Surefire Boosts the Power on Its Keychain Light

Surefire is showing of a more powerful version of its Titan keychain light, which increases the max output from 125 lumens to 300 lumens.

“The refined, ultra-compact Titan Plus builds upon our groundbreaking Titan … by adding several useful ‘pluses,’ including more than twice the maximum output—300 lumens of flawless white light!” according to Surefire officials.

“Its high-performance LED also generates two other useful light levels with a simple twist of the head switch: 75 lumens at its medium setting and 15 lumens on low. No matter which output level you select, our proprietary faceted reflector shapes the LED’s light into wide, smooth MaxVision Beam.”

Titan Plus is constructed of durable nickel-plated brass that resists scratching and corrosion. It features a removable, pocket clip and a stainless steel split ring for your keys. The ring is connected to a useful quick-detach tailcap that permits quick detachment of the light from your keys with a simple pull.

It’s powered by its included AAA NiMH rechargeable battery, which can run for up to seven hours before it needs a charge. When recharging isn’t an option, it can be powered by a single disposable AAA alkaline.

The extra power costs a little more though. The Titan Plus retails for about $100 –$40 more than the original Titan. The Titan Plus is scheduled to be available for shipping in mid September.

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  • Not sure I like the quick-detach tailcap. How long will it give good retention.

    • MidgasFan

      I thought the same thing until I handled the original Titan. I can say that Everyone in the shop that handled this little tank was impressed, so much so it was getting more handling than the $4k rifles that just came in. Plus, if there is an issue EVER, just call SureFire. They might have made some decisions folks don’t approve of over the last few years but their products are strong, reliable and their CS is top of the food chain.

      I can’t wait for the haters to start posting about how they don’t like the tail cap, the lumen count, the color, the fact it’s on a key chain, blah blah. Let’s see you all go out and build a better more reliable product for less and replace it for life and not even ask the client to pay for shipping…

      Check this little gem out before bashing, it’s damn impressive.

      We have lights from over a dozen companies in our house (I know, I’m and amature light guy) but when we leave the house, SureFire lights are the ones that get carried. The light up every damn time.

  • I’m sure I would love the flashlight its self. Also very high on Surefire; great products, good CS and actually make stuff here. Was not “bashing” was simply wondering as to how well the prongs retain tension. Maybe being an old sub sailor, I kind of like the Prometheus Lights key chain connector, reminds me of an EAB dust cover. Though it would add to length.