Ex-SEAL Publishes New Book on Shooting Techniques


Chris Sajnog, a former instructor at the Navy SEAL sniper school, has published a new book on shooting techniques, called “Navy SEAL Shooting.”

Military.com interviewed Sajnog at SHOW Show earlier this year in Las Vegas, where the one-time commando-turned-author talked about Chris Kyle, the veteran featured in the best-selling book and blockbuster movie “American Sniper.”

Sajnog didn’t know Kyle personally. He left his position at the sniper school in 2002, a year before Kyle came through. But he’s friends with Scott McEwen, the co-author of Kyle’s memoir, and has defended both the book and the movie in speaking engagements with him.

Indeed, McEwen wrote the forword to Sajnog’s book and was among those offering praise for work. “You literally can’t find the techniques taught in this book anywhere else because Chris developed them!” McEwen wrote in a review on the book’s Amazon.com page. “He taught the US Navy SEALs to become masters of shooting under extreme conditions.”

The title, which expands upon a previous version, covers a range of topics, from mindset and training, to marksmanship, moving and shooting, and malfunctions.

“The common things I’ve seen throughout as a firearms instructor is people tend to not want to concentrate on the smaller things,” Sajnog told Military.com in February. “There are different techniques you can use to make sure you’re pulling that trigger back straight to the rear perfectly every time, so it’s getting people to understand how to focus on those smaller aspects and how to train.”

Sajnog published the book through his company, Center Mass Group, which has provided training to military, law enforcement and civilians and is shifting focus to media projects.

“Being a supporter of the Second Amendment, I think not only is that important to have, but you have a responsibility to be a good shooter and a safe shooter,” he said. “It’s important to put this out there to help people become better shooters no matter what their job is, whether it’s the military or law enforcement or civilians protecting their home.”

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  • MDisRed

    wow, I am utterly shocked that another seal put out a book.

    • seans

      If they could only be like the other Special Operations Forces we have it all would be fine. Its not like there has been books written by Delta Force, or movies about them, or tv shows. Or how the Special Forces, the “Quiet Professionals” have never had a movie come out with their direct support less than a decade after existing, or had a number one hit song in the country during the same war.

      • Casey

        You’re kidding right? You mean The Delta Force with Chuck Norris and The Green Berets with John Wayne? You compare that with how SEALs cash in at every opportunity and have become a running joke in the SOF community? Even non special operations folks make the joke: Know how to tell if some one is a SEAL? Don’t worry, he’ll tell you.

  • Stefan S.

    Who would have thought that the key to becoming famous was BUDS?

    • MDisRed

      Yep, but what do you expect from a bunch of squids that have been told for so long that they’re God’s gift to warfare?

  • guest

    Are Marine snipers getting the benefit of his instruction and innovations.

    • Valvatorez

      Since their stuck with Cold War relics since they refuse to disband an outdated unit that prevents them from adopting .300 Winchester and .338 rifles. That’s a resounding no.

      • Carl

        Yup, but they have F-35’s and V-22’s that cost billions. Semper Fi.