Army’s Top Enlistee Proposes ‘Ike Jacket’ for Army Dress Uniform

Ike JacketThe sergeant major of the Army would like to make the “Ike jacket” part of the service’s dress uniform.

Sergeant Major of the Army Daniel A. Dailey “has suggested an optional ‘Eisenhower jacket’ to be added as a more appropriate indoor alternative to the black windbreaker jacket,” according to a recent Army press release.

Named after Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the short-waisted, slim-fitting jacket was standard issue in 1944.

The Army adopted the blue Army Service Uniform, or ASU, to replace the green Class A dress uniform in 2006. Adapted from the formal Dress Blues, the dark blue jacket and light blue pants have been a part of Army history since the Revolutionary War.

The proposed change to the ASU for all ranks is part of an online survey to gather soldier-feedback about several other proposed uniforms changes.

Dailey and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno authorized the survey to give soldiers a chance to weigh in on Army uniform and wear policy.

“The soldiers are the ones who actually wear these uniforms. The senior leaders like to be informed by as many soldiers in the field as possible [on uniform changes,]” Sgt. Maj. James H. Thomson of the Institute for Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development, in the release.

The survey will also ask soldiers’ opinions on a plan to make a gender-neutral version of the Army service cap. Today, the male service cap features a wide bill, while its female counterpart has a raised brim on either side.

The survey additionally seeks input on prescribing the service cap as required headgear for senior noncommissioned officers and above, in lieu of the black beret, when wearing the ASU.Drill Sgt Hat

In addition to dress uniform items, the survey asks soldiers about gender-specific headgear for drill sergeants. Since 1972, female drill sergeant campaign hats have featured a raised brim and, as of 1983, a deeper green color. The survey, designed to crosscut a large section of soldiers, will ask if there should be a single campaign hat for both male and female drill sergeants.


Another proposed uniform change involves allowing soldiers to wear black socks with the physical training, or PT, uniform. The suggestion came up at several town hall meetings Dailey conducted, and is now being sent out across various commands for evaluation, the release states.

“We’re hearing from the force, and we want to hear a little bit more,” Thompson said.

It’s too early to tell what these changes are likely to cost, “but the fiscal impact on both the individual soldier and the Army will be considered before any decisions are made,” according to the release.

Soldiers, who are invited to participate in the survey, will get an email invitation with instructions on how to log in to the online questionnaire, according to the release.

The uniform survey is a joint effort between U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command and the Army Research Institute. It will be conducted in the coming weeks with results expected in early August 2015.

“The one thing about soldiers is that they all have their opinions and like to share them when it comes to the uniforms,” Thompson said.

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  • 10thMountainMan

    I dig it

    • Jack Bennett

      I like the Blue uniform. however that white shirt seems to be made of a poor material and the Ike jacket as presented looks like a waiters jacket.

    • MSG RET Brewster

      Bring back the Kaki uniform with the rank on the sleeve!!

  • FormerDirtDart

    Want an Ike jacket? Go back to “Pinks & Greens”
    Problem with wearing the Ike jacket to essentially replace the black windbreaker is that the windbreaker when worn with class-B’s doesn’t require a tie. While I hardly see that happening with an Ike jacket.

    I would recommend adopting the enlisted windbreaker for all ranks, in the same blue color as the ASU jacket with officers and NCOs wearing same rank shoulder boards as with the white shirt.

    Screw the silly a$$ service caps.

    Yes, women should wear the same styled headgear as men. Heck, I would recommend deleting the women’s skirts and pumps from the uniform inventory.

    • James R. Green sr.

      The first time I enlisted into the rifle company K, 3rd Battalion, 131st Infantry Regiment, 33rd Division, the dress uniform was olive drab wool. The Ike Jacket was neat and trim. It allowed more freedom of movement. I liked it. However, the basic fatigues were olive drab, HBTs. HBT stood for Herring Bone Twill, the weave pattern of the fabric. They had balloon pockets on the sides of the trousers. You could stuff a lot of stuff in the pockets.

