Nice Deal on Cold Steel’s New AK47 Fixed-Blade Knife


Knifecenter is offering 40-percent price reduction on Cold Steel’s AK47 Field Knife.

Cold Steel came out with this fixed-blade version of its AK47 folding series earlier this year.

“When we decided to explore designs for a new multi-purpose fixed-blade field knife that would be suitable for military use, we kept coming back to the AK47,” Cold Steel officials maintain.

“Our AK47 series folding knives have set the standard for hard use tactical folders. These rugged, dependable folding knives have seen use all over the world and in several conflict zones, and have been in our line up in various iterations for almost a decade.”

The sturdy design features a full-width tang and a 5 1/5 inch CPM 3V high-carbon steel blade. The blade has a DLC (diamond-like coating) that gives it a “virtually scratch resistant surface.” Cold Steel officials maintain.

The handle is fashioned from G10 scales and features an over-sized striking pommel.

The AK47 Field Knife measures 10 3/8s inches long and comes with Cold Steel’s Secure-Ex sheath. It normally retails for $284.99, but KnifeCenter is selling it for $170.95.


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  • Grump

    Spendy, but 3V rocks (assuming it’s properly heat-treated).

    • Stefan S.

      Chicom sweatshop made….so probably not.

  • guest

    There are lots of decent adequate field knives out there for much less than half the discounted price of the this knife. You are buying a tool not a rare object de art and collectors item.

  • LIAM

    Thanks but I will stay with Topps….

    • casual observer

      ESEE for the win

    • balais

      Yeah really. For the money, the Tops is far better.

  • Navyjag907

    I’m lost. Does this thing serve as a bayonet on the AK-47? If not, why the name?

    • defensor fortismo

      it’s an expansion on their folding blade with the same name.

  • ron stillwell

    Brothers of Bushcraft, Survive knives, Tops Tahoma are good field and a nice lite knives are the Mora Black and the Mora 2000 . These are all good knives . i have all of these and one knife can’t do all in the field as you know , but each has it’s own nich, i’m no expert on knives but iIlike the ones I have and use for hunting and fishing and hiking . Ceck out these knives on YOUTUBE