Knifeporn: Bastinelli Creations Diagnostic Karambit


Bastinelli Creations has a vicious-looking little karambit if you are looking for a concealable, defensive blade.

“The Diagnostic is a tactical backup tool that will give you peace of mind during a close quarters encounter,” according to “It features a 1.5″ blade made from N690C stainless steel with a ring hole for a rock solid grip.”

The Diagnostic is 3.75 inches overall and comes with a Kydex sheath. It’s available in stonewash or black finish for $100 at

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  • guest

    With a 1.5″ blade that is a real close quarters knife, and a really pricey one too. What exactly makes this tiny bit of steel w/ a plastic sheath worth $100.00? It is not like you would use it to cut steel cable, saw your way out of an aircraft, or split firewood.

  • tirod

    It’s a custom with an upcoming name in tactical gear. Therefore it has a large fashion quotient in marketing to the 18-35 crowd.

    Nothing wrong with the specific design, tho, one of many much like it, and falls into the same category as the HAK and others. The advantage of the ring style handle is that it’s legal – where a T handle would make it a push dagger, an item demonized in law for almost two hundred years.

    The results of use are mostly the same. I won’t argue the legalities, but for citizens a knife like this is a viable backup, where a Gerber Uppercut for $9.95 (incoming this week) is a dance with legalities and potential prison time in many jurisdictions. Concealed carry has a wide gulf of allowed and disallowed items.

    Be VERY careful of what you decide might be an effective tool for concealed back up, as most of the permits only make the pistol legal – not the knife or other objects. It’s why flashlights have sprouted strike bezels – think about it – and why some kind of backup is being chosen if and when a grappling situation arises.

    No, we can’t always draw and fire. What you gonna do when the bad boys come for you?

  • LIAM

    Nice…but for VERY CQB. you HAVE to practice and know the local laws in your jurisdiction!! I LOVE Karambit style knives!!

  • galloglas

    Hope with the 1.5 inch blade it comes with a candy handle.

  • bill

    This weapon will get people in trouble in allot of places it the US.
    In Los Angeles county you can’t even carry pocket knife with blade over 3 in. & most weapon style cut – slash and puncture appliances are illegal.