TOPS Knives Releases the SXB



TOPS Knives has released a new knife called Skullcrusher’s Extreme Blade. The name’s a little too moto for us but there will be some who like it (and names, like appearance, usually have very little to do with performance anyway).

TOPS tells us the knife got its started on the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania where designer EJ Snyder was participating in a 21-day “Naked and Afraid” extreme survival challenge. Apparently the knife Snyder (an Army combat veteran with 25 years service and 3 time Naked and Afraid participant) did not perform well and ultimately “became non-functional.”

Once the challenge was concluded Snyder apparently looked at a number of different knives and consulted various custom knife makers and ultimately came to TOPS Knives with a design of his own.




You’ll likely see the blade in the upcoming series Naked and Afraid XL, which airs on the Discovery Channel beginning 12 July.

Overall Length 16.75″
Blade Length 10.38″
Cutting Edge 9.75″
Blade Thickness 0.250″
Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Black Traction Coating
Handle Material Black Linen Micarta
Handle Style Rocky Mountain Tread
Knife Weight 26 oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Black Ballistic Nylon
Sheath Clip Molle Backing
Designer EJ “Skullcrusher” Snyder

You can find additional information on the TOPS Knives website.



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  • guest

    Wow that blade looks like you could go hand to hand with lions, cape buffalo, inflamed rhinos and win. Roman gladiators would have appreciated it. So, how much does it cost?

  • JohnD

    Naked and Afraid? Thought that show,was too stupid! The contestants get help because they couldn’t survive without it! SEALs and SF would have problems and they are trained! The knife looks,like the one Tommy Lee Jones made in that survival,movie w/ Benitio Del Toro. Hate the saw on the back blade. Most never work, wont cut or get stuck! You want a saw, use a survival,saw or a folder. Best saw is on the swiss army knives!

    • galloglas

      I call it Naked and blurred to the delight of my grandkids.

  • Stefan S.

    Looks like a nightmare to sharpen correctly.

  • Mike

    Looks like a Tom Brown tracker knife. I thought Tom Brown designed this knife.

  • ron stillwell


  • Rob

    This knife is a variation of Tom Brown’s knife, which Top already sells.I don’t get the big deal!

  • grunt

    $ 240 ???????????????????????? sorry no way this is a toy

  • guest

    It would look very impressive mounted on a plaque and hanging on an office wall someplace. Very Macho Man.

  • E X Gunn

    Cold Steel Outdoorsman is best all around choice

  • JESullivan

    So, where and how does mr. naked and afraid get the right to name himself “Skullcrusher”?? And yes, a Tom Brown Tracker knockoff for sure. DUHHH !!!

  • LIAM

    Anything Tops puts out is worth the money!! I have the Smoke jumper knife….and the firemans axe…worth every penny!!!

  • ZMasterson

    I’ll stay with my Randall Model 1, thank you. This looks more like a gimmick.

  • doltan

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