  • Paralus

    Why is the Army plagued by bad taste?

    • Joe Momma

      Because they have people with sh*t for brains. The USMC is the only branch that had decent uniforms. They should go back to class A’s and forget all of this dress uniform b.s. in all services. Service uniforms in the 40’s had style and class.

      • guest

        The Army used to have a classy dress uniform too. It was called the Class A Greens and was proudly worn for almost 50 years. Then we got a bunch of progressive generals and things went downhill.

      • MAJ L

        I agree. The Army should have done the same as the Marines and stuck with the original WWII uniforms with updated material.

      • straps

        You’re right about the Marines, they got it right the first time and held onto it.

        Army went to the SAME ghastly shades of green we imposed on the militaries we defeated (Germany and Japan) with the intent of eliminating their combat mindset.

        Army is too large to tailor our uniforms to match the appearance of the Marines (though I splurged on Marlow White, and for an old fart, I look pretty good in my ASUs). But going back to Blue and the changes it entailed has yielded a far better look than the Green Class A/B. The Brown/Tan WWII color scheme would have been my preference (and would have looked good next to OCP) but I’ll settle for Blue. I’m all about that Ike jacket

        I like these suggestions and I like our current SMA more and more all the time.


      • We had dress blues in the 40’s. You just never saw them in the movies.

    • Mitch Bart

      Poor leadership. Forget this type of uniform B.S. and train for war. Keep the limited funds where they should be.

    • Woodrow

      Taste has nothing to do with Standards. Taste and social fads is the problems now.

  • guest

    I guess modern Army leadership is operating under the assumption that the solution to ANY problem area the Army might have is to change the uniform. Sweat the small stuff and ignore the big stuff, hoping it will go away.

    • PainTrain

      The bigger problems are usually influenced by Congress, something Army leaders have no control over.

  • Juanito

    The Army’s blue uniform experiment has failed. They simply don’t look like military uniforms & that short “Ike jacket” is pitiful — the one pictured doesn’t fit the SFC model who can’t stand at a proper position of “attention.” Military uniforms, which should be a source of pride, have become an embarrassment.

    • MAJ L

      Roger that! The blue uniform was meant to be a dress uniform. The only positives I see is the extra belt looped pants and the opportunity to wear a distinctive service cap. Otherwise, they should have scrapped this and gone back to an updated WWII version- pinks and greens for both Enlisted and Officer.

      • Blues were actually a service uniform for a century and before that was a field uniform. We in the Army do a terrible job of studying our history.

        We have romantic ideas of how things were. Heck, most don’t know that in WWII the overwhelming majority of Marines weren’t issued blues.

        • Riceball

          The Corps still doesn’t issue Blues to this day, it’s an optional uniform. When I was in, during the ’90s, they only issued you the Dress Blue Trousers and the whit cover for your cap, the blouse was a separate item that you had to purchase out of your own pocket if you wanted it.

          • True!

            I should have said “didn’t wear blues” opposed to not being issued.

    • straps

      Good catch. The pitfall of wearing any kind of a “dress” jacket is that it looks like ass (not in the good way) when worn with short sleeves. Which is why ol’ Crockett and Tubbs pushed their jacket sleeves up their forearms when they were blasting around Miami in their suits, tees and espadrilles.

  • chooee lee

    How much money has been pissed away in the last five years with new uniform designs across all the services ?

    • CPL

      Marine Corps new design was brought into service in April 2003 & that uniform is still in service. The Army is the branch that cant seem to figure out what they want, as usual.

      USMC 03′-07′

      • MAJ L

        The Marines have had their class A, and C for more than 75 years.

      • Yes the Marines have had MARPAT since ’03. They were also the first to copyright and prohibit other branches from using it (after borrowing Army patterns for half a century) starting the camouflage wars.

        So instead of two camo patterns we now have eight.

