Video: 5 Things You Don’t Know About the M4 Carbine

soldier_M4Alright, so this audience probably knows all five of these facts our film team put together for this video on the M4 Carbine, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

I will say I had to be reminded that Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester used an M4 to clear the building in Iraq in 2005 that earned her a Silver Star for Valor. She was the first female to win the Silver Star for Valor since World War II.

Mobile readers can see the video here. Those on desktop can watch below. Check it out and tell us what you think.

  • JCitizen

    The only way you can mitigate the white hot barrel problem is to make it removable like a squad automatic weapon or LMG. I doubt the US Army will want that, as it could affect the accuracy of the M4 system. Some times you just have to spray, and pray the bullets don’t start swimming in the barrel, like so many M2 HBMGs did in human wave attacks in Vietnam.

  • Lance

    A few pointer on ammo the M-4 can handle both M-193 and M-855/A1 ammo. I knew of some in Iraq who did get M-193 ball and while not considered armor piercing it can defeat most armor up to level 3. None of our enemy’s except Russia use body armor for individual troops. The fact is the armor Russian troops carry is far from bellow level 3 standards. M-193 was better for urban combat since it tumbled threw soft flesh and did more damage to a enemy in close range than over penetrating M-855.

    You also forget that the M-16 also can shoot heavier bullets the M-16A2 and M-16A4 are more accurate at longer ranges and had less reliability issues than the M-4 (thought the M-4A1 fixed many of the issues). M-16A2/3/4 are rated for 800 meters M-4 only rated for 600 meters. One reason the Navy and Marine Corps still primarily use the M-16 over a all carbine fleet.

    As for Wannut it want the Carbines fault any rifles it was poor training and over use of full auto spray fire in combat. Lack of CAS and artillery also was a reason some men died there. The only real reason was corrupt Sen Tom Colburn was pushing for FN’s plastic junk gun (SCAR L) to be adopted since he got kick backs for doing so. After SOCOM ditched the L model and preferred the M-4 it became clear ICC was about money and politics.

    But enough with the ney saying its a very good video and I did enjoy it a lot. Thanks Mr. Hoffman!

    • jay

      After how much you whined and lied about FN, you gotta be pretty pi $$ed colt lost even the contract for their own rifle to FN…..for the second time. Hahahaha. Now Colt is just about bancrupt….again. it’s pretty obvious what company was living only on bribed GOV contracts.

      • Joshua

        Not in his defense…because…well it’s lance…but FN won because Colt and Remington had a pissing match and revealed what they bid. This gave FN a shoe in to underbid both companies and it worked.

        The biggest issue with Colt is being a union and have owners who are lining their pocket and running the company with on a razors edge budget.

  • Distant Voice

    Some things you don’t know about the M4 Carbine

    If someone besides Colt manufactures the M4 for the military, they (and eventually the taxpayer) has to pay a 5% royalty to Colt. The contract is ironclad so Colt remains in control of the Technical Data Package indefinitely. The US government agreed to these conditions because they expected that the M4 would be replaced with a new design quickly and so we will pay the Colt tax until then.

    • Lance

      Colt lost the M-4 contract to FN two years ago.

      • 1c3

        Did you even read his post? Typical Lance post.

        • Lance

          I did just saying colt isn’t making a US Army buck anymore.

  • FWIW Hester wasn’t awarded a well deserved silver start for clearing a building. She cleared two trenchlines killing three insurgents.

  • Guest

    Wow, I am impressed. I have an M-forgery and love it dearly. It is a joy to shoot. The problem with white hot barrels is trying to use a rifle/carbine as a medium machine gun. Instead of rapid spray and pray, try slow aimed fire.

  • Guest

    Is the the current version of the M4 the greatest battlefield individual weapon ever fielded? It appears that it is.

  • John

    IMHO for CQB the IDF’s Tavor is a much better weapon. The s**ts where it eats of the M16/AR15 family of weapons causes most of the heat and dirt issues with the weapons. I piston conversion would eliminate most of that without retraining the troops.

