First Two Female Ranger Graduates Identified

"U.S. Army Soldiers participate in close arm combatives during the Ranger Course on Ft. Benning, GA., April 20, 2015. Soldiers attend Ranger school to learn additional leadership and small unit technical and tactical skills in a physically and mentally demanding, combat stimulated environment. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Nikayla Shodeen/Released Pending Review)"

The first two women to graduate from Army Ranger School have been identified, according to news reports.

The 20-something West Point graduates are Capt. Kristen Griest, a military police officer from Connecticut (shown in the image above), and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver, an Apache helicopter pilot from Arizona (shown in the image below), according to articles in The Ledger-Enquirer and The Washington Post.

In the official Army photo above, Griest participates in close arm combatives during the Ranger Course on April 20 at Fort Benning, Georgia. In the one below, Haver conducts mountaineering training during the course on Mount Yonah on July 14 in Cleveland, Georgia.’s Matt Cox will be among the reporters to interview them during a briefing Thursday at Fort Benning. The women are set to graduate along the men during a ceremony Friday at the base.

Fort Benning began its first co-ed Ranger course on April 20. Nineteen women and 380 men were pre-screened for the program. Eight women made it through the first week, called Ranger Assessment Phase, but didn’t pass the subsequent Benning Phase. They were “recycled,” or allowed to attempt the Benning Phase a second time, but failed. Five women were then dropped from the program and three were invited to start over from day one, along with five male candidates.

The Army said more than a third — or 34 percent — of students who enter Ranger School recycle at least one phase of the course, adding to the student’s physical and mental fatigue.

"U.S. Army Soldiers conduct Mountaineering training during the Ranger Course on Mount Yonah in Cleveland, Ga., July 14, 2015. Soldiers attend the Ranger Course to learn additional leadership and small unit technical and tactical skills in a physically and mentally demanding, combat simulated environment, (U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Ebony Banks/ Released)"

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  • JCitizen

    “Women can’t carry casualties.” One of the biggest gripes I’ve heard in the discussions here. It sure looks like Capt. Kristen Griest, is doing it fine! And that dude don’t look particularly small either! I can’t wait to read the criticism rolling in next!

    • John

      The only criticism is going to be if the standards were lowered which might be the case. We’ll find out when someone eventually comes forward to tell the real story instead of the White House approved story or the media embedded (for PR stunts) story.

      • Jarhead0351

        Well I’m a Marine.

        And I’d like to carry her,

        into my heart.

        (the HOT one, not the ugly one)

      • IronV

        So we haven’t gotten the “real” story yet, just a a pack of lies. Big, successful conspiracy. But we’ll know the “real” story when you identify it, right?

    • MDisRed

      Well here it is. Notice the lack of gear, weapons and extra ammo. If you’re sold by one picture I’d love to be your real estate agent.

      • mchas

        I am sure each exercise has its basic load; you are reading too much into one little picture. Even if they lowered the standards, betting here you still could not pass and would be overcome by the females.

        • MDisRed

          1) I didn’t read into any pic, JC did…hence my response. 2) with my past training and experience I’ve already proved myself POG. 3) only the hot girls cane overcome me :)

          • JL

            0302 got hurt lat moved to 0402 as a security element leader for convoys.

            So if you have never been to Ranger School and are putting these women down saying things like standards are lowered due to one picture of everyone in said picture doing the same thing…. And also not knowing first hand what that school is like or those soldiers are like????

            I get the whole I’m Infantry and I think I am better than everyone but as a former grunt to POG I understand just as any other straight thinking Marine 03 does that they need POGs. They can not do their mission alone. Never think your better or superior than another Marine or service member.

          • MDisRed

            My lord…you where an officer? How did you get commissioned if you lack basic reading skills? I say that because I never put them down. I pointed out that they did not have any gear while carrying another. It’s a different ballgame under full load. As far as not going to that school, big deal. I participated in Royal Marine’s training program, which is the most grueling thing my body has gone through. No way in hell these two make it, let alone half the Marines I served with.
            Now to POGs. Grunts/SF & pilots thinking they’re better than POGs is what makes us who we are. Do I think I’m better than a cook or pencil pusher? Damn right I do, as you should too. It’s what drive us to pound the ground harder as the legs get weaker.

