provides the government with products. They have fallen into the greed abyss, and have put their products, even though they are great products they have forgotten the civilian market and have concentrated on the government. Only the people whose income will support that type of price level can afford the product and the rest of us will have to look at other manufactures ! What a shame.

    • guest

      It is true, and has been proven, the government will pay hundreds of dollars for a common hammer or toilet seat.

    • Airborne_fister

      Hopefully the colt syndrome doesn’t hit surefire. Well, what colt is going thru right now. They went after the government contracts only. Now they are filling for bankruptcy

  • MTNpatrol

    I think MagLight has a similar power model for a lot less. MagLight is a very respected name in flashlights and were the first “tactical” flashlights many years ago.

    • defensor fortismo

      yeah, if you want a baseball bat

  • MTNpatrol

    BTW, FENIX sells their LD41 with 960 lumens for $77.

    Notta too bad, as Fr. Guido Sarducci used to say. FENIX quality is every bit as good as SureFire.

    • MidgasFan

      Yes, that is a nice little light but I have personally seen far more Fenix lights fail than SureFire lights. SureFire does not ask questions when it comes to warranty except where to return the light when repaired or replaced while Fenix will deny repair or replacements if the invoice cannot be found or if the light has changed owners. Ask me how I know… I own several of both brands, along with many others but as another poster above said, when my life is on the line, I will ONLY carry SureFire as they have always lit up on the first try.

  • MTNpatrol


    The new MagLights have “Surefire-sized” lights too. Maybe you should look before you loudmouth.

    • defensor fortismo

      already have, not impressed. Besides, you brought up maglight having the first tactical lights, is is so surprising that I’d bring up a light who’s greatest use was literally as a blunt force option?

      And for the record, I could care less about Surefire. My first deployment, I had one break down within 48 hours of buying it. Some of their accessories are nice, their combat rings are pretty versatile and I use one of their flip up red light filters, but as for lighting, I switched to Inforce a few years ago and never looked back.

  • MTNpatrol

    MidgasFan, That’s very good information about Fenix v.s. SureFire light quality. Any gun mounted light takes abuse and it MUST not fail.

    I think this new SureFire light is so expensive due to its auto-adjust sensor and rheostat switch. I know other SureFires are expensive but nowhere near this price.

  • Me in MO

    “The P2X Fury with IntelliBeam retails for $229.”

    Actual cost: Half of everything I own. If my wife found out that I, personally, paid north of $200 for a flashlight, I’d be facing the business end of a divorce lawyer… ;-)

  • LIAM

    no doubt surefire makes good products…but this is a little over the top!!

  • MTNpatrol

    Me in Mo,
    “…I’d be facing the business end of a divorce lawyer.” Hee, hee
    I get it – TOTALLY. Sorta like when I paid $1,200. for my Busnnell ERS 3.5 -21 tactical scope. (“But Honey, it has a Horus H59 reticle and 1/10 mil turret clicks.”)

    I looked at the Inforce lights. I’d had never even known about that brand. I REALLY like the fact that they have a built in Picatinny rail clamp so no need for a bulky, weighty light ring mount. I may get one for my FN, PS 90 carbine.