        You have much to be proud of as you try and ding other branches.

  • bill welcher

    Look at the USMC. Their Class A and dress uniform hasn’t changed in at least 50 years and they still look better than ours! One of the comments was about pinks and greens, but that uniform was distinctive, functional, and looked good. Have something like that for “business” or administrative wear. The blues are the formal dress uniform and they look like it. Go back to that! Then, leave it alone! Get a hobby! Quit screwing with it! Of course have the female drills wearing the same covers as the males! That’s kind of the definition of “uniform” isn’t it? Everything is the same?

    • “Pro_Patria”

      Agree with Bill Welcher 100%. The “Ike” jacket looked good on fit, trim GIs but terrible on overweight and unfit soldiers. The Army green uniform when first issued (all wool) looked great but through the years looked terrible, though the “poly” version in the 1980s was “so-so”. Somewhere someone is making “bucks” with all these changes to the uniform. PS: I served 30 years through two wars so I saw some uniform changes within the Army in my time. Good comment Mr Welcher.

    • Doug Hall

      I certainly do agree with you on this!!!

    • MAJ L

      USMC over 75 years.

    • Juanito

      Some don’t realize the U.S.M.C. wore a version of the “Ike jacket” in the 1950s. The Army copied the short-style jacket from British battle dress. Later, the Marine Corps & Air Force copied it from the Army.

  • SFC Thomas Glandon

    dont like it, where will I were my medals ? and name plate.

    • Larry J

      You don’t wear name tapes and medals on the windbreaker that this is proposed to replace.

    • Harry

      You mean where will I “WEAR” my medals?

    • david

      On your Air Force Uniform

    • MSG RET Brewster

      were? wear numb nuts!!

  • Jerry J.

    How about a summer uniform that includes shorts like the Aussies have?

    • Juanito

      Don’t give them any ideas! Back in the late ’50s & early ’60s, the Army issued “abbreviated” khaki uniforms with short-sleeve shirts & Bermuda shorts, worn with long socks & low quarters.

      • Dave J

        Air Force also had the shade 505 summer uniform complete with a ‘b’wana hat and a bush jacket for cool days.

  • oldsky

    I’m not active, retired now, but I kind of like the jacket, and to the catbird that wondered where he’d wear his medals and ribbons, well in the same place of course. I never have understood why it is that women needed to have a separate hat. let them wear the campaign hat like the rest of the DI”s

    • woxof

      @oldsky…I gave you a thumbs up…left the USAF in 1955…wore the Ike Jacket more than the blouse as most of my peers did…would like to see it back…nice looking should one be in relatively good physical condition…

    • Raul Valdez

      The picture shows a soldier whose Ike Jacket is ill fitting. The soldier look like he has lost weight and is wearing a size larger. Get a professional model and dress him up to sell the product. Oh yes, quit farting around with the uniforms. All of a sudden my dress blues became obsolete.

    • john e salmon

      please tell that is not the t shirt they wear in the field

  • Dave

    Good grief! I had one as standard issue when I joined the Air Force back in ’59. They do not look good no matter what you wear with them. Yuck!

    • woxof

      @Dave…separated 1955…don’t know nor can recall I a ‘windbreaker’…this is a nonsense thread…never should have discontinued the IKE?…

  • Larry J

    You want to replace the windbreaker with the Ike Jacket?
    Why? I don’t know anyone that has a windbreaker because it’s just something extra to spend money on that most of the force won’t wear anyways.
    But if you’re moved to a position where you might wear it, now you have to spend more money. It looks more expensive than the windbreaker ($140 enlisted/$170 officer) and you have to have patches sewn on to it, as with the windbreaker you just pin rank on. So why move to a more expensive option when clothing allowance doesn’t even cover buying a set of the new OCP uniform?

    As far as the DS hat goes, makes do difference to me. Sure give them the option or make it the same.