        • MDisRed

          1) I didn’t read into any pic, JC did…hence my response. 2) with my past training and experience I’ve already proved myself POG. 3) only the hot girls can overcome me :)

          • JL

            You used the word POG, tell me what was your rank and what did you do in the military? Clearly you were a Major in some types of Special Forces unit or some Special Operations Unit by the way you talk (rolls eyes).

            Here’s an idea how about we give those women their cudos because I am sure they did overcome obstacles a lot of men can not do at Ranger School (but I am sure you know all about that ;) since you talk like a cool operator). Personally I respect those Officers and both the men and women who attempted it and those who passed. And that’s coming from a former infantry officer now POG.

          • MDisRed

            Negative, an 0311 and 8152 Sgt, CQB/RRt Team member. Never claimed to be an operator, just know that by working with Navy EOD, Royal Marine commocho and ROK Marines that a woman wouldn’t hang. So, there’s that.

          • Mark Labadie

            OK Gunny. Calm Down. 0311 leader here.

          • MDisRed

            So, lets hear about you Rambo

    • Patrick

      Just as long as the difficulty isn’t lowered to compensate for weaker participants than I am completely ok with women partaking within Special Forces try-outs.

      • JCitizen

        I agree. When I was in PLDC, one of the students nearly keeled over trying to carry me across the log drill field. I was skinny, but still weighed 220 lbs. This guy was no punk, so I can see how this can be a challenge for some. Fortunately I never had any problems.

      • Leon Suchorski

        Just like in the Marines, they picked the biggest guy for us smaller guys to carry. And we did it. These guys were larger than us in height, and weight, plus we had our packs and rifles, and WE ALL MADE IT. If any of you wonder what it was like for us back in the 60s, just watch FULL METAL JACKET.

    • Joshua

      You have to be kidding me…are we slick in combat? The answer is Hell No! This is not even close to reality. And a staged photo is not what I would call a true representation. Now, it is possible she was not aware of the photos, but I can guarantee you the cameraman was. Propaganda is just that, propaganda.

  • Michael B.

    No standards were lowered to complete the course. Both women will go back to their current units and did not complete the RIP or RASP. They are ranger qualified and not in ranger regiment. They did the leadership course which is open to people from all over the army. Good for them.

    • straps

      RASP is a Regiment-conducted training and selection program that has replaced RIP. RIP used to be offered by Regiment as well as units that sent large numbers of personnel to Ranger School. Partly because Regiment wanted a distinct imprimatur, partly because RIP varied in focus–and quality–across the force (I went to a HORRIBLE RIP–conducted OUTSIDE Regiment; the performance of my contingent was the basis for relieving the chuckleheads who ran it), the term “RIP” has been dropped in favor of the less stylish “Pre-Ranger Course” (PRC) offered at Benning, Bragg and a couple others.

      People who still talk about a thing called RIP are dating themselves. Just sayin’.

      • Mike

        RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program) and Pre Ranger were completely different. RIP was run by the 75th and had absolutely zero to do with Ranger School. You went to a unit run pre ranger program that some dude decided to call RIP. You saying you went to RIP “conducted outside regiment” is like me saying I went to the Q Course conducted outside of SF. Just Saying

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    MDisRed, I don’t see any gear,weapon and extra ammo on any of the men in the second photo either. What’s the complaint?

    Good for both candidates. Now, let them go on to RIP and RASP, if they wish. Let them join the Regiment, go to war as Rangers, and see how they do.

    How else are you going to get an answer to the question as to how women would fare as Rangers?

    • MDisRed

      The complaint is that the Army is not supposed to be a social experiment. You want to go to combat with a skirt go ahead. My original comment was in response to JCitizen observation “”Women can’t carry casualties.” One of the biggest gripes I’ve heard in the discussions here. It sure looks like Capt. Kristen Griest, is doing it fine!”.
      So he based her ability on one picture.

  • SSG Barreto, A

    CPT Kristen Gries and LT1 Shaye Haver you two bring great honor to the MP and Aviation CORPS. You two have my backing any time, any place and any where. As a retired soldier, I support any one who wants to be the best that she/he can be. If you can do a better job that me, I most step over and let you shine. For now on, you will NEVER forget your motto, “RANGE LEAVE THE WAY”.

    Most of the people that make negative comments are to macho or fail to make the cut. Before your make a remark, walk a 1,000 feet in my shoes. If you can NOT, support my decision.


