Propper International’s new “UC Pack”


Propper International, manufacturer of the USMC-issued ILBE (Improved Load Bearing Equipment) ruck, has released their new UC (User Configurable) Pack.

In fact Propper says the UC Pack is inspired by that Marine ruck. It measures 20” high x 13” wide x 6.5” deep with 4 built in compartments; one on top for small items, a segregated compartment with drainage ports and cinch straps at the bottom and two internal zippered pouches that run the full height/width of the bag (one in the front and one in the back).

The pack opens almost completely clamshell-fashion (the zippers end immediately above the separated bottom compartment) for access. The front pocket has a padded insert; the back a frame sheath for support and structure. Shoulder straps are padded and are equipped with adjustable waist and chest straps, and there are pass-through ports on top for cables, hydration tubes, etc.

The interior is lined with soft-touch loop for hook and loop accessories and virtually the entire exterior of the pack is equipped with MOLLE/PALS loops for modularity. Propper addresses this modularity with a large series of storage accessories; pouches, pockets and assorted other organizers that will hold everything from weapon magazines to admin gear.


The pack is built from 1000D Cordura and is currently available in Coyote, Black and Olive. Accessories include 6×8, 7×5, 5×10, 4×11, 6×11 and many other pouches, some reversible, some windowed, some adjustable or expanding and some equipped with elastic loops.

There area couple of dozen Propper options for customization,  but of course any MOLLE or hook-and-loop back modular pockets you already have (Blue Force Gear DAP, for instance, or similar items from Grey Ghost Gear, 5.11 Tactical and others will also work).

The UC Pack can be used for EDC, recreation or as a day pack for those going into a dangerous place. You can see it below in a layout put together by an FPV Racing Miniquad enthusiast and submitted recently to their blog.

This particular user described his challenge as organizing the pack to “…fit all of my necessary components (transmitter, batteries, tools, propellers, and of course the quadcopter) into the pack and ensure these sensitive components were organized for throwing in the car and hiking out to a good location.” He uses assorted Propper modular pockets to store extra propellers, a Yeti Rambler, batteries, tools, etc. in addition to the multirotor.


The UC Pack retails for $109 on their website but it’s available in other places as well. They’ve also partnered with TG ( for what they’re calling the BYOB (Build Your Own Bag) program. It can be used to build an individually configured bag or purchase a pre-built kit they’ve already organized.

More details in the video below. Feel free to move like Flyguy while you listen; the music is damn likely to just take you over.

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    Any pack that size absolutely meeds an internal frame and a padded waist belt. Does it have them?

    If not then back to the drawing board.

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