    Now the last thing, black PT socks, can make the most sense as I’ve got plenty of “PT” socks that are all stained from running in sand, mud and god only knows what else. If I had black they wouldn’t look so bad.

  • Terry

    An “Ike” jacket with the current class A uniform… how ugly can you get. It is bad enough that the Blue Class A uniform makes our soldiers look like doormen and worse, like grounded cavalry troopers. Why did the Army adopt the Blues is beyond me since the army Green uniform [blouse/slacks white or tan shirt, green shirt with epaulets] made the soldier look smart, it also offered a short sleeve summer uniform worn without a tie. Making the “Ike” jacket the blouse of the Blues uniform is ridiculous.

  • Hosgood

    That’s what the Army needs…another uniform.

  • Ed Bellia

    I always liked the Ike style, looks good!

    • James R. Green sr.

      If it’s properly fitted.

  • JohnD

    Looks stupid, too expensive, waste of time and money!hey CSM of the Army! Notice the money cuts, troop cuts, and now you want a jacket cut? How,stupid can you be!? Why not bring back tricorn hats and powdered wigs? Spend the money on a M113 replacement!

  • Bouncer Criss

    it costs zero to let soldiers wear black socks, since we are paying out of our own pockets for socks for PT. Draft the regulation and sign it, it would take about 15 minutes.

    • will

      lol out of your own pocket eh?! What about clothing allowance, do you not receive those every year?

      • Bouncer Criss

        buy a couple new uniforms, and clothing allowance is shot, add to that all the extra stuff you have to buy out of pocket because your units SOP says you have to have it, but the supply room doesn’t have it.

  • Dominick

    I personally don’t like the Ike jacket. I have one I usually wear with the exact same cut in leather.

    The black socks I would say yes. I f we can do a no show sock That would be even better.

  • Marine

    Army, what wrong with the uniforms you wear now?

  • Keith

    Here we go again, another waste of the American TAX-PAYERS DOLLARS. Congress should be calling the ARMY Chief of Staff to Capital Hill and have him address what truly the real need of the ARMY is. Do we really need a Jacket of this type and what purpose does it serve? It is a Dress Jacket, something that will sit in most Army personnels closet and get used rarely. All of the services need to take a Hard Look at there uniforms and ask the question is it a nessisity or need. If you were to query the Troops and they would probably rather have better MRE’s than a Pretty Jacket.

  • Veteran

    How fucking stupid. The Army’s top brass again showing they have nothing better to do than piss away tax payer money.

    • john e salnon

      just thinking what a small gut would look like, with this much less military alignment,

  • Scott

    PT socks? PT uniforms? How much time does it take to change uniforms or, like Superman, are the PT uniforms worn under whatever the uniform of the day is? Back in the before time our PT uniforms were black combat boots, od socks and od fatigues. Exercise in the same clothing you are going to fight in.

    • guest

      Good idea. I never saw the need for a PT uniform.

  • axl

    The uniform is fine FIX the promotion system.

  • 18Bravo

    With respect, Sergeant Major, why not unf*** Tri-Care?
    I live in the Southern Region and was based in the Western region, where WHILE ON ACTIVE DUTY ORDERS preparing to go to Afghanistan again, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Guess who used that as an excuse not to pay for my medically prescribed and much needed CPAP?

  • R Sykes

    First of all, the “pinks and Greens” ,and the rest of the “brown shoe army” of the 40’s and 50’s, were sharp uniforms. Fitted, with tailoring a large part of that, these uniforms were for men more in tune with natural fitness…not weight lifting freaks. As a former army officer, I remember work utility’s…tucked in, a gig line from the heels to the cap brim, creased with starch, for wear in camp. Combat uniforms were just that, field wear, or as in Vietnam, for combat. Let’s get out of the combat uniforms and into a more useful uniform. Bring back the utility uniform, belt and all!

    • woxof

      @r. Sykes…I remember my Father in “pinks and greens”…have a photo of him on my fireplace mantel…sharp looking field grade officer…my AF od’s to blues never looked that good…

    • James R. Green sr.