    • G. Davis Ret. Navy

      As we say in the US Navy – BRAVO ZULU-to Capt. Gries and LT Haver. Lets not give these two military women the grief they don’t deserve, congratulate them.

    • Rangers Lead the Way.

      • Swampdog

        Haha, now ya’ll are going to be late getting on target because you’ll be waiting for you little girlfriends to get ready.

  • BM2 Erict.

    These females were given THREE chances to make thru the first(Darby) phase! How many of the men candidates were given three chances, none.

    • MDisRed

      Thank God…another voice of reasoning…welcome Non- castrated male counterpart.

    • Lee Chase

      That’s a fact BM2 Eric. There were quite a few soldiers from the Ranger Regiment that did not make it through Darby because they had females on patrols. They were apologized to and told to keep there mouths shut. Now being dropped from the Regiment. Bull crap at its finest!

    • Sqwerty

      You are wrong in your assertion that there were no men given three shots. So are the people stupid enough to jump on your bandwagon. Fact: 8 women and roughly 130 men got a second shot at Darby. Then 3 women and 5 men were given an opportunity to cycle back to the next course.

    • MJ Karabin

      If the women get 3 chances, the men get 3 chances, nothing more or less… Mrs. K, retired Navy

  • Willard Whiteman

    The Marines don’t lower standards. No women made it thru there.

    • John

      They will lower standards when the White House tells them to….no choice in the matter. Not that it’s right.

      • Jarhead0351

        Either way WMs

        are HOTTer than female soldiers–

        that’s just a fact.

        (though not as HOT as female airpersons)

  • 1SG (ret) Williams

    Two females made it and some of these males can’t be happy for them…the met the land-nav requirements, patrol requirements, Rope tying requirements….had to memorize the Ranger Creed to eat dinner….did not eat or sleep for long periods of times…had to successfully have enough “GO’s” for patrols….and yet…we think the standards dropped. They completed tough training and met the standards…and the standard-thankfully- do not care what sex you are.

  • 11CP5

    I find it most fitting that these two officers are the first to be tabbed seeing that they are from West Point. Can not wait to see the first female NCO go and get tabbed. Future JCS and SMA. Hooha.

  • Rob

    Congrats to them, they’ll be tab qaulified for completing the toughest Leadership program the military has to offer. Standards were not lowered, they were supposedly provided only 2 provisions.
    1) a scheduled bathroom time separate from the males.
    2) they could use their poncho as a screen for privacy when changing clothes.
    They are tab qaulified, nothing more, they will never be ‘RANGERS’ just qaulified.
    Hopefully it will help them advance in their military careers. Congratulations to them.

  • Veteran George

    “they were supposedly provided only 2 provisions.”

    1) a scheduled bathroom time separate from the males.
    Why? In a foxhole one cannot schedule separate bathroom times.

    2) they could use their poncho as a screen for privacy when changing clothes.
    Again, why? Are they going to divide the foxhole into his/hers sections>

    I don’t have anything against women serving on the front lines, provided they are willing to accept the consequence of being captured by ISIS, AND shed all forms of feminine modesty!

    • Guest

      I’m sure those “provisions” were not up to them. Sounds like something from above.

  • Bob J.

    Marine Vietnam veteran here. If these women can deal with the Ranger training without the lowering of standards… Good for them. My concerns about a woman in a combat situation is not if she has the courage but if she can deal absolutely no privacy, no regular baths and the many other things that a grunt has to deal with. I have daughters that I love more than life itself and want all opportunities opened to them, be it leading a group of Rangers or a Company of Marines. For the two that made it… Congratulations!

  • 60driver

    Dear taxpayer. I’m a Blackhawks pilot and you spent a million dollars to train me. You spent a million and a half to train the good lieutenant from Texas to be an Apache pilot. I never got the invite to go to ranger school nor was any “new” aviator at that ever advised to go. The only likely place we were ever invited to go was to the 160th SOAR that hauled bin laden’s dead carcass out of Pakistan. Can somebody tell me why the good lieutenant from Texas wasn’t working on her credentials as a pilot and not becoming the “first” female ranger? It’s your tax money people!!!

    • FormerDirtDart

      I had a Chinook pilot in my platoon in Ranger School, Had a few helicopter pilots go through while I was an RI,
      Perchance you are the reason you haven’t gone to Ranger School.

