G2 Research Expands its R.I.P. Self-Defense Ammo Line


G2 Research recently introduced its new 10mm R.I.P. round, the latest in its line of self-defense, fragmenting pistol ammo line.

Is anyone out there familiar with this stuff? It looks impressive; wonder if its effective? R.I.P. stands for Radically Invasive Projectile that’s offered in a range of calibers, from .380 to .45 ACP.

“The key to the R.I.P. round’s devastating effect is its exclusive bullet construction that causes the round to fragment into several separate controlled copper fragments thus causing more bleeding, trauma and pain all designed to stop an attacker quickly,” G2 Research officials said in a recent press release.

The fragments are called Trocars. The .380 round contains seven Trocars. All other R.I.P. rounds contain nine of these nasty little slivers.

“When the R.I.P. round enters the target, the large hollow point creates a huge temporary wound and the individual Trocars peel from the bullet body and spread in a controlled, multi-inch circular wound pattern while the bullet base continues traditional penetration,” the release states.


The 10mm R.I.P. was tested at H.P. White Labs at 1,220 feet per second from a 5-inch handgun, G2 Research officials maintain.

“G2 Research found that higher velocities do not significantly increase the R.I.P. round’s devastating results,” according the release. “ On top of that, these lighter weight bullets loaded to reasonable power levels result in much lower recoil and noise, making for very quick follow-up shots (if necessary) even in small lightweight handguns.”

You can watch a lot of other videos on the G2 Research website. R.I.P. looks impressive, but it’s not cheap.
–.380ACP… 62-grain … 1,250 fps … $49.99.
–9mm … 92-grain … 1,265 fps … $49.99.
–.357Sig … 92-grain … 1,400fps … $56.99.
–.40S&W … 115-grain … 1,080fps … $54.99.
–10mm … 115-grain … 1,220fps … $56.99.
–.45ACP … 162-grain … 975fps … $59.99.

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Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a reporter at Military.com. He can be reached at matthew.cox@military.com.
  • Casey

    Pure garbage, from what I understand from the guys that really know terminal ballistics. There’s a reason why bonded rounds are preferred for defensive use—the last thing I want is a round that is designed to fragment into tiny, ineffective slivers. And it should raise a big red flag any time a manufacturer starts boasting about how big the temporary wound cavity is, because the temporary cavity is just that, temporary. Tissue is elastic.

    Now, I certainly wouldn’t want to be shot with this, nor any other service caliber round, but for defensive purposes, folks would be much better served by selecting a round that has done well in third-party ballistics testing and has a track record of effective use on the street by LE (think Speer Gold Dot, Federal HST, Winchester Ranger, or Remington Golden Saber).

    • RedStatePatriot

      Actually solid copper machined bullets are very effective. The temporary cavity, if large enough, will leave radial tears (that’s how small high speed slugs such as 5.56 work), not that a handgun round can produce a large enough cavity. That said, Lehigh and several companies have developed rounds that will penetrate barriers, but fragment in soft tissue, making them excellent to for defensive use. If I could have a round that sent 7 blades off in a star pattern while the center post went straight through, and all penetrated to 14 inches I would happily load that in my carry gun.

      • steelcobra

        R.I.P. is still a terrible round because it’s built on a faulty premise and depends entirely on hype. Like FPSRussia showing it off while getting the same gel results as Daniel Zimmerman but coming to completely opposite conclusion.

      • Casey

        That’s a fair point regarding solid copper bullets, but only insofar as it applies to those like the Barnes XPB which are not designed to fragment. Personally, I’d rather have a round that penetrates 12-18″ regardless of intermediate barriers and which retains as much mass as possible to create one [relatively] large wound cavity, not one that fragments into several smaller pieces. After all, we’re talking about a small projectile to begin with.

        As I said in my original post, there is a reason why the top defensive rounds out there are bonded and designed for expansion, not fragmentation—this applies not only to pistol rounds, but also those 5.56mm loads such as Winchester’s RA556B or Federal’s XM556FBIT3.

  • Big Daddy

    They’re still in business?

    • Joshua

      The only reason this company is still in business is because they have former Navy Seal Craig Sawyer selling it for them. With all the Seal fanboys out there who think if a Seal says its good ammo then it must be the be all end all of ammo they will sell all the want. Personally I will stick to Hornady Critical Defense/Critical Duty and Federal HST’s for my carry ammo.

  • defensor fortismo

    Oh look, more snake oil

  • steelcobra

    It’s absolute garbage. The 9mm performed worse than a few rounds of .22 out of a pistol, the fragments do nothing, and the core both has barely acceptable penetration and a wimpy permanent wound cavity. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/02/daniel-z

    All of which wouldn’t be that bad if it weren’t for the fact that it costs twice what proven jacketed hollow points do while being marketed as the greatest round ever, accompanied by painfully blatant faked ballistics “tests”.

    • Docsenko

      I prefer Ranger ammo in .45GAP or ACP. They are related to the old Black Talon and do an awful lot of damage. The amount of cavitation is superb causing massive bleeding. Used by LE in many places.

      • steelcobra

        Those are jacketed hollow points. Like Federal HST or Speer Gold Dot.

  • guest

    Based on the frontal profile of that bullet, it looks like you could have feeding problems with a lot of pistols.

    • SCW

      Believe it or not, I’ve had feeding problems in my Glock 23 with Winchester PDX1 ammunition. It has a similar form as the front of the RIP round, thought it’s definitely not as sharp. The front of the round would impact the base of the feed ramp and cause the slide to hang up. It would deform the tip of the round and sometimes drive the round back into the case a little. A tap, rack, drill will not fix it. You have to remove the magazine, then rack, reinsert mag, rack again to insert round. I experienced this type of failure with .40 and 9mm PDX1 ammo.

      After multiple failures like this, I switched to Hornady Critical Duty. The highly tapered round with the cavity plug feed flawlessly.

      I can definitely see how the RIP round could hang up a gun.

  • SAM

    There should be no media coverage for trash like this. This is how Obama got elected.

    • steelcobra

      No, McCain sabotaged his own campaign.

  • DGR

    I love this round! It makes it easy to see who is a complete idiot when they post it on facebook saying how cool it is. Easy way to weed out who knows basic ballistics and who is a mindless consumer of cool marketing videos. Keep it up guys!

    • Big Daddy

      I never thought of it that way, thanks.

  • zoneofsubduction

    If you believe their marketing, then flechette fired out of a 12 gauge shotgun are the penultimate round.

    Sadly, they are not and combat experience in Viet Nam proved it

  • 45k20

    I will stick to my with my Federal Hyrda-shock in my 357 Mag.

  • Big Daddy

    I would not want to be shot with one or for that matter a BB gun. These do not work as they say, it is not some magic deadly bullet. Anyone who uses these rounds in their self-defense weapon is taking their life for granted. Many people believe birdshot is good in a shotgun, it is not for self-defense. Use what the police use for effectiveness and legal issues, you can’t go wrong with a HST or Gold Dot in your handgun. A fool and his money are quickly parted, in this case it would include his life.

  • galloglas

    FMJ in large caliber if you please.

  • Brad

    Can you imagine what a DA would say to a jury about you if you used this ammunition in a self defense shooting? Find out what LE in your jurisdiction load in their duty pistols. Load that in your CC or HD pistol. When the DA asks why you used “hollow point cold blooded killer ammo” you can say it’s because all his police officers use it.

  • Zspoiler

    This wouldn`t any good against body armor.