      Yaah! I was one of those ” Brown Shoe ” soldiers. Actually, we were wearing ” Hand me downs, ” from WWII. were also using Mess Kits and Canteens/w covers. Also war surplus.

  • Robert Dunbar

    Don’t waste the money !!!! I can’t remember the last time I have seen a member of the Army in a dress uniform outside the Base on leave, For that matter any service member.Iam a vet from the 60s and we wore our dress uniforms when on leave, All you see today are the buds or combat fatigues in the movies ,malls ,theme parks.

    • S C Corbitt

      Absolutely fatigues are not permitted of base unless travelling to or from work.

    • MAJ L

      I got news for you, the Army wears their Army combat uniform off base, at restaurants, at ball games, at the airport, you name it. It’s because the Army leadership has no sense of what is appropriate. They do not push wearing class A or B’s yet they want to add more dress items to our wardrobe. They need to take some pride and do as other services such as the USMC and prohibit wear of the combat uniform unless it is in transit from the combat zone or from the base to home.

    • The Army really shouldn’t worry about a dress uniform because it doesn’t dress up much. There was a time you couldn’t wear a combat uniform off post let alone fly in it. Heck, we had to wear dress uniforms with an inspection on every pay day in the 80’s and early 90’s.

      All these folks complaining should find other things to worry about. Soldiers aren’t wearing their dress uniform except for graduation and their official photo.

  • Vann Morrison

    Here’s a novel idea, quit messing around with the dress and battle dress uniforms and spend the money and time on something more important. Say like, better body armor! Or maybe a better weapons system than the
    M-4! How about this? Better pay and benefits!

  • 2dRecon

    Uniformity for the DS cadre – absolutely. Ike Jacket – not so much. The blues are for formal dress and should have stayed that way. For every day attire, the WWII pinks and greens were awesome. Of course, more rotund folks do not look so good in them because of the belt, and more rotund folks seem to be the ones making these decisions. The Marines look good because of the belted coats, as did the pinks and greens, so the Army should follow that fashion tip if there is a commensurate aggressive personal appearance program to rid the service of the rotund ones. As a Marine I wore the same uniform design as my Dad did in WWII. The materials have been modernized but the uniform design remained the same. Heck, except for changing the 6 point stars to five points, the buttons on the uniform have been the same since 1804. The Army has had some amazingly sharp uniforms before, especially during WWII. Embrace that history and give the soldiers a distinct, professional look.

    • Joe Momma

      I agree. Marines have always had the best uniforms until this dress blues std. issue crap. The Army uniform of the 40’s was supreme for the Army. Since then, Army class A’s have taken a steay nose dive, especially the barrack’s cap. They made us look like pinheads.

    • “For every day attire,”

      VERY FEW soldiers wear dress uniform daily… Maybe if the Army tightened up on appropriate dress but until does it really matter?

      Blues were supposed to worn after six. I believe pinks and greens were just for officers. Enlisted men wore one color. It’s funny everyone wants to wear one primarily officer uniform and not the other. I chalk that up to widespread ignorance of the role of the blue uniform in the Army’s history.

  • K.V. McCrandle

    There should be one uniform. The one that is worn for the job of soldiering and that’s it! As a former field dog (11 charlie), I always found that anything requiring the use of non combat clothing was a waste of time and had nothing to do with preparedness to fight. As a former soldier and current taxpayer, I find all the fuss over any non combat uniform issue silly. Leave the dress uniforms to those peacocks in euro land and self important third world dictators. I was always the most proud when wearing my well worn BDU’s with my subdued qualification patches that very, very few fellow soldiers were able to obtain.
    In fact, the more low speed and high drag a solder is, the more they tend to focus on dumb stuff like dress uniforms and do idiotic things like starch and iron field gear rendering the IR absorption useless. Show me a perfect dress uni and I’ll show you my last pick for my team in the field.
    Also, the beret is an effing stupid head cover. A wool blend hat that does not keep the sun out of ones eyes is stupid. Even with sunscreen slathered on, my forehead was scalded by the Fayetteville sun many times.