    • Jay

      There is a bigger picture at work here.

  • 18Z5VW8

    A few carefully orchestrated propaganda pictures do not illustrate or prove anything, sorry.

    Both were 3-time Darby recycles. Their ruck packing list was lighter. They lagged behind their patrols continuously, and were given time to catch up and rest. EVERY TIME they couldn’t keep up on patrol, special considerations were made. After failing their first two graded PL or APL patrols in Darby and Florida, both were subsequently graded on a third patrol by a general officer with skin in the game.

    Neither I, or any one I have ever known of or heard about was afforded any of those considerations during Ranger School. Perhaps they should use pink thread…

    In any case, they will not wear a scroll, so it matters only in the larger context of how our military is being used to petri dish political agendas, thereby watering down long-ago validated military standards. It will demoralize an army faster than just about anything.

    • FormerDirtDart

      No General Officers are certified to grade patrols in Ranger School. By regulation only certified Ranger School personnel can grade patrols.
      There is no such thing as APL patrols in Ranger School.
      Why must you result to lies?

      • Sure there are At and ATL requirements and if a GO grades the patrol I he is a ranger who will say NO.

      • 18Z5VW8

        Better to keep quiet, Mr. Dart, than to reveal how little you actually know… My only patrol failure (out of six graded patrols) in class 13-88 was an APL spot in Dugway, so I would suggest you stick to commenting on what you actually know about.
        There are a dozen or so blatant examples of undue command influence in the platoons harboring the two females, all disseminated by RIs, cadre or actual students of that course. I presented only a few, to simply drive home the point.
        Whether you believe it or not, the Ft. Benning CG walked their third graded patrols (after failing the first two). Do you really think the Infantry Center Commander will be countermanded by anyone at RTB, which falls directly under them?
        Now, back to informed discussion about the topic of how this kind of agenda-driven conduct tears at the fabric of any esprit left in our military…

        • Navyjag907

          Thanks for the info here and above. My God–they certainly got extra consideration! The General Officer walking the patrol is so blatant that it makes me nauseous.

  • bill

    Bill is we will have to include young ladies in draft it is only truly fair.

  • BUD


  • autonomousresistance

    The Kurds have hundreds perhaps thousands of women serving in combat roles and have probably killed more ISIS fighters than all the guys posting comments on here, but in the US the fact that two females passed a Ranger course gets you all in a hissy fit, pathetic.

    • MDisRed

      Obviously, not sure we sent boots to target ISIS. Plus, the Kurds have women serving because they have no other choice….we have women serving just not in a SF or SpecOps capacity. So, there goes that argument.

  • MJ Karabin

    How political is this!? Good lord.

  • FormerActionGuy

    More progressive “females are better than males” propaganda at work in the media. Get ready for transgender’s in Ranger school next. Then Obama will push for handicapped Rangers because you can’t discriminate them either.

  • Jerry

    Check the history books! US Army integrated all colored people, much hate and discontent, but it worked very well. Dropped M-1 for M14, dropped M14 for M16, what a set of stormy weather that raised! Pull all the press releases and press people and let the ladies do their work as Rangers. The ladies in the SeaBees do an exceptional job in all rates. The US Army can and will be successful in integrating women in all roles, combat or otherwise. Just an opinion from an old SeaBee.

    • MDisRed

      Apples and oranges, being black doesn’t hinder one from preforming a task. Being a woman does or can hinder the ability function in combat situation.

    • guest

      The ladies will never be rangers, and the SeaBees have a totally different mission from the Rangers.

  • grunt


  • grunt

    I say heck yes!!!!!! listen human nature is human nature no matter how much you try to keep things politically correct . somebody is gonna get some good stuff down range and so what!!! listen this is for all of the dog faces the dirt pounders the ones who carry 95+lbs on their back till YOU drop . they should be getting ready for the next big war draft coming!

  • Bruce

    Is this making our Armed Forces more effective? The Armed Forces are there to defend our nation, period. Anything that furthers that goal should be encouraged, and anything that hinders it should be eliminated. Has anyone actually tested to see if introducing women to combat roles enhances a units combat effectiveness? In this, I don’t mean the countries that have done this purely for survival like the Soviet Union in WW2 or Israel.

    • JCitizen

      That is the 64 dollar question!

      • Guest

        Army Lt. Ashley White is the answer.