    • Joshua

      There is no heat and dirt issues outside of the internet.

    • seans

      Its been shown time and time again adding a OP Rod piston conversion to a AR does nothing to improve reliability. The issues with heat have to do with the barrels, which a op rod will not fix, and carbon isn’t a problem.

    • Guest

      Heat is not a problem as long as you do not try to turn it into a SAW or medium machine gun. Dirt is not an issue if you clean it on a regular basis.

    • Guest

      Pistons and op rods degrade the inherent accuracy of the direct impingment operating system.

    • SAM

      Funny I have been running M4 variants since 1985, with NO problems. Keep it clean, use it for the designated purpose, and you will be happy together. I have over 40, 000 rounds through my oldest gun and outside of routine maintenance I have never had a failure, from any of my guns. With proper maintenance they will run.

  • Docsenko

    In Nam our M-16s would throw lead all day. I( believe our ammo was a little bit nastier. Tumbles upon penetration and turn everything to a jelly like substance where ever it went. NATO wanted the round banned.

  • Guest

    M16/M4 is a love hate relationship. People either love it or hate it.

  • Guest

    The only thing that should be changed is chambering the M4 for a more robust cartridge, perhaps a 6.5 or 6.8.

    • SAM

      I have been satisfied with the 6.8. A good duty weapon for CQB and close range precision work.

  • S.K.

    The key to sustained fire engagements is the crew served weapon and the m4 on semi-automatic. If you can’t see it, don’t try to shoot at it. Pretty simple to me. Or call in mortars and artillery. Always have a bigger club then the enemy.

    • Guest

      Very good advise, it should be doctrine.

      • Tallen

        World War 1 doctrine maybe. It’s not suitable for today’s conflicts because overwhelming firepower loses on the moral level of war (when fighting non-state actors), which trumps victory on the physical level.

        • Guest

          Are you serious? Pray tell what is moral about a war, conflict, or police action, except tht losing it is immoral.

  • galloglas

    “It is time for the “Water Cooled M-4 with it’s own jacket”
    Seriously can a cooling jacket be made that take water or some other material that will circulate and cool down the barrel in a small enough package for this rifle?

    • Guest

      It may well be worth spending a few million $ to find out.

    • 1c3

      That sounds like a great idea. Perhaps we can just line the rifle with velcro so it’s more comfy and gives us spots to mount moral patches on our weapons too. Jesus Christ.

  • Hotel55

    How about a fluted barrel? The flutes are there to provide more surface area to cool off faster, right?

    • SAM

      How about we simply use the weapon for the intended use. There is no single gun to fit every scenario. This is why we operate in “squads”. This is why we have multiple specialties among our units, to fit different scenarios.

    • Joshua

      Flutes and dimples have shown time and time again to be rust magnets and are very difficult to clean.

  • USAF77

    Tho Ive been carrying them and shooting them most of my adult life I dont really feel qualified to say we need something “different” cause I cant think of anything different or better available to the troops. A rifle/round combination we can get in their hands fast enough that would be any better. Spec Ops is different, tho I bet many of them still carry what they are most comfortable with in some version of the M16.

    The 55 grn bullet out of a 20″ tube of an A1 is a pretty nasty little thing to be hit with. And what kind of “body armor” are we talking here that will defeat it? The web sight should be more informative.

    • Guest

      Amen to that

    • Joshua

      99% of SOCOM use the M4A1.

  • MTNpatrol

    New rifle needed (SCAR or ARC)

    New cartridge needed (6.8 or 6.5 Grendel)

    And do NOT make the new rifles “carbine” length. Just offer a bull pup version for those needing carbines. Short barrels = low velocity = poor lethality and range.

    • Christopher

      The next cartridge the Army wants is the .264 USA(6.5×47). It seems to be based on 6.5×47 Lapua.

    • seans

      How much experience do you have with either of those rifles? Neither one is capable of outperforming the current SOPMOD M4A1.