  • Dave

    The only time an Ike jacket looks good is when standing at attention.
    Otherwise, with any movement, bending, or sitting you are always pulling
    it down, like women wearing a short skirt.

  • chris

    The NY State Police adopted an Ike style jacket for their spring/summer coat. It looks horrendous. I have had it hanging in my locker with the tags on it since I received it last fall. I will never use it. If I was still in the army, I would do my best to not use this Ike jacket either. Some ideas are left better as ideas and not acted upon…. I was told at a recent tactical officers conference that the higher up who proposed and develpoed the State Police Ike jacket quit their position in procurement because he or she was devastated that the Troopers in the field did not like their design. Why is it those on the ground have to suffer due to the great ideas of those in the air conditioned offices with the selective memories….

  • D Wood

    The sergeant major of the Army would like to make the “Ike jacket” part of the service’s dress uniform.
    I guess it is a done deal then. I personally think it looks crappy if this is to be the formal uniform. As someone has mentioned take some cues from the Marine formal dress uniform. Not everyone has the body to wear this, some will be to long in the waist, some to short. The the sleeves on the model above appear to be to short.

  • Vince Flowder

    God bless our soldiers but the Army has the absolute worst looking uniforms of all the services. It’s like those in charge are color blind and blind to what a good uniform looks like. I mean are you trying to make soldiers look bad?

    • MAJ L

      No kidding, I just sent an email to CSA Dailey about the uniform situation and the Ike jacket. Don’t know if he will read it.

    • Ron Williams

      Why don’t we ask the Brits or the Germans to design a uniform for us and specify that the style cannot be changed for 50 years? I still think the AG 44 with flying saucer was the Army’s best looking uniform.

    • The Army uniform is fine. Soldiers don’t know its history. The Army existed 150 years before WWII but that’s where everyone’s focus is and oh BTW, we wore blues then also. Well just the officers who happened to be the only ones wearing pinks and greens…

      • Riceball

        Personally, I’ve always thought that the Army should adopt a more historical looking dress uniform, something with a high collar and lots of gold trim. I’ve always thought the idea of wearing a tie as part of a dress uniform silly, it’s fine for a service dress but not full dress.

        • I can do without the gold trim. It’s flashy and expensive. My gold embroidered shoulder boards cost about a hundred back in the day.

          I also like the high collar. Wore one for four years. It lets you get away with wearing various shirts underneath and looks sharp but they can be uncomfortable and take discipline to endure. These are not qualities we really foster.

  • Jose

    I wonder why these people have to change their uniforms every five years…………why?

  • Andrew

    Oh, bus driver, do you stop near the mall?

  • Crash5437

    Man, I would think the crazy uniform ideas would come after the new SMA had tackled some other more pressing issues, but I guess I would be wrong. An Ike jacket, really? What Ike wore looked good, but the new one looks hideous.

  • Stefan S.

    Best uniform the Army ever had. M 1942 Paratrooper suit.

  • dan O

    The “ike” look will look awful on heavy soldiers. Bring back Khakis for non field service and get away from the Jackie Gleason “Honeymooner” bus driver look. Lets look like soldiers not multicolored circus clowns.

  • IAC

    IMNSHO, #1-I prefer the cut of the WW2 German M44 coat over the Ike. The ’44 looks sharper.
    #2- The male Campaign Hat should be worn by both gender DSs.
    #3- Black socks for PT, really?


    “If it ant broke don’t fix it”. You should of kept the Dress greens in the first place (you looked more like a soldier than in the blues, blues were for military formal balls only) If you want to go back to the IKE Jacket then change the color back to OD Green where you looked like a soldier not someone going out on a date with the girls.

    • Actually, blues were supposed to be worn after six and during the day for ceremonies not just balls. It was the equivalent of a business suit or tux if you added the bow tie (hated that look).

      Since officers were the only ones that had to have blues we wore greens a lot during the day for those ceremonies which gave enlisted the wrong idea about blues.

  • guest

    Maybe we should bring back the Sam Browne Belt for Officers and Senior NCOs?

  • IAC

    And btw, the SNCO wearing the service cap rather than beret? No !

    • MAJ L

      Yes!, the beret looks hideous, especially on that blue uniform!

  • David

    The jacket doesn’t excite me much. But replacing the sock of shame with the service cap for the dress unifom….long overdue.

    • MAJ L

      Amen to that!

  • Recondo

    A beret for everyone was a failure.

    The dress blues as the standard uniform, another failure. The army needs to go back to the green or tan uniform. Sorry, but myself and many others feel the troops don’t look sharp with those Dress Blues as a standard uniform. The formal dress blues used to be custom fitted when they were not the standard issue, that is what made them look sharp. The troops look like a bunch of ragamuffins now.

    The Ike Jacket will be a failure and waste of money. (Another egotistical pet project like the “beret for all” was)

    Allowing black socks or no show socks for PT is a great idea and won’t cost the Army a dime.

    Standard DI headgear is fine, but I do like the Australian style DI hat for the females.

    • The troops greens were not anymore tailored then, than the blues are now. The reason they looked better back then is officers were the only ones that had to own blues and most had them tailored.

      I’ve seen plenty of sad sack greens and everything is especially worse now because there is little emphasis on appearance. Do troops even know what a gig line is anymore?

      Changing the color of the uniform is not going to fix any of these issues. Frankly all the whining about tattoos, beards, haircuts etc. makes it tough to believe the Army can regain that attention to detail or pride in appearance. I mean imagine the revolt if troops had to wear a dress uniform on airplanes instead of a combat uniform.

      Hey, there are consequences for every decision.

  • Lionel Burns

    “Named after Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the short-waisted, slim-fitting jacket was standard issue in 1944”.
    Wrong answer. It was standard issue in the ETO, not the Pacific theater. My dad served in New Guinea 42′-45′ (SFC, Eng.) and wore the dress blouse jacket. Looked sharp and I still have it.

  • davehclements

    Will did do the homework but really don’t see any types of bullet proof uniform’s or B.D.U.’s in the reading even the U.S.M.C. don’t have just as of yet. Thank you.

  • R Edmondson

    The change needed is a gray shirt for class A and B. Reserve the beret for wear with the various utility uniforms.
    Bring back the overseas cap in dark blue (but Gen Patton style with a pleat for class B wear. Bring back the garrison cap. The Ike jacked only looks good on thin soldiers. Enlisted rank should be larger and worn pointing downwards in the style of past times. I served 29 years in the Army and retired flag rank. Wear all the pin ons and badges etc on the dress blues, but simplify things on the Bs and As. Towards the end of my career I only wore 7 ribbons instead of 40+ and only the airborne badge.

  • 82nd ABN trooper

    When I was in the 82nd Airborne there was a rumor of the 82nd getting its own dress uniform, all black, with a black Ike jacket.

    The 82nd’s red, white and blue AA (All American) sure looked good on that uniform too, but this was in the days when the last of the WW LL vets were still on active duty and a lot of people said the proposed uniform looked too similar to that of the SS.

  • 101st Trooper

    I wore OD’s and it had the Ike jacket in the late fifties when I was with the 101st Abn. We were issued 1 set of Greens and 1 set of Od’s at the time. I tailored mine to fit my frame and with a 17″ blouse on the boots. Looked sharp with spitshined boots. The only problem was the material; which was terrible.If wet you smelled like a dog who came out of the rain. The troops these days look terrible in their uniforms The Army looks the worse sad to say.

    • There is little emphasis on wear and appearance of dress uniforms. Besides officers you will be very pressed to find anyone that tailors their uniforms below the grade of SSG.

  • OlGrunt

    Typical BS from a Sergeant Major. Don’t these a**wipes have anything else to do except monitor police calls? The current Blue uniform looks like crap. Why doesn’t anyone suggest more flamboyant stripes? Also a waist belt would help the jacket with a good fit. Get rid of the stupid Black Beret since the vast majority of soldiers don’t wear it properly. Dump all PT uniforms and go back to fatigues and combat boots. If there comes a time when a soldier has to run, that’s the uniform they will be in. “Injuries” be damned. We, that served prior to the sissifying of the Army have survived, and were in very good physical condition. As I travel through Ft. Benning, I see all sorts of fat bodies, and soldiers falling out of runs and road marches. Enforce the standards of conditioning. Go back to the old 5 event PT test. So much has changed, and for the worse. I thank God I am done and retired when I see the current soldier.

  • JBP

    Why the hell is anyone worried about fashion in the Army at this fragile time? A dress uniform change and two service uniform changes while fighting two wars. SMFH

  • Joe

    Recently at a funeral, an E-7 showed up in full dress. He even had a sword to wear. At first I thought he was dressed of a stage play. The quality of the material was like something for a halloween costume. Please, bring back the uniforms of the 60’s through 80’s. Dress our Army like like the professional troops they are. Army green is the way to go

  • Hobie

    In all the time I was in the service, there were very few uniform changes that actually resulted in a more usable uniform. BDUs were pretty good but I see problems with subbing velcro for buttons as much a pain as buttons can be. Most changes seem to be made to make money for uniform suppliers or to facilitate an ego stroke for somebody in the chain of command NOT to improve life for soldiers. Uniforms should be comfortable, durable, protect the soldier from environmental conditions, be unique to the service/nation and, for dress uniforms, clearly link service traditions with at least some level of acceptable appearance. Current dress uniforms are too similar to civilian service providers such as bus drivers and private security officers. Lets take care of the soldiers rather than forcing them to spend the clothing allowance on constant uniform changes.

  • 82nd ABN trooper

    The Marines used to say us ‘doggies’ in the Army looked like Christmas trees and the Army was too ‘patchy’. Now the eagle, globe and anchor stencil the used to have on their fatigues pockets has been replaced with U.S. Marines over one pocket and a name tag over the other, gee, who did they copy?

    Clinton introduced the ‘everybody’ beret as a favor to Monica (think about it, thank goodness it’s gone) and now the Army wants everybody to be the same. I don’t see Airborne troops wearing wings, etc….

  • Larry V MSG Retired

    I feel that the Ike Jacket would be another waste of tax payer money. I am a retired Master Sergeant and since I retired the uniform has change so many times. You talk about soldier cuts, base closing, no new equipment, I have a solution to the money problem. !) cut the pay for member of Congress, lower the pay for all the General in the Military. I live in NC right outside of Fort Bragg and since I have been here, which is four months there has been at least six or seven General trasfer and new ones coming in. I have never seen a post with that many Generals. The men and women that are dying in combat these days and in other wars are enlisted personnel. There pay for a years is a whole lot less than a General makes for a month. The waste of money in Congress is a joke. Let give this country back to real American.

  • 10thMountainMan

    A lot of hate on this forum. For the record, blues look far more like a military uniform than the awful green suit with 15 pieces of flair stuck to it that we had before. Ike jacket looks a lot better than the current class b jacket (Unless you’re a fat ass and if then piss off). Berets are for french people.

  • charlie

    With all the other issues going on in the Army he’s thinks a uniform change is needed??? Makes sense to me.

  • larry

    Maybe the SMA’s time and resources would be better spent on issues that make the warfighter and the Army in general more effective rather than what to wear to the office and letting the masses pick the design for his first tattoo.

  • Sarge

    Please !!! Not this jacket as a dress blue. Eisenhower made it work as far as a ” field” jacket. ( really cool in my opinion. Beef the blues up…not this way.